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“The problem was…you never released me,” King growled, crashing his lips to mine. He moaned into my mouth when I rubbed myself up against his straining erection. He pushed the fabric of my shorts aside and the second he parted my folds with his index finger, I shuddered. He plunged a long index finger inside of me, and for a second my eyes rolled back in my head until he withdrew it. I cried out in frustration, wiggling myself against him, needing him to make me feel anything other than empty.

King unwrapped my legs from him and yanked my shorts down over my ass. I stepped out of them and he tossed them to the shore. Still holding onto me with one arm he undid his buckle and jeans. He pushed my underwear to the side. “Wrap your legs around me again.” I did as he said, my clit rubbing up against his thick shaft. He lifted me up just enough to line himself up with me. “This is going to be quick and dirty, baby, but I need to feel you.” He pressed me down onto him, filling me quickly. When he met my body’s tight resistance he pushed harder, as if he were starving for me. The deeper he sank the louder he groaned.

“Fuck!” I said in a loud whisper. I needed him to move, but the feeling of being so full was overwhelming.

“Yes, Pup. That’s the fucking plan.” He thrust inside of me fully in one long hard movement that left my thighs quaking.

“God damn it. Holy shit. You’re so fucking tight,” King swore. “I love this fucking pussy. My fucking pussy.”

I held on to the back of his neck while he fucked me with a fury that told me just how much he meant it when he said he needed to feel me. And it was almost as much as I’d needed to feel him.

“Yes. Yes. Yours.” I nodded furiously as he found his delicious rhythm, stroking my insides, creating a whirlpool of water around us. The pressure in my lower stomach intensified. Tighter and tighter I wound with each hard twist of his hips that left me more and more breathless. His strokes became longer, harder, faster.

“You feel so fucking good around my cock,” he breathed. I was ready to finally acknowledge my complete lack of control over this larger than life connection we shared. I wasn’t giving in to him. It was a fight I couldn’t win.

It was a fight I didn’t even want to fight.

“This. You. This is everything,” King groaned. With a hand under each of my thighs he gripped me hard, ramming into me over and over again each time he filled me to the hilt my muscles clenched around him, when he dragged himself from me, I clenched again, seeking him out, needing more. I sat up, with my cheek pressed up against his scruffy face, as the beautiful man I loved pounded into me relentlessly.


I felt his frustration and his hate and his blind lust, and as overwhelming as it was, I took every single thing he could give me.

Without much warning I was exploding around him, trembling as I pulsed and pulsed. Just when I thought it was starting to die down, it racked my body all over again. His cock twitched inside me. His lips parted, his eyes never leaving mine as he thrust up into me one more time, pushing in as deep as he could, holding himself there as his muscles tensed, the chords in his neck strained as he followed me over the edge.

We remained in each other’s arms as the rain assaulted us. The gentle pulsing of his cock still inside me made me want to start all over again. I slowly rolled my hips against him, relishing in the feeling of how he felt against my deliciously sore and sensitive body.

“Easy, Pup.” King teased, resting his forehead on mine. And this time I let him. And just like I expected, a calm washed over me as we both continued to breathe heavily. “Don’t you see what you fucking do to me?”

“I can feel it,” I said.

“Even fucking better,” he said, lifting me up against his chest.

King gently drifted us around in the water, with me still attached to him in every way. “I’m still really mad at you,” I managed to say. “I’m not cuffed to your bed anymore, but when you lied to me, you were still holding me captive, because you took away my options.”

King’s gaze hardened. “Yes. But ask me if I feel bad about it. About lying to you. About keeping you. There are a lot of thing I would do differently, Pup, but that isn’t one of them. If I had to do it a million times over again, I still would have kept you for myself. And if you tried to run again, I still would have chased you down and cuffed you to my bed.” He held on to the back of my neck as he spoke, trapping my head, like he was making sure I wouldn’t turn away from him this time. “And when I finally gave in to whatever this thing is between us, and you let me inside you that first time, and I fucked you up against the house…I don’t think you have to guess that I wouldn’t change that either. Not a fucking second of it.”

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