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I wanted to taste her on my tongue. I wanted to put my face between her thighs and feel her squirm under my mouth while she scraped the top of my head with her fingernails until she came.

I was so fucking hard it took every bit of self control I had not to bend her over the dresser, flip that dress over her ass, and fuck some sense into my girl.

I ran my hand over her mouth and her lips parted. Those beautiful pink lips of hers would’ve made my cock instantly hard if it wasn’t already an iron rod straining against my jeans. “I already wanted to slit the senator’s throat for the stunt he pulled with Max, but when I saw him standing up there, wearing his ‘better-than-everyone-suit, and his member-of-the-club ridiculous gold watch, and heard him telling people you’d got fucking married, to someone who isn’t me, I wanted to unload my gun into his skull then reload for the kid.

My words might have been harsh, but they were true.

I took the mirror from Pup and set it down on the dresser. “For a second I thought that maybe I just imagined this thing between us.” I untied the halter of her sundress and let it fall to the floor, revealing a matching beige strapless bra and panty set. It was standard everyday stuff, but on my girl, she might as well have been wearing crotchless panties and carrying a whip, because she was the sexiest thing I’d ever fucking seen. My cock was in agony as I swept my gaze over her body.

“It was that look of yours that stopped me,” I said.

“What look?” She asked, spinning around to face me.

“The look you get when you’re up to no good. And I was right. Because you took off your sweater. You showed them your tattoo.” I ran my fingertips from the base of her neck to the cheeks of her ass.

“I was showing them I wasn’t a monkey and no matter what I agreed to I wasn’t going to dance for them,” she said, unable to contain the thrill of being able to put them in their place.

“You showed them more than that.” I said, circling her. Appraising her body that I’d missed so much. Taking her all in. “You showed them you were mine.” I stood behind her again and reached between her legs, her panties already soaked. She closed her eyes as I stroked her through the material. “But most importantly,” I told her as I rubbed faster and her mouth opened as she lost herself in the pleasure of my touch, “you showed me that you were still mine.”

I turned her around and crashed my lips to hers. She shuddered under my touch. “Don’t be trying to come up with an excuse to argue with me, Pup. The time for excuses is over. I will tell you right fucking now that it doesn’t matter what you say. There is nothing you can tell me that changes anything. I claimed you, and I’m not apologizing for shit this time.”

“I have to explain—” she started to argue, but I interrupted.

“We can talk later. Do I need to bend you over and fuck you like an animal to remind you whose pussy this is?” I said, biting her earlobe. I roughly flipped her over onto her stomach. I pushed down between her shoulder blades until she was bent over the bed on her elbows. I unclasped her bra and let it fall to the bed. I pulled down her panties with one hand and threw them to the floor. I gazed at the fucking amazing sight that was my girl, naked, bent over for me. I unhooked my belt and took off my jeans while she braced herself on her hands and knees. I crawled over her onto the mattress and took off my tank top so that we were skin to skin. She lifted her head and my lips brushed the back of her ear. “Do you need reminding of who you belong to, Pup?”

“Yes,” she breathed. I positioned my cock at her entrance and pushed in hard, past the resistance of her tight pussy. Each centimeter into her heat was an agonizing combination of torture and pleasure.

I paused when I was fully seated inside the fucking greatest pussy ever created. Warm. Wet. Ready. “Tell me you missed me,” I said. Doe groaned and pressed her little round ass back against me, trying to get me to move, but I stayed motionless. “No, baby. Not until you tell me what I want to hear.”

“I—” I rewarded her attempt with a slow circling of my hips and she moaned into the pillow.

“You what?” I asked, pausing again.

“I missed—” Again I circled my hips, this time adding a single hard thrust. “I missed—”

“Who did you miss?” I asked.

“You. I missed you!” she said.

I lost all control. I reached around her and wrapped one hand around her throat; with the other I anchored myself to the bed. I thrust into her furiously, like the crazed man I was. “I missed you too, baby. So fucking much.” Over and over again I relentlessly pounded into her like I was trying to fuck my way back into her life. “This, me being inside you. It just told me everything I needed to know. I’m not giving up on us. Not now. Not fucking ever.”

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