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And then he stopped.

King was still holding onto my waist, but his attention was elsewhere. His gaze firmly fixed on my belly. Tentatively, he reached up and placed his hand flat against the slight roundness of my stomach. “It’s so crazy,” he whispered. He traced circles around my belly button, pressing a kiss to the skin right below it, inhaling as he made his way back up to my neck, lifting himself off his knees. There was a certain reverence in his eyes, but that didn’t dim the fire, if anything it blazed brighter. Hotter. I was almost overwhelmed by the way he was looking at me so when King took a step toward me, I took a hesitant step back. “You running from me, Pup?” he asked with low ferocity in his voice.

“Maybe I am,” I teased, turning and bolting up the dock back toward the house. King caught up to me and spun me around, the barbarity in his gaze forcing me to retreat again until my back pressed up against the wall. He was being rough, but cautious at the same time, taking great care to make sure the burn on my back stayed out of harms way. It was then I realized I wasn’t backed up against a wall. It was a pillar.

The pillar.

The one where King and I had first had sex. Angry, hot, hate filled, love fueled sex.

“There,” King said, “much fucking better.”

“Reminiscing, are we?” I asked, biting my bottom lip. King reached around to the back of my neck and tipped my head up to him.

“Maybe,” he whispered. “And later, when I’m done with you out here, I want to take you upstairs and reminisce some more. Maybe cuff you to my bed. He traced my lower lip with his, and when I made a move for more contact, he pulled back. “Would you like that, Pup? Do you want me to cuff you up so you can’t move? Run my tongue between your legs, make you come so hard it fucking hurts? Or should I use a belt again? Wrap it around your neck so I have you right where I want you.” He kissed the corner of my mouth, tasting me, teasing me. Making me wild with lust.

Anyone could have walked by us and I wouldn’t have paid them any attention. They could fucking watch for all I cared. All I wanted was for him to touch me in a way that didn’t leave me throbbing and trying to press my thighs together for relief.

He ran his tongue behind my ear, sucking the sensitive skin into his mouth. I practically launched myself at him, throwing my hands around his neck in an effort to get closer, but again he denied me what I was seeking, what I needed. “Not yet, Pup.”

I was going to strangle the asshole.

“Are you trying to piss me off?” I asked. My chest rising and falling with my impatience. I was going to be the first person in history to ever die from lust.

Female blue balls.

“Maybe. But I remember how hot it was to fuck you when you were angry. Right here against the house. I get so fucking hard every time I think about being inside you that first time, all the while you wanted to claw my fucking eyes out. I wanted to make it all okay between us, but at the same time, I wanted to make you even angrier. Make you burn hotter. You were so fucking pissed off, but so fucking beautiful. You burned so hot it was like your pussy was begging for my cock to punish it. Punish you.”

“Yes. Punish me,” I whispered. “Please. Punish me.”

I was past having any shame and had moved onto begging. And then, if he ever did fuck me, afterward, I was going to drown him in the bay.

King grinded his huge erection against my thigh. “You see what you do to me? Do you feel how badly I want you?” All I could do was nod. I wasn’t even sure of what he was asking. At that point, the answer to everything was going to be YES. “Don’t fucking move,” he ordered. Inserting two fingers in the waistband of my shorts, he pulled them down my thighs. On his way back up, he pressed his nose between my legs and inhaled deeply, darting his tongue out for a lick.

“Holy shit. You’re fucking dripping.” He sucked my clit into his mouth.

“I missed the way you taste, Pup. Fucking sweet and innocent. You taste like more.” His words vibrating against my core which was so beyond ready for him to put the monster throbbing against my leg to good use. Instead, he stood back up, forcing me harder against the pillar. He reached between us and between my folds, spreading my wetness, pushing his thick middle finger inside of me.

His finger was barely halfway in but I was already clenching around him. “Your pussy missed me,” King said, his voice rough and strained. The confidence he possessed just moments ago now an obvious struggle as he attempted to stay in control.

I dropped my head back against the pillar. He pushed all he way in and hooked his finger slightly. When he began to pump I writhed against his hand.

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