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Not in this lifetime.

Well, she may have considered, maybe using sex with this man as a means of escape. Not to see if she would enjoy it of course, that would have been a plus, but after seeing the priests she kind of hoped this was a celibate cult. She was going to use his lack of sex to her advantage and try to get him to help her escape. Well, she could trash that plan since he was obviously getting some from the Native American beauty behind him, who was nibbling the candy bar as if she was savoring it for eternity.

A horrifying thought occurred to her. What if this was the opposite of a celibate cult. What if this was like one of those orgy cults she heard they had in the seventies and they drugged her expecting her to sleep with everyone, including women?

Oh, heck no! She so did not swing that way! Just because she couldn’t get off with a guy didn’t mean she was willing to accept a substitute.

Chris sighed heavily. “I thought you were supposed to stay upstairs, Madison.”

The woman snorted and held up the last inch of candy bar. “Chocolate,” she said simply as if that explained everything. “Ephraim left to get me some, but I couldn’t wait any longer.”

“Now you have it, so go!” Chris snapped.

“I want to help,” Madison said, pouting.

“No, just go. I’ll handle this.”

“But, what if-“


The woman’s lower lip started to tremble.

Chris groaned while Isabella slowly slid to the right, trying to get as far away from the odd couple as the large bathroom would allow.

“I just wanted to meet her,” Madison said softly.

“Now’s not the time, Madison,” Chris said firmly.

Madison dropped a hand to her flat stomach and gently rubbed. “I hope your brothers don’t inherit this surly attitude of yours,” she muttered.

Isabella’s brows nearly shot to her hairline as she eyed the woman’s hand lovingly rubbing her stomach.

Brothers? That meant she was not only sleep with him, but his father as well.


“Anyway, I just wanted to meet your wife,” the woman named Madison said with a heavy sigh.

Seriously, ew! This woman was actually sleeping with father and son? That was just—wait, what?

“You could have met her later, Madison. Right now there are a few things we need to handle,” Chris said, looking at her intently.

He thought she was his wife? There must be a mistake.

There was no way this guy was delusional enough to actually think that she was his wife. Madison nibbled the chocolate bar as she gave her a little wave. Her eyes shifted to Chris, who was watching her almost possessively.

“Hi, I’m Madison Williams,” Madison said, reaching out to offer her hand.

Isabella desperately tried to squirm away from her, them, this crazy situation, but there was nowhere to go.

This was crazy. She couldn’t do this. She wanted to go back to her life, back to her computer and programs and endless supply of caffeine and chocolate.

“Just go upstairs and wait for dad. You’re scaring her,”

Chris said, looking at the other woman while he gestured towards her. Deciding it was now or never, she took action.

Grabbing her bag, she literally dove for freedom through Chris’ parted legs, knowing if she was going to escape it would have to now while he was in the midst of a lover’s quarrel.

“Um, what are you doing?” Chris asked, sounding very amused.

She shifted and squirmed, trying to get the rest of her body through his legs only to discover that she was stuck. Damn br**sts! This wasn’t the first time they’d gotten her into trouble. Now as she tried to squirm her way to freedom they wouldn’t squeeze together.

Actually, it was a bit embarrassing to have her escape attempt foiled because her br**sts couldn’t squeeze through the narrowed space that her shoulders made it through easily.

Isabella squirmed harder, twisted, and turned, determined to make a break for it. She ignored Eric’s bored sigh from somewhere to her right as she struggled to get loose. All she needed was to get loose and then she’d run for the door and make it to the road and flag someone down. She could do it, she couldA panicked squeak escaped her as she suddenly found herself free of her leg prison. The sudden unexpected movement caused her to land on her bag with an, “oomph.” Just as her mind was registering freedom she found herself suddenly off the floor and tossed over a hard bare shoulder and her bag ripped from her hands.

What the heck?

“This is so good.”

Isabella pushed her hair back in time to see Madison, who was now happily sitting on the sink counter, finishing the last bite of her chocolate just as a strong arm clamped down across her lower back, holding her prisoner.

“Put me down!” she demanded and just to make sure he knew that she meant business she added, “Now!” When he didn’t immediately comply she did what she was hoping not to have to do, she started to kick his ass.

It was too bad he didn’t seem to realize that he was under attack. He simply shifted her weight over his shoulder, clamped a hand over her legs, and walked her out of the bathroom. She stopped slapping his rather firm butt since it wasn’t working and decided to take an approach she hadn’t used since she was six years old and Tyler Thompson tried to lock her in the classroom closet with the class tarantula.

She bit him.


“Ow!” Unfortunately he wasn’t the one to yelp out in pain. The ogre beneath her simply grunted at her assault before he swatted her hard on the butt. She had to bite her bottom lip to keep from groaning from the unexpected pleasure. What in the heck was wrong with her?

“Be nice,” his deep voice warned softly as he gently rubbed the spot he’d just assaulted.

She opened her mouth to remind him that she would be nice if they simply released her when she felt him squeeze her butt. “Hey!” She swatted his butt. “Stop doing that!”

“I’m just making sure there’s no permanent damage,”

he explained, sounding amused as he rubbed and squeezed her butt again. Somewhere ahead of them in the hall Eric chuckled.

Frustration welled up in her as heat scorched her cheeks. She hated herself at the moment for reacting so strongly to his touch. It was the drugs they somehow laced her food with. It was the only reason to explain the little moan she had to bite back as he continued to rub her bottom and she hated him for it.

She hated being taken against her will, hated being flown across state lines, hated being treated like a prisoner and most of all she hated the way her body was reacting to this jerk beneath her. Then and there she promised herself that they weren’t getting anything from her and the moment she got her hands back on a computer she was going to make their lives a living hell.

Chapter 5

Seattle, Washington


Logan didn’t bother to look up from the large pile of computer equipment that had been set in front of him ten minutes earlier. He was still trying to figure out exactly where he went wrong.

The plan had been simple or at least he thought it had.

The only thing he asked of his men was to pick up one small woman at a deserted park in the middle of the night. It was very simple.

So, then why was he looking at a pile of computer equipment instead of the woman?