Kade’s thighs were clenched tight as he pumped his hips into her face. He loved to watch his cock tunneling in and out of her mouth. Loved to see the flush on her cheeks.

Loved the feminine look of power and surrender in her eyes.

When she began to suck hard, hollowing her cheeks, well, Kade went a little crazy.

He pushed a bit deeper, thrust faster at the visual of her lips stretched around his girth.

“Skylar.” Careening over the edge of insanity, he plunged in and gripped her head, keeping it still as his cock emptied down the back of her throat. He groaned at the sensation of those strong throat muscles working as she swallowed until he had nothing left.

He slipped his cock from her mouth, and rested his head on her belly, catching his breath.

Her voice was just above a whisper. “I wish I could touch you. Kade, untie me. Please.”

“No.” Kade scattered kisses over her stomach, surprised his dick was raring to go again. “I’m gonna fuck you like this. Putting my hands, my mouth, my tongue and my cock anywhere I want to.”

Skylar was unnaturally quiet.

He glanced up at her. “What? No secrets between us, remember?”

“Fine. Where all do you plan on sticking that big cock of yours?”

He grinned. “You’ve liked where I’ve put it so far.” Kade curled his hands around her hips, and slid them to her spine and down to cup her butt cheeks. “You know how much I love this ass. Touchin’ it, squeezin’ it. Kissin’ it. Does it make you excited to think about me slidin’ my cock in your ass?”

No answer.

“There’s something wickedly dirty and raunchy about doin’ that. I’d be the first man to have that part of you, wouldn’t I?”

Skylar nodded.

Kade moved so they were face to face. “Then I want it. I’m gonna take it, Sky, and you’re gonna love every fuckin’ minute of givin’ it to me. Not tonight. But soon. Very soon.” His lips grazed her cheek. “For now, I need you again.” Bracing his hands by her head, he slipped inside her in a single smooth thrust.

“Oh. Yes.”

He fucked her hard and fast. Followed by slow and easy. Kissing her throat, her lips, tasting himself on her tongue. He built her higher and higher, holding back his darker needs to meet hers. When she came, the sweet aftershocks pulled him under, swamping him with such a mix of emotion he could scarcely keep in check.

While Kade’s body still pulsed with pleasure, he whispered, “Skylar. Marry me.”

She nipped his earlobe hard and said, “No.”

“Maybe I oughta keep you tied up until you say yes.”

“That wouldn’t be fair.”

“Why not?”

“Because I can’t think straight when I can’t feel my arms or my legs.”

“That’s because all your focus is on how great I make your pussy feel, which ain’t so bad, near as I can figure.”

“Cocky man.”

“You know it.” He lifted up and was surprised to see worry in her eyes. “I didn’t hurt you, did I?”


“Then what?”

“You make me feel things I never thought I would, Kade. Things that are way scarier than being tied up and tied down and subjected to your every sexual whim.”

Kade knew that confession wasn’t easy for her to make. Rather than say the wrong thing, he said nothing as he gently untied her arms. He winced at seeing the red rope marks and feathered kisses over her wrists. He did the same thing for her ankles.

As he kissed her and she melted into him, he realized he’d been going about asking Sky to marry him in the wrong way. Of course she’d keep saying no, when she was naked and sweaty and on the downhill slide from an orgasm. That’s not exactly the special moment they could share with their grandkids anyway. So Kade would wait and ask her again after he’d created a romantic scene, something she’d never forget.

Chapter Nineteen

When Sky parked in the driveway after work the next day, she was surprised to see Kade sprawled on the wicker chaise on the front porch, with his working hat pulled over his eyes. He didn’t budge when she started up the steps with Eliza in her arms. “Kade?

You okay?”

He groaned. “Tired. You wore me out last night, sweetheart.”

Her entire body flashed with pure heat in remembrance of their bedroom antics.

Kade tying her up and demanding her total submission. Him gorging on her until she whimpered and begged. Bringing her beyond the point of rational thought where nothing existed but his single-minded concentration on her sexual pleasure.

And what mind-blowing pleasure it’d been.

