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He smiled, knew it looked predatory and didn’t care. “Oh, trust me, sugar twang, we’re gonna get plenty dirty behind closed doors. But everyone will understand that we’re together in every sense of the word when we’re out.” A look he’d never seen settled on her beautiful face. “What?”

“You are so f**kin’ hot when you say stuff like that.”

He brought them closer until they were within kissing distance. “What do you say we put out this fire so we can go inside and start another one?”

“With body friction?” she murmured, rubbing the side of her face against the stubble on his jaw. “I bet you can supply the wood.”

Fletch stood and grabbed the fire-dampening cover to snuff out the embers. When he glanced over at Tanna . . . all he could think was want. He hauled her to her feet and kissed her.

She twined herself around him and tried to scale his body.

Her passion kicked his into a higher gear and his c**k pressed against his shorts. He clamped one hand around her hip and one in her hair as he herded her toward the door.

Reluctant as he was to break the kiss, he didn’t want to accidentally smack her in the head with the screen door because he was focused on getting her naked. He tore his mouth free. “Inside. Now.”

She rested her forehead against his chest. “Good idea. Tobin and Hugh need to pay for a show this hot.”

Damn woman cracked him up with her sass.

Once they were inside, he plastered her against the wall, slipping his thigh between hers, tugging her hips forward.

Tanna kissed him harder. Her hands were roving from his shoulders to squeeze his pecs, sliding down his stomach and then dipping below the waistband of his camo shorts.

His dick jerked, trying to jump into her hand.

Placing his hands over the tops of hers, he slipped them beneath his tank top, wanting to feel her touching more than his cock. He made a growling sound when her fingertips connected with each rib and her thumbs strummed his ni**les. Then her hands dipped beneath his armpits and she clutched his back.

Tanna slowed the kiss, letting her tongue tease the seam of his lips. “I want you.”

“Good to know we’re on the same page.”

“I couldn’t believe my good luck in seeing you at the Split Rock.”

“So you were just playing hard to get?”

Those talented lips of hers followed the edge of his jaw to his neck. “Does it seem like I’m playing hard to get now?”

“No. God, no.” He groaned when she sucked on the section of skin below his ear.

“I want to nibble on you. Lick you. Suck on you while my fingers learn every ripple in this hard body of yours.” Her hands moved around to his chest. “I can explore later, right?”

“Uh. Right.”

“Because you have plans for me right now.”

“The more I hear that sexy drawl as your hands are on me, the more I’m losing my train of thought completely. All I can think about is bending you over the arm of the couch, because it’s closer than the bed, and f**king you until you scream.”

Tanna’s mouth grazed his ear. “So do it. I’ll even help you get started. Lift your arms.” She pulled off his tank top and tossed it aside. Her mouth enclosed his left nipple and she sucked hard. “Your move.”

Somehow his thick fingers managed to get the buttons on her blouse undone and he peeled the fabric off her shoulders and down her arms.

Fletch groaned softly when he saw her simple white bra. It set off her skin tone, and the low cut allowed him to bury his face in that soft cle**age.

“No fair. I didn’t get to play with your chest very long.”

“It’s easy to get off track when I’m faced with these.” He followed the edges of the satin piping with his tongue and breathed in her scent as his fingers unhooked the back clasp. His palms skimmed her luscious tits and swerved to the outside of her hips as he dropped to his knees.

He pulled off her boots. Then he removed the dress pants that were covering up her skin and his favorite warm, soft, wet girl part. Hook unfastened, he lowered the zipper and they fell to the floor. Tanna also wore plain white panties, which were far sexier than he’d ever imagined.

He placed his mouth over the cotton, both inhaling her scent and blowing hot air over her mound, waiting to see if she tried to get away.

Tanna looked down at him, keeping her body still.

“Very good. Not squirming at all today.”

“Maybe I’m just worried you’re gonna tie me up again. I’m too impatient for you to f**k me to mess around with props this time.”

He sucked on the skin surrounding her clit, and let his tongue trace the slit through her panties. And imagine that. She was already wet in one spot. Such a chest-beating moment that she got so wet for him so quickly.

Her head fell back and she groaned. “Why does it seem naughtier when I have my panties on than when your face is pressed into my bare pu**y?”

Keeping his eyes on hers, he used his teeth to tug her panties to her ankles.

She laughed and crooked her finger at him.

But as soon as Fletch got up from his knees, she fell to hers. She gave him the exact same treatment he’d given her. Putting her mouth on the bulge in his Jockeys. But since his had an opening in his underwear, that sneaky tongue of hers just slipped right in.

“Dammit!” He jumped back at the wet swipe on his shaft. “No fair.”

“Aw, I was just having a little fun.”

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