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Anger flashed through his wolf, who urged Trick to rake his claws down the human’s chest and warn him away from his mate. It was an idea he’d consider.

Layla’s eyes narrowed a little. “I know you.”

Trick tensed. “No, you don’t.” And he was done here. He arched a brow at Frankie. “Ready, baby?”

Layla clicked her fingers. “Wait, you’re the shifter from that YouTube video—you helped that girl. It was so sweet and brave of you to intervene like that.” Her eyes cut to Frankie. “Well, it’s good to see you’re moving on.”

Frankie almost snorted. Yeah? Layla didn’t really seem happy for her at all. Her eyes had been all dreamy and covetous when they’d stared at Trick. Once they sliced to Frankie, they’d darkened in envy and resentment. Layla had loved the idea that she had the guy Frankie wanted, loved that she’d “won.” Seeing Frankie with a male who was a billion times hotter than Vance apparently ticked her off. Good.

“Your grandparents didn’t mention that you were dating someone,” Vance said to Frankie, his voice flat. “I’m guessing they don’t know about him.”

“Not liking how close you’re standing to Frankie,” said Trick, glaring hard at him.

Vance’s brows snapped together and he blinked, as if he only then realized that he’d taken a step toward her. He backed up and moved aside to let them pass, pulling an irritated Layla out of the way.

Trick turned to Frankie. “Let’s go, baby.” As they strode off, Trick raised a brow. “So that asshole’s an ex of yours?”

Frankie sighed. “Sadly, yes. Layla was his ex. He ran back to her, but she hates me.”

“He doesn’t hate you. He’s pissed that you’re with me. I’m thinking he’ll make it his business to be sure your grandparents know that you were on a date with a shifter.”

“I wish I could disagree with you.”

“Well, we’re not going to think about them,” Trick declared. “We’re going to watch this movie, enjoy it, and stuff our faces with popcorn.”

Frankie’s mouth curved. “Your plan has merit.”

After they’d had their tickets checked, they were directed to the theater. Soon they were heading down the dimly lit hallway and into the dark theater. As they climbed up the carpeted stairs, she noticed that there weren’t many people there.

Trick led her down the empty row at the very top. “I always sit at the back so I don’t have to deal with people kicking the back of my chair.”

“And here was me thinking you’d done it so we could make out in peace.” Her wolf liked his somewhat devilish chuckle. Sitting down, Frankie placed her soda in the cup holder and settled the extra-large popcorn on her lap. Curtains hung on either side of the big screen that was currently displaying overly loud previews. Still, she could hear people talking and munching on popcorn and nachos.

Trick’s cell glowed in the dark as he took it out of his pocket to switch it off. “So tell me, what do you wear for bed?”

A chuckle burst out of her. “What?”

He shrugged. “It’s a simple question. What do you wear for bed?”

Frankie delved into her popcorn. “Who says I wear anything?” She couldn’t help smiling at the low growl that rumbled out of him.

“Such a tease.” Since they were sharing the popcorn, he grabbed some and chucked it into his mouth. “But that’s okay, because so am I.” It was both a warning and a promise.

As they watched the movie, he massaged her free hand—the same one that often seized up. It might have relaxed her if he didn’t occasionally nip at her fingers or rake his teeth down her palm.

About halfway through the movie, he took the box of popcorn from her and put it on the floor. Ready to complain, Frankie looked at him. And her stomach clenched. There was no playful grin there. There was heat and need and hunger.

He spoke against her mouth. “Undo your jeans.”

Wait, what?

His hand curved around her throat and he gave it a light squeeze. “Do it.”

The idea of him touching her that way in public probably shouldn’t have revved her engines, but damn if it didn’t. She was particularly curious about just how far he’d take it. So she snapped open the buttons of her fly and waited to see what he’d do. His eyes went languid with satisfaction, and his hand released her neck.

“Good girl. Now watch the movie.”

Like her attention would be on anything other than what he was doing. Still, Frankie turned her face to the screen. He sucked on her earlobe just as his hand slid into her jeans and panties. Not far, just far enough for him to reach her clit. She liked the direction things were heading in.

Trick spoke into her ear. “I want you to stay still for me while I play with this pretty little clit. Don’t make a sound, Frankie.”

He didn’t play with her clit. He worked her clit. Tormented her until she wanted to cry.

Her pussy throbbed and clenched as his finger circled, rubbed, flicked, pressed, and stroked her clit. Her eyelids flickered as they fell shut. God, she was so wet it wasn’t even funny. Occasionally he’d dip his finger inside her, but only enough to scoop out some cream so he could lubricate her clit. She bucked her hips slightly, wanting that finger to slide between her folds and slip all the way inside her. But his hand stilled and he bit her earlobe.

“Do that again and I’ll stop.” Trick rubbed the side of her clit again, watching as she sank her teeth into her plush lower lip to hold back her moans. She wasn’t shy about her sexuality, and he loved that. Loved how responsive she was to him. Loved that she hadn’t bristled at his orders, that she’d trusted him to give her what she needed. Oh, he didn’t doubt that there would be times when he pushed her too hard and she told him to shove his orders up his ass. She was a dominant female, after all. But for now she was letting him lead, and he liked that a fuck of a lot.

“You’re close, aren’t you?” he whispered. “Good. Mouth, Frankie, give me your mouth.” She turned her face to his, and he kissed her hard and deep as he stroked the side of her clit just the way he’d learned she liked it. When he sensed that she was on the very edge, he thumbed her clit and swallowed her groan as she came.

Cheeks flushed, eyes glazed over, she panted against his lips. He wanted nothing more than to drive his cock inside her and take what belonged to him. Not yet. “Next time, you’ll come when I’m inside you.” He withdrew his hand and shoved his wet finger into her mouth. “Suck it clean. I’d do it myself, but I want to have my first taste of you when my head is buried between your thighs.” She did as he told her, holding his gaze. “That’s it, good girl.”

Frankie expected him to grab her hand and drag her outside so he could get her home fast and take care of the hard-on she could see straining against his zipper. He didn’t. He just deftly fixed her fly, returned the popcorn to her lap, and turned back to the screen. She hissed. The orgasm had been great and all, but it only made her want more.

She wasn’t sure how she got through the rest of the movie without slapping him for getting her in such a state. As they were leaving, she shot him a look that called him an asshole. He just grinned.

Back in the foyer, he asked, “You need to use the restrooms before we go?”

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