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She probably looked like a drowned rat—her skin was wet and clammy, and her hair was plastered to her head. Trick didn’t seem to care. He ravaged her mouth, aggressively shoving his cock against her. A moan slipped out of her as he licked his way down to her pulse. She winced at the hard bite of his teeth.

Trick laved the mark with his tongue to soothe the sting. “Just a little reminder that you belong to me.” He slid his finger between her folds, groaning at how slick she was. His cock twitched, so full and heavy that he ached.

He sank two fingers inside her and hooked them just right. “All mine. Yeah, my pussy is so hot and tight.” Her inner muscles spasmed, and he knew she loved it when he talked that way. So, as he slowly fucked her with his fingers, Trick whispered into her ear—telling her how much he loved being inside her, how thoroughly he intended to fuck her, how he’d one day claim her ass just as surely as he’d claimed her pussy.

He didn’t want her thinking about Iris, the Newmans, or anything else that hurt her. He wanted to sweep her away from it all, wanted her priority right then to be simply how bad she needed to come. At that moment she needed it so bad, she was quivering.

Outside, the rain drummed at the roof of the small building and pounded the ground. He could smell the fresh scent of rain and ozone. More, he could smell her need, and the sweet and spicy scent drove him out of his mind.

Sensing she wouldn’t last much longer, he spoke into her ear. “I want you to come on my hand. Come on, give it to me, Frankie.” He picked up the pace, thrusting hard, stroking her sweet spot. Her head fell back as her release hit and she let out a raspy, choked moan that was like a fist around his cock.

Frankie was still recovering from her orgasm when he yanked her forward and twirled her to face the SUV. She swayed, taken off guard. His hands snaked around to cup her breasts, squeezing roughly and tugging on her nipples. She relaxed against him, her pussy throbbing, needing him. “Trick—”

“Tell me how bad you want me to fuck you,” he rumbled into her ear.

Part of her balked at admitting it, but she knew he’d wait all damn day for her to answer. “I need it.”

“You need it?” Trick raked his teeth over her shoulder. “Well then, I’d best give my baby what she needs. Bend over.” No sooner had she leaned forward and placed her palms on the hood than he slammed home, burying himself balls deep. Her pussy clamped around him so tight he had to grit his teeth against the urge to come. Trick let his arms fall to his sides. “Fuck me.”

Frankie braced her hands on the SUV as she slammed herself on his cock over and over. God, he was so thick inside her. Stretched her just a little too much. But she didn’t mind the bite of pain. Right then, she even welcomed it.

“Harder, Frankie. Yeah, that’s it.”

She fucked herself on him like she was caught in a frenzy, wanting him as deep as he could possibly go. She needed to feel his cock possessing her, filling every inch of her pussy. Her world had gone tits up and her mind was a whirl of chaos. Trick was the one solid thing in her life.

Everybody seemed to want something from her. The Newmans wanted her complete obedience; the pack wanted her in their life, Newmans be damned; Trick wanted her body, heart, and soul. Compared to the others, he wanted a hell of a lot more from her—and rightfully so, given that they were true mates. But he was the only person who wasn’t demanding anything of her when he was probably the one person who had the right to do so.

He wasn’t pressuring her. Wasn’t becoming impatient with her. He was allowing things to move at her pace, and, as he’d promised, he was on her side. For that alone she fucking adored him.

Feeling his release creeping up on him, Trick gripped her shoulders and took over. He pounded into her, slamming so deep that he hit her cervix with every brutal thrust. She didn’t wince, didn’t ask him to stop. Instead she threw her hips back harder, as if needing that little bit of pain.

Her pussy began to flutter around him, becoming hotter and tighter. “Wait for me.”

“I can’t,” she rasped.

“You want to give me what I want, don’t you? So wait for me.” He powered into her, eyes locked on a spot on her shoulder. He itched to bite her there, to brand her flesh once more.

“Trick, I—”

“Wait.” Gripping her hips, he leaned over her and licked the little spot he’d chosen. “Come.” He sank his teeth down hard, growling as her pussy contracted around him and she exploded with a throaty scream. Trick’s cock swelled inside her, and he rammed himself deep as his release tore through him and he growled out her name.

As they both quivered with aftershocks, he lapped at the new mark. His wolf loved the sight of his brand on her skin. Wanted to leave another. And another. And another.

Once his cock slipped out of her, Trick curled an arm around her waist and straightened so they were both upright. Nuzzling her, he pressed a kiss to her neck. She was like melted wax in his arms. “You okay?”

“Better than okay.” She glanced around. “What is this place?”

“A garage. We keep some vehicles here in case we need to use the concealed exit nearby.”

“Ah. Gotcha.”

He turned her to face him and shoved back the hair that was stuck to her forehead. “Sounds like the rain has eased off.”

“Then I say we head back and take a hot shower.”

He gave her a soft, lazy kiss. “Sounds like a plan.”

Once again in their animal forms, they trotted through the forest to the spot where they’d left their clothes. They shifted shape and wrapped up the rest of their clothes in their T-shirts so that their wolves could easily carry the bundles inside the caves.

They didn’t shift back into their human forms until they were in Trick’s room. While they showered, he fucked her again against the cold tiles, leaving yet more marks on her body. She didn’t complain. Never did, unless it was to playfully tease him, as if she sensed that he needed to mark her so thoroughly while the urge to claim what belonged to him hounded him day and night.

Later, when it was time for dinner, they made their way through the tunnels toward the kitchen. Hearing his cell beep, Trick fished it out of his pocket. It was a text message from his Alpha. “Trey wants to see me in his office,” Trick told her. “You remember the way to the kitchen, right?” At her nod, he said, “I’ll meet you there in ten minutes.”

Frankie watched him go and then headed down the tunnel that she was pretty sure would take her to the kitchen, but she couldn’t be absolutely certain. Soon the scents of food drifted to her, and she knew she’d taken the right route.

She heard footsteps approaching just before a male wolf rounded the corner. Marcus. Her wolf stilled, watching him. Knowing he had history with Trick made Frankie feel a little awkward. And slightly jealous, yeah, even though she knew it was ridiculous. Something in her expression must have given her away, because realization dawned on his face and he halted.

Marcus scratched his chin. “Trick told you, huh?”

Slowing to a stop, she nodded and then gave a slight shrug, going for nonchalant. She didn’t want him to see that the whole thing bothered her on any level, particularly since she knew it was senseless. “He didn’t want Greta to blindside me with it.”

“I think Roni found it a little weird at first. Maybe even felt a little threatened by it, like Trick would be competition. She couldn’t have been more wrong.” Marcus rubbed his jaw. “He’s probably already told you this, but maybe it will help if you hear the same from me. Trick and I were never a couple. Never wanted to be. We were close friends and trusted each other, so that made it . . . comfortable, I guess you could say, to indulge in random one-night stands. Uncomplicated and undemanding. There was nothing more than that between us.”

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