“It was amazingly fuckin’ hot to see you goin’ down on me. Did you like makin’ me weak-kneed and at your mercy?”


“Did you touch yourself while you were thinkin’ about what I might be doin’ to you tonight?”


“Good answer. Turn around slowly, darlin’.”

Skylar complied.

“Keep your eyes open. No more hidin’ from me. Ever.” Kade punctuated his last command with a nip to her earlobe.

He dropped to his knees behind her and tapped her ankles. “Wider. Like that.”

She held her breath, even as her heart raced, and her blood pumped faster. She was pretty sure her face was the same color as a tomato. Kade’s magic fingertips danced up the back of her calves to stroke the vulnerable area behind her knees. Her trembles increased when his warm mouth followed the same path, first up her right calf, from the tight tendons above her heel, to bestow a teasing lick to that sensitive crease. She gasped.

He chuckled and repeated the erotic process on the other side.

When he started in on butterfly flicks of his tongue across the backs of her thighs, especially the line where her legs met the lower curve of her ass, her knees buckled.

Kade latched onto her hips to keep her from falling. “Easy.” He stood. His thumbs rubbed back and forth across the dimples at the base of her spine.

“Never woulda pegged you as the tattoo type.”

“I’m not. It was India’s doing. She needed a guinea pig for her Celtic scroll designs and she volunteered my skin.”

“You’re braver than I am, because I hate needles.”


“Yeah, but this sure is pretty.” More tantalizing stroking over the design with the edges of his rough thumbs. “Sexy as hell. Can’t wait to run my tongue across it.”

Heat radiated from his skin, making her crave more contact. Like the rasp of his chest hair on her bare shoulder blades. Or the bump of his erection against the crack of her ass. Or his big palms covering her breasts. But the only place his body touched hers was where his hands clutched her hips.

He didn’t budge for the longest time. The tension inside her coiled tighter, driving her desire higher. Her panties were soaked to the point she smelled her own arousal. She was pretty sure Kade had gotten a whiff too.


“Patience, sweetheart.” His breath on the curve of her shoulder was the only warning before his firm lips landed on the spot and gently sucked.

Tingles shot down her arm. “Oh.”

“You like that?”

“Uh. Yeah.”

“You anxious for more?”


“Mmm. No rush, ’cause I’m so enjoyin’ the view.” Those warm, soft lips brushed the exact same damp spot. Twice more.

Then he backed off slightly and his wet tongue slid up the arc of her spine, from the tattoo above her butt to the base of her skull. Even as another round of tremors rolled through her, Kade lightly sank his teeth into the tender spot on her neck.

Skylar nearly came unglued.

“Face me.”

She spun around so fast she became dizzy.

Kade had retreated a few steps. His hands were at his sides clenched into fists. His eyes. God. His blue eyes were ablaze.

“Watch me lookin’ at you. Don’t move.”

And again, Kade took his sweet time dragging his gaze across every inch of her body. It was exciting, witnessing his arousal. His high cheekbones were flushed a soft pink. His bare chest rose and fell rapidly from his erratic breathing. He licked his lips.


Then there was his cock. Fully erect, the head shiny-red, the tip jerked against his belly, leaving behind a slick kiss. Finally his eyes met hers again.

“Take off your panties.”

Did he mean in a slow, sexy strip tease? Or in one passionate rip? Oh, who the hell cared as long as they were off? Skylar hooked a finger in each side and shimmied them down her legs, kicking them away.

The second she was unencumbered, Kade dropped to his knees. He grabbed her hands, placing them on her mound, demanding, “Hold yourself open for me. I wanna taste you inside and out. I wanna bury my face in your pussy and feel you come against my mouth.”

Desire warred with her natural embarrassment. But she wanted his tongue burrowing inside her. She wanted his mouth suctioned to her clit. She wanted his lips and teeth and tongue everywhere, all at once, until she exploded in a burst of pure pleasure. She wanted to surrender to this man.

Skylar spread her legs and used her fingers to bare every inch of her weeping sex to his hungry gaze.

With something akin to a growl, Kade dove right in. He clamped his hands to her butt cheeks, pulling her closer yet as his mouth fastened to her sex. His tongue lapped and licked and plunged deep. He suckled the swollen pink folds until his groans of approval reverberated into her tissues, zinging through her blood, heightening her need for release.

“Oh. It’s so close…”

“Come for me, baby. This is gonna be the first of many.”

Many? She didn’t know if she’d survive.

