The car was thrown into reverse, narrowly missing the fence. The engine gunned, muddy water and gravel sprayed her from head to bare toes as the vehicle fishtailed down the driveway and out of sight.


A large hand landed on her shoulder and spun her around. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

“Didn’t you see that car? They were dumping garbage and who knows what else.”

“And you ran out here to confront them?”

“They were trespassing. What if they’d tried to break into the plant? Or tried to dump something toxic that’ll cost me thousands of dollars in clean up costs?”

“Jesus Christ, Skylar, what if they would’ve pulled a gun out and shot you?”

She went utterly still.

“Bustin’ a couple of underage kids for drinkin’ ain’t worth your time and sure as hell ain’t worth your life.”


“Don’t you ever do anything like that again, do you hear me?”

Feeling like an idiot, Skylar twisted out of his grip and raced back to the house.

She’d reached the tiny strip of grass in front of the porch, when again, she was jerked around. This time Kade hauled her to her toes. “Let me go.”

“Not until you answer me. Don’t you ever take chances like that, do you understand?” He shook her a little. “Do you have any idea what the thought of anything happenin’ to you does to me?”

She whispered, “No.”

“It rips me clean apart.”


“Don’t. Just don’t.” He dragged her into his arms and squeezed her so tightly she couldn’t breathe. He kissed the top of her head as he muttered in her wet hair. His mouth grazed her forehead. Her temple. Her cheek. But when he reached her lips, his mouth didn’t graze; it devoured.

Sky kissed him back as ferociously. With need. Frustration. Every negative emotion fed their passion. Fueled their urgency.

Kade released her. He yanked her tank top over her head. Dragged her shorts down her legs. Tore off his own clothes.

“Just like this. Dirty, angry and wet.” He didn’t wait for her response. They half-fell to the soggy ground with a splash.

In the downpour of the cool rain, Sky swore she could see steam coming off their heated bodies. Kade pinned her hands above her head. She was lost to any kind of reality beyond his solid weight pressing into her. She shrieked when his mouth latched onto her nipple and sucked it with enough force it hit the back of his throat.

Skylar said, “Please, please, please,” and hooked her ankles in the small of his back, pumping her hips to urge him higher.

The slick head of his cock slipped over her clit and then all that thick rigid maleness surged inside her.

A gasping sob burst from her lungs.

Kade put his mouth on her ear. “I wanna hear you.”

Sky knew neither of them would last long, it was too intense. The need too sharp.

She craved that orgasmic rush, she burned for it. She arched and bucked and thrashed against his thrusting body demanding, “More. Kade, please.”

His cock jackhammered into her. Hard. Fast. Deep. Water sloshed around them. He growled, “Let me hear you. Scream for me.”

That did it. The tight coil unraveled. She screamed until every throbbing pulse slowed to nothing more than a dull throb. She blinked away the rainwater and opened her eyes, to see Kade staring at her.

“God. Skylar. I-I—” His whole body convulsed as he came with a roar. Afterward, he buried his face in her neck even when he still shook.

The rain fell steadily. It was startlingly peaceful, in the aftermath of such an emotional storm, hearing the water droplets pinging on the metal downspouts. Smelling the parched earth beneath them soaking in every drop of moisture. Feeling Kade’s rough fingers braceleting her wrists. Feeling him hot and hard inside her. Listening to their labored breathing returning to a normal cadence.

Yes, there was a certain contentment accepting that not only had she given this man control of her body, he’d taken control of her heart.

Kade had fucked Skylar like an absolute animal, in a mud puddle, on the front lawn.

And she didn’t seem to mind.

A primal sense of satisfaction howled inside him and he couldn’t wait to take her again. Mark her as his.

He released her wrists and lifted his upper body to look down at her.

She brushed the wet hair stuck to his forehead and palmed his cheek, allowing the pad of her thumb to trace his lips. She didn’t say a word. She didn’t make any move to…well, move.

Kade opened his mouth to speak and she shook her head. Then Sky kissed him with sweetness and passion, which got him all hard and needy and desperate again.

She preferred this be a wordless encounter? Fine. What he planned to do to her would probably make her pretty damn speechless anyway.

He eased his cock out of her body and rolled to his feet. Kade helped her up, then snatched their discarded sodden clothes, leaving them on the porch. He led her up the stairs, past her bedroom and straight into the bathroom.

