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“Christ, angel.” He cursed low under his breath and tilted my chin up so I’d meet his eyes. “You like doing that to me, don’t you?” He brushed a knuckle along my cheek and I nodded. “Does that taste good?” he asked, teasing me.

I smiled wickedly and licked along the head of his c**k again, tasting the salty bead of fluid leaking from his tip. His c**k twitched and he moaned something unintelligible again.

“Lie back,” he ordered.

I lay down against the pillows, watching him, waiting for him to make his move, but he seemed entirely unrushed and content to just take in my naked form, a slight smile curling at his mouth. For a sex addict, he seemed much too in control, and the thought made me smile. He was mine. All his past troubles and all the worries we’d overcome made this moment that much sweeter, like it meant more because we’d worked to get here.

Knox lay down beside me, covering me with the warm weight of his body, and sank inside me slowly, letting me acclimate to him an inch at a time.

Chapter Ten


Holy shit, she felt amazing. It took several minutes to work myself completely inside her, but the patience was worth it. My eyes slipped closed the moment I was fully buried inside McKenna’s warm heat. She might have been prim and proper outside the bedroom, but my angel liked to get a little dirty between the sheets, further proof that she was the perfect girl for me. I whispered dirty things into her ear as I f**ked her slowly—telling her how tight she was around me, how good she felt, and she let out tiny whimpers each time I did.

Everything about her was incredible, and I knew without a doubt that I was a very f**king lucky man. Her pu**y was like crack and I kept up an easy tempo, enjoying the feelings flooding through me.

“I can feel you tightening around my cock. Do you want to come?” I asked, letting my lips brush past the shell of her ear.

“Yes,” she said and moaned. The hint of desperation in her voice told me that while I’d been waiting for her, she’d been holding herself back, waiting for me. And since I knew she’d been turned on and wet since our ride home, I wanted to take care of her.

I pressed my thumb against her clit, eliciting a soft cry from her, and began lightly rubbing as I continued the even rhythm of my strokes, pushing in and out of her. McKenna flew apart, convulsing and squirming in my arms, repeating my name over and over again until the last of her orgasm pulsed through her body and left her limp and sated in my arms.

Not yet done with her, I pulled her hips to mine, entering her deeply. Her back arched off the bed at the unexpected invasion. Her eyes had that glassy, faraway look, and I could tell she was undone. I wanted to flip her over, to sink into her from behind and watch her ass wiggle against my thrusts, but I knew I was too close. And McKenna was worn out.

“I’m almost there,” I murmured, kissing her neck.

Pumping into her again and I again, I felt my balls draw up close to my body as her tight muscles gripped me. A shuddering moan pushed past my lips as she milked my c**k deep inside her body. “Kenna…” The broken groan rumbled deep in my chest and I collapsed onto the bed on top of her, gathering her in my arms and holding her tightly against my chest.

As our heartbeats pounded together, I knew I couldn’t put off the truth about my past much longer. It wasn’t fair to her. She’d given me everything—her heart, her devotion, her virginity, for f**k’s sake, and I couldn’t even tell her the truth. McKenna had given me a chance at true happiness, and the boys had a loving female in their lives for the first time in years. I was being selfish hiding this from her and it was starting to eat at me, to wear a hole in my newly mended heart. It wasn’t f**king healthy.

I held her securely, breathing in the scent of her shampoo as a million thoughts swirled through my brain. She’d healed me, made me a better man, yet none of that could erase my past. I held on to hope that since she’d forgiven me once before, she could find a way to do it again. If only there was a way to show her how sorry I was, she could understand my dark past was truly behind me.

Chapter Eleven


“Guys, come on, we’re going to be late.” I corralled my brothers toward the front door and they groggily obliged, slipping into shoes and coats.

“If this is lunch, why do we have to be up at the crack of dawn?” Jaxon yawned. His face looked a hell of a lot better since the beat down, just the hint of a shadow darkened his left cheekbone.

“Because,” I said. “There’s training beforehand and we need to have everything ready for one hundred fifty people by noon. Come on.”

I’d arranged for us to volunteer at a church today to serve lunch to a Mothers Against Drunk Drivers group that was having an all-day retreat. McKenna was meeting us there later. I knew it was f**ked up that I hadn’t told her the truth yet about my own past with drunk driving. I guess this was my own twisted way of trying to make amends.

When we arrived at the church, we parked in the back and tramped down the stairs to the basement and into the large kitchen. McKenna was already inside, and a large smile spread across her face when she saw us.

“Hi!” She bounded across the room and flung herself into my arms. “This was such a good idea.” She kissed me warmly on the mouth. It was more than I deserved and a twinge of guilt flashed through me. Shit.

“Hi, angel,” I murmured, pressing a kiss to her forehead.

She greeted each of the boys in a similar fashion, with hugs and kisses on their cheeks. She was so good to them, filling the void left behind when Mom died, that my chest tightened and I had to turn away.

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