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He very slowly tugged down the front zipper of her overalls, thinking it a shame that she wasn’t naked beneath them. He slid them over her shoulders and down her arms, letting them puddle at her feet. After peeling off her tank top, he pushed down her shorts. “Kick them and your shoes aside, baby. Good girl.”

Standing in only her underwear, Frankie waited, expecting him to tear them off. He didn’t. Didn’t touch her at all. In fact, he took a step back. She could almost feel his gaze raking over her. Everything in her seemed to be holding its breath in anticipation, waiting for him to do something. Anything. “Trick—” She almost jumped as his hand landed on her nape and then softly swept down her back.

He palmed her ass and gave it a little squeeze. “You have the hottest ass.” Trick skimmed his hands down her arms, smoothing the little goose bumps on her skin and easing the prickle. Reaching around her, he unclipped the front clasp of her bra. He almost groaned as her breasts spilled into his hands. He squeezed and shaped them, loving how soft and creamy they were. He traced circles around her taut nipples with his thumbs. “Mouth, Frankie.”

She turned her face to his. His clever mouth was hot and greedy on hers as he took complete possession of it. The whole time, he pinched and twisted her nipples. She felt each pinch and twist in her pussy. Low in her stomach, the tension built and built until the ache was so bad she wanted to cry.

Tossing her bra on the pile of clothes at their feet, Trick slipped his hand into her panties and pushed up with his palm. So hot and wet. He growled, low and deep, in her ear. “All mine.” He dipped his thumb between her folds and swirled it around her clit. “I remember eating this pussy this morning. I remember sweeping my tongue right through here.” His thumb slid between her slit. “I remember sinking my tongue in here.” He drove two fingers inside her, groaning as her walls quivered around them. “So warm and slick and snug.”

As he pumped his fingers, just as he’d earlier pumped his tongue inside her, Frankie’s head fell back on his shoulder. She rocked against his hand, moaning each time the heel of his palm ground against her clit. She felt hot. Needy. Like her skin was too tight. Every sane thought in her head had long ago scattered—she was totally caught up in Trick and what he was doing to her.

“You want me to let you come?” asked Trick, knowing she was close. Her response was a broken moan. “Once, baby, I’ll make you come once with my fingers. Then I’m getting in that pussy.” He picked up the pace, thrusting his fingers even deeper. All the while he pinched and tugged on her hard little nipples. Soon her thighs were shaking and her pussy began to quake. He sank his teeth into her shoulder, growling as her pussy tightened around his fingers and she came with a raspy moan that fisted his fingers. And he was done waiting for her.

Frankie had so many feel-good chemicals racing through her, she felt like she was floating. Weightless. Deep inside, she still ached for Trick to fill her. But while her orgasm—

She gasped as he roughly gripped her nape, bent her over the bench, and then kicked her legs apart. Her nipples scraped cotton, and she realized he’d grabbed her overalls and laid them over the bench in front of her, protecting her skin from the wood. She’d been so caught up in her postorgasm buzz she hadn’t even noticed. Her wolf bucked a little at the extremely dominant move, but Frankie was too damn turned on to care.

“Stay still, Frankie.”

Hearing his zipper lower, she almost moaned. Yes, this was what she needed. Him inside her. He didn’t remove her panties; he roughly shoved them aside. She sucked in a breath as she felt his thick cock began to sink inside her. He stretched her until it stung, and the pressure was amazing—

His cock sliced through her as he slammed home with a shocking, brutal force that sent the breath gusting out of her lungs. Mouth slack, she blinked. In one fluid move, he’d stuffed her full. “Fuck,” she rasped.

Trick did what he’d been imagining doing for the past hour—he hammered into his mate, digging his fingers into the globes of her ass. Her pussy was blazing hot and so gorgeously fucking slick he thought he might lose his mind. Even with the music blaring, he could hear every cock-hardening moan and the sound of flesh smacking flesh.

When she tried throwing back her hips to counter his thrusts, he landed a sharp slap on her ass. “No, baby, I’m fucking you,” he gritted out, clawing off her panties, scraping her skin just enough to make her moan. His wolf loved the sound, wanted to hear more.

Using the finger still wet from her pussy, Trick circled the bud of her ass. “You know what’s coming, Frankie, don’t you?” He pushed the finger knuckle-deep. “The moment you’re done coming around my cock, I’m going to plunge inside this tight ass.”

Frankie fisted the overalls as he drove deeper into her pussy, jackhammering into her like just the thought of being inside her ass made him lose control. She’d let him take her there several times before and liked it more than she’d expected. Still, she shook her head just to tease him. “Not today, I’m—” He gave her another sharp spank.

“Did it sound like I was asking for permission, Frankie?” He added a second finger and scissored them, stretching her. Every time she’d bent over to grab something, sticking her pert little ass in the air, he’d wanted nothing more than to fuck it. And he would. But first he needed to feel her inferno-hot pussy ripple greedily around his cock. He slammed into her harder. Faster. “Come, baby. Do it now.” He used the fingers of his free hand to part her folds, exposing her clit to the cool air, and then he thumbed it hard.

Blinding white-hot pleasure tore through Frankie, making her spine snap straight and wrenching a scream out of her throat. Trick pulled out of her lightning-fast, and then she felt him lodge the thick head of his cock in her ass. Her eyes snapped open as he inched his way inside. “Fuck.” Halfway in, he punched his hips forward and flexed his cock, stretching the walls of her ass. She gasped. He was so thick, but it didn’t hurt anymore. She’d gotten used to the slight burn. Liked it.

Balls-deep in her ass, Trick groaned. It was just as tight and scorching hot as her pussy. He eased his body over hers, giving her his weight, and spoke into her ear. “Come whenever you’re ready.” Because he knew he wouldn’t last long. He bit into her nape, pinning her in place, and then pounded her. There was nothing gentle about it. It was raw and primal and territorial. And he knew through their bond that she was loving every moment of it.

When he felt the telling tingle at the base of his spine, Trick swatted her ass hard. That was all it took. She came again, clamping down on his dick and groaning his name. He swore viciously and jammed his cock deep as he exploded, filling her with his come.

For a short while, they stayed where they were, panting and shaking with aftershocks. Trick pressed a kiss to the dip between her shoulder blades and then slowly pulled out of her. He straightened, but she didn’t move. Mouth curving, he rubbed one of the globes that were a pretty pink from his hands. His wolf growled in satisfaction at the sight. “You okay, baby?”



“You like it when I’m sore, so don’t bother trying to sound concerned.”

Chuckling, he lifted her and carried her into the little bathroom. After cleaning up, they dragged on their clothes and he drew her to him. “Love you, baby.”

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