With the hall light on and the door cracked open, there was no need to turn on the overhead lights. She stepped in the shower and cranked the handle, giving him time to snag what he needed from his shaving kit.

Kade pulled the shower curtain back and joined her under the warm spray.

As she rinsed her hair, he lathered up a washcloth with lemon sage scented soap and began to wash her. The graceful line of her neck. Then her full breasts. Her belly. The flare of her hips. Down each leg.

Wordlessly, he urged her to turn around. Kade swept the suds across her shoulders.

Over her back and spine. When he reached her pear-shaped butt that drove him insane with lust, he pressed closer to her. The water cascaded over them, sending soapy swirls to their feet and down the drain.

He pushed her hair to the side and spoke against her wet skin. “Skylar. Your ass is mine tonight. I’m gonna fuck it, right here, standin’ up in the shower.” His teeth tugged on her lobe and she shivered. “I’ll make it so good for you you’ll be screaming again.

We’ll go as slow as you want, but goddamn I need you like this. I need a part of you that’s just mine.”

Sky released a soft sigh and rubbed her face against his razor-stubbled cheek. “Will it hurt?”

“Maybe a little at first.” Kade kissed the tender skin below her ear. “Are you worried?”


“Don’t be. I’ve got plenty of lube.” His excitement caused his stuttered breath to drift across her damp skin. She shuddered and made that little squeaking moan that drove him insane with lust. “You liked havin’ my fingers and my tongue teasin’ you there.”

“True.” She paused. “Would you let me do the same thing to you?”

Whoa. Not the question he’d expected. “You mean, strap on a rubber cock, stick it up my ass and fuck me with it?”


“Baby, if that’s something you wanna try, I’m game.”


“Really. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with doin’ anything that brings us both pleasure.” He whispered, “What happens in our bedroom or in our shower or on our front lawn ain’t nobody’s business but ours.”

She laughed the bellish sound he loved and his heart damn near burst.

“Let me have you like this, all warm, soft and slippery wet.”

When Kade dropped the bar of soap Sky looked at him with a mischievous grin. “Is this where you tell me to bend over and pick it up?”

“Smart ass.” He sucked her lower lip and bit down gently before releasing it. He’d crowded her to the back of the tub. “Turn around and brace your hands on the wall.”

Soon as she did, Kade placed her right foot up on the corner ledge. He took his time smoothing his hand over the outside of her ankle, up her muscled calf and the curve of her thigh. He reached for the lube and squeezed a good amount onto his fingers. Pressing his chest to her back, he licked the water beading on her shoulder as he fingered her hole.

Skylar’s body tensed as he inserted the first finger, followed quickly by the second.

Kade thrust in and out, stretching her, spreading the lubrication high and wide, kissing her neck. His cock ached as her muscles automatically clamped down on the intrusion.

“Breathe. Push out. That’s it.” He twisted deeper, fluttering his fingers open and closed, loosening.

“Do it, I’m ready. I wanna feel all of you. Please.”

Carefully, he removed his hand.

As the water beat down on the sexy arch of Sky’s back, he grabbed the lube again, generously coating his shaft from root to head. Once again he was behind her. Breathing hard, anticipation thundered in his blood. Aligning the tip of his cock to that hidden entrance, he pushed just the thick head in past that rigid ring.

“Oh. Wait.”

“It’s okay. No rush.” Right. Kade’s legs shook with the need to slam into her until every inch of his dick was buried balls deep in that tight channel. He slid his hand around her hip, down to her pouting clit, slicking his fingertip through her juices. “Better?”

“Much. I love the way you touch me.”

“Which is a good thing because I love touchin’ you, Sky.” He sank his teeth into the slope of her shoulder, flicking his finger over her sweet spot, as bit by bit he breached her resistance, sliding his cock up that hot, vise-tight channel. The scrape of those untried anal walls on every throbbing inch of his hard cock caused him to grit his teeth and keep it slow and steady.

She moaned.

“Baby, I’m in all the way. Relax. I’ll let you get used to it before I move. How does it feel?”

“Full. Burns a little. But in a good way.”

“Know how you feel to me?” Kade put his mouth on her ear. “It’s so fuckin’ hot, havin’ my cock in your ass. Knowin’ no other man has been here. Feelin’ these muscles grippin’ me.”