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He teased her, lapped her, suckled her and f**ked her with his tongue as she did her best not to roll her h*ps against him. The man had a truly talented tongue and as much as she’d love to experience it all day she couldn’t. She needed more, needed him.

“Get on your back,” she said on a moan as he suckled her cl*t between his lips.

“No,” he groaned as he released her cl*t to flick it with his tongue.

After allowing him one more lick, she quickly moved into a sitting situation. When he looked up, looking a little dazed as he hungrily licked his lips and moved towards her again she did the only thing she could think of.

She moved to the side and shoved him onto his back, taking him by surprise and surprising the hell out of herself. If she wasn’t so desperate for him she’d probably be doing a little happy dance right now.

“What are you doing, Munchkin?” Chris asked, his voice hoarse as he reached for her, but before he could pull her on top of him she was moving her leg over his head and facing his feet. Her knees touched his wide shoulders as she leaned forward.

With a groan of approval, Chris wrapped his arms around her back as his mouth once again found her core. He licked her hungrily as she did her best to focus.

When she spotted his black Sentinel mark she couldn’t help herself.

She licked it.

“Fuck yes,” Chris groaned against her.

So of course she did it again and again until she was gently suckling it and he was groaning incoherently as he licked her out roughly. The two days worth of stubble teased her sensitive folds as his tongue slid inside of her.

She gave his mark one last lick before turning her attention over to the large heavy erection that had been begging for her attention. She traced her tongue towards it, licking up the few drops of excitement that had fallen on his stomach. When she came to the large head, she traced the slit, earning another one of the groans of approval that she was quickly learning to love.

Closing her eyes in ecstasy as she ground herself against his mouth, she took the head into her mouth and suckled. Chris’ reaction was immediate, his arms tightened around her and he thrust further into her mouth. She didn’t know what felt better, ridding his tongue or the feel of him sliding in and out of her mouth.

She gripped the base of his erection, loving the way it felt as it slid through her hand into her mouth. She sucked hard as she lazily ran her hand up and down his length as it somehow became larger and rode his tongue as it slid in and out of her. Her hand fisted in the comforter as she felt her stomach tighten almost to the point of pain and just when she didn’t think she could take it anymore she exploded.

With a long groan, Chris thrust one more time in her mouth and came. She continued to slowly move her mouth over him, loving the way he tasted until he pulled out and moved his mouth away from her.

“What the f**k did we just do?” he asked, sounding out of breath.

She smiled as she pressed a kiss to his Sentinel mark, making his still hard erection jump. “If you’re not sure then we should probably do it again.”

For a moment he didn’t say anything and she expected a playful swat on her ass for her smartass remark.

What she didn’t expect was to find herself suddenly tossed onto her back and Chris climbing between his legs, panting hard.

“I’m not sure,” he said with a rueful grin as his mouth came down on hers.

Chapter 32

His hand shot out before his eyes opened and reached beneath the pillow to his right only to come up empty.

What the hell? he thought as he came fully awake and opened his eyes to find himself in a dimly lit hotel room.


For the first time in years he’d forgotten to hide a weapon next to him as he slept. He was making too many f**king mistakes lately, he thought as his eyes locked on the large bump that was moving slightly beneath the comforter to his right where his little mate should be resting after their day of sex, he thought with a grin.

He should be mad at himself for giving into his weakness for her and probably would be later, but right now all he could think about was sliding back into her hot wet sheath and kissing her again.

Now he understood why men lost their minds over sex.

It was f**king fantastic. He loved everything about it, absolutely everything. He knew it was going to create a problem when they were separated, but he’d deal with it then. Right now he’d be an idiot to let his worries and fears come between them when they didn’t have very much time left.

This was their time. Their only time together and he didn’t want to waste it with another moment of bullshit.

Biting back a laugh, he gripped the comforter and yanked it back, earning an adorable little squeal from his little mate as she tried to turn and hide what was in her hands and lap.

With a long drawn out sigh, he sat up, reached around his little mate and plucked the small plastic box out of her hand.

“Hey! I was winning!” she cried as she tried to take the handheld game back.

What the hell? he wondered as he looked down at the small screen. It had been a long time since he played a video game, never mind look at one and he couldn’t believe the changes in graphics since the last time he played.

“You’re going to make me lose,” Izzy pouted.

From the corner of his eye he watched her stuff a chocolate in her mouth and sulk in his direction. When he didn’t give the game back she muttered something else and ate another chocolate. He took his eyes off the game for a moment while he sat up and pushed back until his back was against the wall to look over at her.

Her hair was messy, her lips were still a bit puffy from the last time he’d made love to her and all around her were little silver wrappers and he couldn’t help but chuckle. She was such a cute little thing, he decided as she made a mad grab for the video game.

Of course he pulled it back and got comfortable and started to, at least tried to, play it.

“Can I have my game back now?”



“Let me think about it……ah, no,” he said, chuckling when she grumbled something else and stuffed another chocolate into her mouth.

“When did you get this?” he asked, pretty sure he would have remembered if she had it in her bag before.

“I bought it when we went to the store,” she said, moving to grab it again, but once again he moved it just out of reach as he started to, at least in his opinion, kick some serious ghost ass.

“You used cash?” he asked, distractedly.

“Yes,” she said hesitantly.

Did she think he would get pissed because she spent his money? He wasn’t that much of an ass**le. Even if their time together was going to be short, it was still his job to provide for her and make her happy and apparently video games and chocolate made her happy so he’d happily give them to her.

“Fine. You can have a turn. I was just about to go take a shower anyway,” she mumbled, throwing him a little pout that he easily ignored. The swat to his legs wasn’t so easily ignored. Hell, that stung and of course pleased him immensely. His little Munchkin was coming along rather nicely, he decided as his eyes followed her sweet ass as it swayed incitingly.

He dropped the game on the bed, making a mental note to pick one up for his little brother and followed after her, practically drooling. It probably made him look pathetic, but he didn’t give a f**k.