His lips quickly made their way back to hers. It was a desperate need that he couldn’t deny. He gasped and then moaned loudly into her mouth when he felt her fingers run curiously over his erection. Never in a million years had he thought that she would be this passionate, hadn’t known that it was possible.

He reached between them and gently wrapped her hand around his length and moved it, showing her what he liked. She did it, making him pant and groan. He slid his hand back between her legs, sliding a second finger inside her until she was moaning and crying softly into his mouth. They stood there for several minutes as pleasure soared through their bodies.

It was too much for any sane man to take. He pulled his hand away and pushed her gently onto the long cushioned bench with his body brushing her hand away. He kissed her deeply as he positioned himself. Part of him was aware that he was very likely about to take her virginity, but he didn’t care. She wasn’t saying anything and neither was he. They were too far-gone at the moment to care about rules, propriety or the consequences that were most likely going to tear their lives apart.

Robert aimed himself and pushed in unable to wait any longer. He heard her gasp of pain and kissed her deeply, trying to distract her. The tip of his shaft came in contact with the proof of her innocence. When she didn't protest, scream, or demand that he get off her, he pulled back and thrust in until he was buried deep inside of her.

Somehow he was able to hold back when everything in him demanded that he move. One look at her beautiful face and he was knocked on his ass. She was heartbreakingly beautiful as she tried to give him a reassuring smile even as tears trailed down her face. He pressed tender kisses to her cheeks, kissing away her tears, wanting to reassure her that he would take care of her.

He moved his mouth back to hers and he kissed her slowly, trying to show her how much being with her meant to him. He’d never felt so much for another person in his entire life and for someone he didn’t know it surprised him. He never allowed anyone to get close to him, didn't trust anyone. He couldn't understand how she consumed his every wish and desire. He wanted to hold her all night and keep her safe from harm, something that he’d never wanted to do with another woman.

Soon, she grew accustomed to the invasion and began to wiggle beneath him, testing his control. He slowly rolled his h*ps making sure that she was truly ready for him. He could feel her mouth curve into a smile beneath his and that’s when he realized that he was smiling as well, making him chuckle. For the first time in a long time, he felt carefree. He kissed her deeply as he slowly thrust inside her, enjoying the feel of wet silken walls caressing his cock.

Elizabeth instinctively wrapped her legs around his waist, trying to hold him inside her. Robert cupped her breast, gently squeezing it as his thumb ran over her hard nipple. Moans, crackles of the fire, and the sounds of bodies gently slapping against each other echoed throughout the dimly lit orangery.

Robert could feel her body tighten like a vice around him. He groaned as he moved harder and faster, making her cry out in pleasure. Her fingernails dug into his back, but he didn’t care. He opened his eyes and watched as her world exploded. He needed her to find her release before he could pull out. He was determined to make this good for her.

Her body began squeezing ruthlessly around his. As good as it felt to have her grip his c**k like this, it felt even better knowing that he’d been the one to give her this pleasure. Hell, he wanted to laugh and scream for joy that this beautiful minx found her moment with him. His minx .

The reality of the moment hit him hard. She was still squeezing him and moaning. Her mouth found his neck and kissed it greedily, sucking and licking and driving him out of his goddamn mind. He couldn’t hold back. He desperately needed to pull out. It was getting too close. Just one more thrust he told himself, just one more.

As his release rushed up on him, he gasped, trying to find the strength to pull out of her. Just as he somehow found the willpower to pull out she began squeezing him again, completely shattering his resistance. His head dropped back and he bit back a roar of pleasure as he found his own release. It was the most intense moment of his life. He continued to move until he was sure that she was done. When he felt her walls squeeze gently around him one last time, he fell on her, lazily kissing her neck, chin and mouth. Still neither spoke.

Robert was too weak to speak. It was the oddest way to take a woman’s virginity, without any spoken words of promise or explanation. He’d always been a gentle lover, taking a woman slowly to prolong his release. He'd never even taxed himself before. Right now his body was exhausted and soaked. This was the most intense sexual experience of his life and he didn’t even know her name.

Not that he ever made love to an innocent before, but surely something should have been said. Names should have been exchanged at the very least. It was without question the most passionate night of his life. He’d never been so moved by lust or need before to make him this desperate to make love to a woman.

He pulled back to look at her, expecting her to cry, scream or hit him. He’d been a cad taking her innocence. But instead of doing what he’d expected, what he deserved, she smiled sweetly up at him and pressed a tender kiss to his mouth. Robert turned the kiss into a slow, deep display of appreciation, passion and need. He was still inside of her and surprised to discover that he was hardening again. He wanted her once more, desperately, but he couldn’t do that to her.

He took a steadying breath and slowly began to pull out, however, her legs wrapped tightly around his waist and trapped him. He raised an eyebrow in question. Then she spoke for the first time since they’d started. “Can we do it again?” she asked shyly.

Chapter 8

Robert could only chuckle. He leaned down and kissed her. “Yes, minx, we can do it again.” He punctuated every word with a slow thrust of his hardening shaft.

He took her slowly this time, enjoying every single thrust inside her body. She was passionate, very passionate. She wasn’t content with lying there while he bedded her. She kissed his mouth, chin, and neck greedily while her hands ran through his hair, down his back, and finally cupped his ass. He could swear that she moaned with pleasure just from touching him.

He broke the kiss and pulled back just far enough away so that he could watch her face. She smiled shyly up at him. She was so damn beautiful. He slowed his rhythm and made his thrusts shallower, stressing each movement. She licked her lips hungrily.

“You like that, don’t you, minx?”

“Y-yes, please don’t stop.”

He shook his head. “Never.”

He gently took her hands and held them above her head, entwining their fingers as he made love to her. The gesture made what they were doing feel more intense. Soon she was throwing her head back and whimpering.

Robert took her mouth, kissing her deeply as he quickened his thrusts inside her. She gripped his hands tightly. He felt her body tighten around him once again. There was no point in pulling out now. The damage was already done. They exploded in the same moment. He didn’t bother trying to hide his pleasure this time. They were too far away from the loud ballroom for anyone to hear them. Even if they weren’t there was no way to stop him now.

“ Oh God !” he roared.

He collapsed on top of her, sweaty and sated. He didn’t know many women who appreciated a sweaty man on top of them, so he moved to roll off her when her small warm arms wrapped around his shoulders.