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“Are you cold?” he asked, leaning down to press a kiss against my temple.

Not with his big body to shield me from the wind. “Not really, no.”

“So, are we gonna talk about things now that you’re back?” he asked.

“Like?” I prompted.

“Like your many volunteering jobs, where you live, and when you’re going to buy a car and stop taking the bus.” He raised an eyebrow at me.

I remembered feeling protected and cared for right from the first time I’d gone to Knox’s house—he was so against me taking the bus across town on my own. He’d insisted on personally escorting me home. He’d wormed his way into my heart right from the beginning, even if I didn’t see it at the time. All the signs were there. He was a good man. Or maybe I was the exception, since I was pretty sure he hadn’t always treated women with such care and respect.

I glanced over at him to address his questions. “As for volunteering, I’m no longer leading the Saturday morning group.” I was guessing he’d figured as much since I hadn’t in a couple of months now. “A car is on my to-do list. Brian said he’d help me look.”

“I’ll take you, McKenna.” His look said not to argue.

Okay then. Knox will help me get a car.

I nodded and continued. “And what about where I live?” I paused, waiting for him to give me some clue about what he’d meant. My apartment with Brian was in a safe part of town. I didn’t see what issue he could possibly take up there.

He stopped walking and turned to face me. The sunlight glinting in his beautiful eyes showed off shades of moss green and warm brown. He released my hand, only to bring both of his palms up to cup my face. “When you were away, I realized something about myself. I love you, McKenna, and I don’t want to be without you. I want you to move in with me.”

The air felt trapped in my chest as I processed his words. He wanted me. He loved me. His offer was much more significant than he could have known. He was giving me my family back. The piece of me that had been missing for all these years. A warm home filled with love and activity. Tears welled in my eyes.

“Knox…” I sobbed, inhaling ragged breaths.

“Shhh. Don’t answer now. I know it’s a lot to process, something you probably want to think about. But I promise you one thing—I’m never going back to the man I was before. You’ve changed me. You came into my life and completely f**king gutted me. I thought I couldn’t love again, but you were right all along. Love was the exact thing I was missing and searching for in all those women.”

I flinched slightly at his words. Being reminded of his past wasn’t easy, but his thumb brushed across my bottom lip, deliciously distracting me.

“I was looking for you the entire time. And it took a downward spiral for me to find you. My angel,” he whispered.

I wanted to tell him yes, of course I would move in, but my lips were busy attacking his. I kissed him with a brutal force that he matched with swipe after swipe of his tongue against mine. He hauled me closer, one hand still cupping my face, and the other pressed against my butt to align our bodies together. Suddenly being in public seemed like a terrible idea.

“Knox…” I breathed against his damp lips.

“Yeah?” His voice was a rough growl that sent delicious vibrations spiraling through me.

“Let’s go somewhere.”

“My house,” he answered.

Yes. Please. Anywhere but here. Preferably somewhere with a bed. “Wait.” I pulled back. “Won’t your brothers be there?”

His hazy eyes found mine. “They know we f**k, McKenna.” He pressed his erection against my belly and rubbed it against me.

A whimper fell from my parted lips and I couldn’t argue. I nodded quickly and he led me back to his Jeep. I almost laughed as I tried to keep up with Knox’s pace. His long legs ate up the sidewalk and I pranced alongside him. We’d made it fifteen minutes into our date before we cracked and needed to be alone. But there was no denying my entire body was humming with need. He’d created this side of me. And I was all too happy to go along with it.

We climbed inside the Jeep and Knox wasted no time cranking the ignition and pulling out into traffic. A silent glance in his direction caused a knot to form in my stomach. He was still rock hard in his jeans, the rigid weight of his erection clearly visible through the denim. Desire pulsed through me, hot and uncontained.

“Knox…” I murmured.

His hand curled around the back of my neck, guiding my mouth to his while he maintained eye contact with the road. “Not long, baby,” he assured me, his lips brushing against mine.

I pressed my thighs together, squirming in the seat as his warm tongue licked against my bottom lip. I knew what delicious, naughty things his tongue could do to other parts of my body. A flash of moisture dampened my panties.

I’d survived so long without physical affection and sex, maybe now I was making up for lost time. Either that or Knox alone had unleashed something in me that refused to be contained. Especially now that I knew how good he could make me feel.

When Knox broke the kiss, I found myself unable to resist. I reached across the center console and curled my hand around the hard ridge in his pants, eliciting a soft groan from him.

I rubbed his firm length up and down, loving how big and masculine he felt in my hand. I wanted to make him feel good and lose all control like he did to me. I wanted to see him come apart.

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