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“No, it doesn’t.” He narrowed his eyes at me. “What do you have against pilots? Something you’ve experienced?”

“Something I’ve heard.”

The plane shook suddenly and I braced my hand against the wall as the seatbelt sign turned on. I tried to lean forward to grab the cheese tray, but Jake held it still—looking calm as ever.

“Don’t you think you need to return to the cockpit?” I asked. “Or do you not feel the plane shaking right now?”

“It’s only light turbulence. It’ll stop once we get out of the clouds.”

As if on cue, the first officer’s voice came over the speakers.

“Ladies and gentlemen, my apologies for the light turbulence you’re currently experiencing. We’re cutting through a patch of clouds, so it should only last a few more seconds at most, and I’ll turn off the seatbelt sign again here shortly. Hope you’re enjoying the flight.”

The beep sounded and Jake’s eyes returned to mine.

“So, back to our conversation about pilots—” His fingers trailed my lips. “What have you heard?”

“A lot...”

“Then tell me,” he said. “Tell me exactly what you’ve heard.”

“I’ve heard that pilots can’t be trusted, that your occupation practically calls for each and every one of you to cheat.” I paused as his free hand strummed against my waist. “The ones who aren’t married have a woman in every city and they fuck whoever, whenever they want. They even sleep with some of the passengers from time to time.”

“Is that all?” He pressed his forehead against mine.

“No. No, that is not all.”

“Okay.” He looked as if he was holding back a laugh. “Continue.”

“I’ve also heard that all of you—”

“Some of you.” He cut me off. “The word ‘all’ is a bit presumptuous.”

“Fine. Most of you are emotionally distant and cold. What you see is what you get. It’s all you get. Even the rare pilots, the good guys who almost seem capable of being faithful are...”

“Are what?” he asked. “What have you heard about them?”

“They almost always have a flight attendant for a mistress.” I moved my head back before he could lean in any further. “Is any of that true?”

“If it was,” he said, looking slightly amused, “I would’ve agreed with you. Contrary to your uneven and untrue arguments, a man’s profession has nothing to do with his degree of fidelity.”

I opened my mouth to object, but he pressed a finger against my lips.

“That’s only my first rebuttal,” he said. “Second, if a pilot is single and does have a woman in every city, that shouldn’t be a problem since he doesn’t owe anyone anything. I’ll agree with you on your last point, though. What you see is definitely what you get, but I have no interest in having a flight attendant as a mistress.”

“Too scared your girlfriend will find out?”

“We’ve discussed this.” He pulled me close. “I don’t do girlfriends.” His lips were suddenly on mine, coaxing and warm, then demanding and hot. His teeth punished my bottom lip with a soft bite and I couldn’t help but kiss him back.

Slipping a hand under my dress, he whispered against my mouth. “You don’t want this again?” He tugged at my soaked panties and pressed his thumb against my swollen clit, sensuously rubbing it in circles as he trailed his tongue against my neck.

“No...” I lied, holding back a moan.

Everything around me became a hazy blur as his fingers continued to mercilessly tease me, as his tongue swirled against my exposed skin. I wanted to give in, to admit that he could bring me to pleasure like no one else could, but I knew having him again would only affect one of us.

“Gillian.” His mouth returned to mine. “Say yes to fucking me at landing.”

“No.” I bit his lip and stepped back. “I can’t.”

He looked completely confused. “And why is that?”

“Because if I were to sleep with you again, I’d have to be your only one.”

“My only what?”

“The only woman you have sex with.”

“Come again?” He let go of my waist.

“Like I told you before, I don’t normally hookup...The first time we had sex was fine, because it was a one-night stand, but the second time was a mistake.”

“Having multiple orgasms is never a mistake.”

“Maybe, but I’m not the type who would be okay with having sex with you one night, while knowing that you could possibly be having sex with Sally tomorrow.”

“I don’t know any women named Sally.”

“You know what I mean.”

“I honestly don’t.”

“No matter how much you claim that you ‘need’ to fuck me again, and no matter how many times I might’ve thought about it, too...”

“You’ve definitely thought about it, too.”

“In spite of that, even though the last thing I want right now is a new relationship—”

“Monogamous fucking sounds exactly like a relationship.”

“It isn’t, but the next time I have sex—whenever that is, it will be with someone who’s fucking me and only me. So, if you can’t handle that or agree, you should just walk away.”