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“The Ramjis are in place, Master,” Richard, a minion who’d been with him for five years said from the doorway.

Logan never stopped his pacing and didn’t bother looking at his slave. Why bother? If the man displeased him or made a move against him he’d be dead within seconds. “How many were you able to secure?” he asked, hoping for at least eight. With six he’d be able to get his hands on Isabella McGuire and her mate, but with eight he’d be able to grab Kale as well.

Kale would not be able to detect the Ramjis. They were demons who carried no scent, looked completely human and were five times stronger than a shifter, even an Alpha as powerful as Kale. They were also extremely rare, hated the human realm, hard to bargain with, but once they gave their word they never went back on it.

“Ten, Master.”

Now that warranted his attention. He looked up and found the human looking rather pleased. “And how much will this cost me?” he asked, not really caring. He was willing to pay anything ensure that he got his hands on her.

“Five million apiece and Kale Quinn, Master. They want the right to kill him.”

No, Kale’s life was for him to take. He would not bargain on that.

“Give them an addition two million apiece, but Kale is mine,” he said, dismissively returning his attention to pacing and counting down the hours until nightfall when he could join in the search for Isabella.

“They already said their terms were nonnegotiable, Master. They understood you had certain rights to the man. They want to be there in the end to help him along to the other side,” Richard explained quietly.

He stopped pacing, placed his hands on his h*ps and worked at remaining calm. “I need to be there in the end.”

“They’ve already agreed with that, Master.”

“Then tell them where to go. Isabella McGuire should be here within the day.”


“Munchkin, get up. We have to go,” Chris said, giving her a little shake.

She groaned and tried to crawl beneath the comforter and curl up, but the bastard grabbed her by the ankle and dragged her until her ass hung precariously over the edge.

“Let me sleep,” she grumbled, reaching for her pillow, more than willing to try to sleep in this position and return to her sex induced coma.

“We have to leave, Munchkin. We’ve been found,” Chris said, releasing her ankle to grab her hands and force her into a sitting position. “Did you hear me? We have to go now.”

It took a moment for her sleep hazed mind to work through what he said. “Who found us?” she asked around a loud yawn.

“A few Djaeho demons and shifters,” he said.

“A what?” she muttered, getting to her feet and barely catching the clothes he shoved in her arms.

“Djaeho demons,” he explained as he grabbed their two backpacks and started to sort through them. “Nasty little f**ks. They can appear to look human, except for their damn horns, which they cut off when they come to earth so that they can blend in.”

“Demons? Really?” she asked excitedly as forced herself to get dressed and not run over to the window to see if she could spot any.

“Don’t get too excited, Munchkin. They’re not a species of demons that you want to f**k with,” he said, moving to toss her chocolate out of her bag.

“If you don’t put that chocolate back in my bag I will be forced to hurt you,” she said calmly.

He pursed his lips up, obviously trying not to laugh as he shoved the chocolate in his bag. “I almost forgot that my mate was a bloodthirsty little thing,” he said, sounding a lot calmer than she felt. Then again he was probably used to this sort of thing.

“H-how do you know they’re whatever the hell you called them demons?” she asked, trying to appear brave, but probably failing miserably.

“I spotted them siphoning gas out of two pickup trucks,”

he said with a shrug as if that explained it all.

It really didn’t.

“Um, you know humans steal gas too, right?”

He tossed her sneakers at her feet. “Yeah, but most humans don’t guzzle it down like it’s water.”


“Why do they drink it?” he asked, holstering a gun in the back of his pants. “Because it’s like a drug for them.

It makes them strong and unfortunately pretty stupid.

They’re great trackers, but they f**king suck as mercenaries. They usually work with other demons or shifters and this time is no different so we’re going to have to be really careful as we leave,” he said, tossing his bag over his shoulder and handing her, her bag. It felt lighter than before, but that was probably because Chris had shoved most of their things into his bag.

He grabbed her hand and gave her a slight pull towards the door. “We have to hurry. Whatever you do don’t leave my side, okay?”

“Okay,” she said, swallowing nervously.

“It will be okay, Munchkin,” he said, leaning down to brush his lips against hers. “We’ll be out of here before you know it,” he said with a sexy wink that helped calm her nerves, somewhat.

She just hoped it was really going to be that simple.

Chapter 34

Where the f**k was she?

He looked at the chaos around him, ignoring the screaming hotel guests as they shoved and pushed each other out of the way as they scrambled to get to the stairwell.

“Izzy!” he yelled over the screams and the blaring sound of the fire alarm as he tried to see through the damn smoke.

Those dumb f**ks had set the hotel on fire. Anyone else would have just set off the fire alarm and watched and waited as everyone evacuated the hotel, but not Djaeho demons. That plan would have been too elaborate for them. They liked to stick to simple plans, very simple plans and whatever shifter they’d teamed up with had seriously f**ked up by taking their eyes off the dumb bastards.

“Chris!” he heard the faint scream, but it was enough to give him a general idea of what direction she was in. He shoved his way through the crowd as he made his way to the opposite end of the hallway.


“Chris!” she screamed much louder this time.

“Munchkin!” he yelled, pausing by a hotel door.

“Chris, get them off of me!” she screamed from what sounded like next room.

He moved his ass to the door and didn’t hesitate in breaking it down. There could have been twenty armed men standing behind the door ready to kill him and he wouldn’t have cared. He needed to get to his mate.

The door crashed open and he came to a stumbling halt as he watched four very large Djaeho demons moving around Izzy and were they sniffing her? Yes, they were definitely sniffing her.

“This can’t be her,” the man who was on his knees with his nose practically glued to Izzy’s stomach said.

“Jonathan didn’t say anything about her being pregnant and this one is. This isn’t her.”

Chris ignored Izzy’s little startled gasp as he slowly reached for his gun. Silver bullets wouldn’t kill any of them, but it would do enough damage to confuse them for a while.

“Release my mate,” he said evenly as he took aim.

The demon currently sniffing Izzy’s wrist frowned. “He didn’t say anything about a mate.”