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“As long as you make time to have dinner on the table for me, a box of band aides ready and you’re wet for me,” he said, reaching out to grab her, but she jumped out of the way at the last second.

“Another thing,” she said, forcing herself to keep moving and keep her eyes on his face to lessen the chances of become distracted. “I’m pregnant and apparently will be giving birth in four months instead of nine months so I think it’s safe to say that I can’t exactly train just yet.”

He stubbornly shook his head. “You will train. I already spoke with Eric,” he said and she just bet that he did. It was probably more along the line so telling him to ship her ass off again. “It doesn’t matter that you are pregnant. You will fulfill your duties if you want to live here. If you don’t……” he said, letting his words trail off pointedly.

If she didn’t she’d be going to the island. Yeah, she got that. She was going to make damn sure they didn’t try and ship her off. At the very least she was going to buy some time to set up a life for her and her baby somewhere safe since she didn’t want to try and raise a baby on the run. It wouldn’t be fair to the baby to grow up with that kind of fear.

“The only thing I can cook is pop tarts.” Which was sadly true. Although she did make a killer ice cream sundae, but she doubted that counted.

“Don’t care. Have it piping hot and ready for me before I go out on patrol every night,” he said, prowling after her like a hungry wolf.

“Also, who said I was going to let you touch me again? I told you that you lost your chance earlier and I wasn’t kidding. There is no us, Chris. You blew it,” she said firmly, proud that she managed to talk when all she wanted to do was lick the drop of excitement that leaked from the tip of his erection.

“I never said there would be an ‘us’, Munchkin. We’re mated, we’re partners, nothing more. I will protect you and you will take care of my needs,” he said, reaching out for her and this time he managed to grab her wrist and pull her back against his hard body.

“I’m keeping the baby, Chris,” she said, gasping when he turned her around until she was facing away from him.

“That’s your choice.”

“You don’t want it?” she asked, trying not to sound disappointed, but she was. She couldn’t think of a more perfect father for her baby than him, well, the sweet version of him. The ass**le version of him only seemed to piss her off and turn her on.

“If you’re still around when you have it I’ll protect it, but it’s your child, Munchkin,” he whispered coldly in her ear. “It would be better and safer if you went to the island, Munchkin. There’s still time to reconsider,” he said as took her earlobe between his teeth and sucked.

“I’m staying,” she said, reaching back to pull his hands up to her br**sts where she needed him.

It was all the encouragement he needed. As he sucked and licked her neck as he rubbed and teased her br**sts and ground his erection into the small of her back. When he gripped her hair and tilted her head back, she didn’t even think about arguing with him.

Why would she when this was what she wanted to?

She wasn’t about to make herself suffer when she wanted this to, but if he didn’t change his mind when the baby arrived then she wouldn’t even allow herself this. She’d lived a loveless childhood and would never allow that for her own child.

He slid one hand down her side, not touching her stomach where their baby was, she noted sadly, and moved between her legs. Without a word she spread her legs and kissed him hungrily as he teased her wet folds.

He gently rubbed the tip of his finger over her swollen nub as she moaned into his mouth.

“Bend over,” he whispered tightly against her mouth.

As she leaned over, he gently guided her until she was bent over the arm of the thankfully comfortable couch.

She felt him move behind her and prepared herself for his invasion. Instead of the large erection that she was more than ready for, she felt his mouth settle on her.

The first swipe of his tongue had her grabbing the couch cushion as she fought not to push back for more.

The second swipe of his tongue had her biting back a scream of pleasure so intense that she was shaking from it. He kept going until her world shattered and she screamed his name.

With one last swipe of his tongue he stood up and slid inside of her. Two or three thrusts later and was screaming her release again much to her embarrassment. She hated wanting this man this much or how he affected her body, but she wanted him, badly.

Only problem was, she wanted the Chris that she fell in love with more.

As he thrust inside of her, each thrust harder than the last, he palmed her cheeks and spread them. She was too busy moaning and begging him for more to really care what he did. That is until he rubbed the tight bundle of nerves there with his thumb and then she was screaming out another release.

It didn’t take long before he joined her, but this time instead of pulling her into his arms and kissing her, he simply pulled out.

“I suggest you get some sleep. We have an early morning,” he said evenly as he walked away, wondering if her Chris was ever going to come back.

Chapter 43

Three months later……

“Aw, f**k,” Chris said, gasping for air as Izzy dragged her teeth up his cock, only stopping to suck the head into her mouth as she traced the slit with her tongue.

She had him close to begging and f**king knew it. He wasn’t sure what she enjoyed more, torturing him or making him beg and as long as she kept sucking him off he didn’t f**king care.

He reached down and gripped himself and began stroking into her mouth, knowing how much she loved it when he did this. She moaned around the tip and he knew it wouldn’t be long until she was telling him to f**k her.

The start of their day and the very end of their day were the only times he was content and it wasn’t just because of the sex. Considering they went at it like rabbits at least four or five times throughout the day he knew it had very little to do with the sex and everything to do with enjoying his mate without pissing her off.

It killed him to treat her like nothing, but he needed her to leave. She needed to realize that a life stuck in a compound was not for her. At this point there was nothing he could do about the baby. She was as round as a human woman in her eight month and it damn near killed him to watch her grow rounder and happier every day, knowing that he couldn’t allow himself to get attached to the baby.

She needed to take the baby and go to the island where it could run outside and play all day and live a full and happy life. Growing up in a compound where it was dangerous to step even one foot outside because of demons and shifters that lurked outside at all hours of the day waiting for a chance to get their hands on Izzy was no life for any child.

With a little pained moan, she released his c**k and began to climb on top of him, but her large belly had her falling sideways. Trying not to laugh, because she’d either yell at him or god help him, cry, he reached over and grabbed her h*ps and helped her straddle his waist.

He hissed in a breath as she slowly lowered herself onto him. She was wet and so f**king hot that he could cry.

As she ground herself against him she dropped her head back and moaned. He kept a gentle grip on her h*ps as she rode him, taking her time and obviously enjoying herself.