Even after he’d untied her and they’d seen to Eliza’s needs, he’d been so sweet and so…loving. Cocooning his big, warm frame around hers as they fell asleep. A few hours later he’d woken to have his wicked way with her again. As they lay spooned together, he’d brought her top leg back over his hip as he entered her from behind. Kade’s hand clasped hers, stretching their arms so they could grasp the headboard for stability as he steadily fucked her. His free hand roved, plucking her nipples, stroking her clit, while he licked and kissed the side of her neck. It still brought a delicious tingle when she recalled the masculine growls he’d uttered against her skin as he’d climaxed.


Kade removed his hat and his eyes flipped open. “Is that Eliza speak for get up?”

Her arms flailed uncontrollably.

He grinned. “Come give Daddy some sugar.”

Skylar passed Eliza over and Kade lifted her to blow a raspberry on her little round belly.

The baby squealed with delight. He murmured something to her that set her legs in motion.

“You are a really great father, Kade.”

Without taking his eyes from Eliza’s face, he said to Skylar, “Are you surprised?”

“No. Last year when we were dating you mentioned how jealous you were of all your cousins who were having babies.”

“I did?”

“Numerous times. I thought you were feeding me full of bull since I’d never met a man who admitted he cared about that kind of stuff.”

“Huh. I remember hintin’ around that I was ready to settle down and have a family of my own. But you never took the hint. Then or now.”

Her stomach flip-flopped.

Kade sat up. “Sorry. I’m a little punchy and too tired to rustle up anything to eat.

How about if I take my best girls out for supper?”


“Yep, my treat. Steak and a cold beer sounds mighty tasty.”


“You mind drivin’? I’ve been in my truck enough today and I’m really beat.”

He hadn’t reminded her of the long haul he drove every day to make her feel bad, but she did nonetheless. “I worry about you making that drive.”

“You shouldn’t.”

“I do. Promise me you’ll be careful. Promise me if you’re too tired to drive by yourself you’ll call me to come and get you.”

“I promise.” Kade stood and curled his hand around the back of Sky’s head and kissed her. “I’m not complainin’. It’s just the road home to you seems to get longer every damn day.”

The road home to you. Right then, her day, her world felt complete. “Come on, cowboy. If you play your cards right, I might even bring home a slice of chocolate cake so I can fulfill your frosting fantasy.”

Eliza slept on the way into Moorcroft, allowing them to share their respective days.

Unfortunately, Eliza’s nap meant she was wide-awake in the restaurant. Wide-awake and extremely fussy. They passed her back and forth, but nothing soothed their cranky daughter. Sky ate quickly while Kade bounced and cajoled Eliza. Then Skylar held the baby while Kade wolfed down his steak. The second Eliza let loose a shriek of distress, they exited the restaurant to the dirty looks of patrons who’d left their children at home so they could enjoy a quiet dinner out.

“Guess a candlelight dinner for three ain’t her cup of tea,” Kade said dryly.

The drive home wasn’t any better. Eliza screamed in her car seat. She screamed in the house. She quieted down long enough to drink a bottle, but she threw most of it up on Kade. She was red-faced and mad during her bath. Her legs were kicking, her back arching as Kade put clean clothes on her.

During the two hours of nonstop crying, Kade didn’t try to pass the unhappy infant to Skylar. And it wasn’t due to his male stubbornness, but Kade’s desire to figure out for himself how to deal with Eliza when she wasn’t all sweet smiles and cute baby coos.

Which only made Sky more crazy about him because the man never gave up, never took the easy way out, even when he was exhausted.

After Eliza finally crashed, Kade flopped on the couch next to Skylar and groaned.

“I’m whupped.”

“I imagine. What time did you leave to go to the ranch this morning?”

“Four-thirty. I was already up after we…you know.”

Sky smiled. Kade? Shy? After everything they’d done together? “After we did the wild thing?”

“For the fourth time, woman. I think I deserve to go to bed early tonight.”

“Poor baby.” Skylar grabbed his hand and kissed his knuckles. “Come outside and sit on the swing with me. The moon is beautiful.”

He cracked an eye open. “Just moon gazin’? No hanky-panky? You’ll be a perfect gentlewoman?”

“If that’s what you want.”

They strolled onto the porch, hand in hand, and stared at the big, fat moon, a golden orb that rolled across the midnight blue sky. A gentle breeze stirred the persistent scent of sage as they set the swing in motion.

Kade exhaled on a sigh. “One good thing about you not havin’ cattle around here yet.

No barnyard scent.”

“True.” She paused. “Yet? You planning on bringing barnyard animals home, McKay?”