Her legs shook as he fucked her with his tongue. He held her tighter, pushed her closer to the edge. That heated melting sensation swirled in her belly and she whimpered.

Kade pressed his mouth to the top of her pubic bone and sucked her clit between his lips. The hard rhythmic pulls against his teeth and tongue sent her from almost there, right into a full-blown orgasm that left her stunned, throbbing, gasping his name even as she forgot her own.

Once she’d regained some semblance of sanity, she felt Kade rubbing his face over her belly.

He looked up at her. “You are so fuckin’ sexy, Sky. You make me crazy with wantin’ you.” He rolled back on the balls of his feet and stood. “Stay right there.” Thirty seconds later he returned with a box of condoms. Without a word, he led her to the couch and sprawled in the middle. He removed a single foil pack from the box, opened it and slipped it on.

“C’mere.” Kade reached for her hands.

“Wait. What are we—”

“No questions, remember? Straddle me on your knees.”

Skylar carefully positioned herself, keeping her focus on his cock. Just as she was about to impale herself, Kade stilled her motion and tipped her chin up with a finger.

“Did I say you could do that?”

“No. But I thought—”

“Ain’t your job to think, it’s mine. Now relax and sit on my lap, not on my dick.”

Her protest, “But I’ll break your legs,” earned her a sharp smack on the ass.

“Don’t ever let me hear you say nothin’ like that again.”

It was her nature to act indignant. To question him. She did neither. She waited. And watched him.

“Good girl.” With their gazes locked, Kade’s hands smoothed up her thighs. Paused on her hips. Traced the contour of her belly. Lingered on the swell of her breasts, finally cradling her face. “Gimme this mouth.” He tugged her until their lips met.

The kiss was urgent. His tongue danced against hers, he angled her head to where he wanted it, taking her to a whole new level of soul kissing. His chest was firm and hot beneath her palms. As his mouth shifted, she tasted her own musk, a hint of mint, and the heady, masculine flavor she recognized as wholly his.

When she’d started to relax into the kiss, he pulled away and licked a path to the valley of her cleavage. “Offer these big beauties to me. Like you did with that pretty pussy. Hold ’em up so I can taste ’em as long as it suits me.”

Her heart thumped as she cupped her palms under her breasts, pushed them together and lifted for his perusal.

“Look at you. So obedient.” Kade’s hands were braced on her upper back and he angled her closer, so he could suck both nipples. One right after the other. A very low, very satisfied male noise rumbled across her flesh and she trembled.

Every wet pull of his mouth reawakened the buzzing tingle between her thighs. Sky found herself rocking into him, searching for any friction as his sex rubbed against hers.

Not that the man could take a hint. He ignored her subtle signals and did as he pleased, which if Sky was completely honest, pleased her to no appreciable end.

But still, she was dying for him to progress to the next stage of this drawn-out seduction. She must’ve made a disgruntled noise because he muttered, “Impatient?” as he nibbled the ticklish curve by her left armpit.

“Yes. Please. More.”

“Who’s in control, Sky?”

“You are.”

“Remember that. Next time I ain’t gonna be so nice about remindin’ you.”

Oh wow. She had the tiniest desire to disobey him just to see what type of

“reminder” he employed.

Kade suckled her nipples deep and hard, using his teeth to skirt the edge of pain that bordered on bliss. He’d back off and nuzzle the fleshy mounds, gently lapping at the reddened peaks, blowing a soft stream of air over the damp tips to see them constrict.

Then he’d begin again.

It was the most delicious torture she’d ever experienced.

He placed her hands to his shoulders and pressed his forehead to hers as he scooted her hips forward. “Take me in slowly. I want you watchin’ as my cock sinks inside you.”

Skylar looked down as Kade thumbed his erection away from his belly. She saw the thick head circle her opening, and become slippery with her arousal. After the first couple inches she couldn’t see anything so she closed her eyes and lost herself in the feeling of all that thick male hardness filling her.

“Just a little more. Goddamn that feels good,” he panted against her throat. “You’re so wet. It’s a fuckin’ turn on.”

This verbally explicit side of gentleman cowboy Kade McKay turned her on to epic levels.

She paused when he was fully seated inside her, tilting her pelvis to grind against his.

Perspiration coated her skin. Her pulse pounded in her throat, in her nipples, between her legs. A single bead of sweat trickled down the side of Kade’s neck and she dipped her head to catch the droplet on her tongue. Mmm. Salty. She licked the wet trail back up to his ear. “Tell me what to do, Kade.”