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The body above me shudders fiercely, as they manage to hold onto their sounds much better than me, careful to give me no hint as to who is my current favorite.

I’m panting heavily as he clumsily pulls out of me, almost as though he feels as boneless as I do in this moment.

“I want to see your expression,” I whisper softly. “It’s not fair that you see mine if I can’t see yours.”

No one answers me as another body moves between my legs, causing a dirty shiver to spread through me when it sinks in just how deliciously wrong this all is.

It’s a heady feeling to embrace it and savor it. It’s almost worth losing their expressions in this moment.

Another mouth is one mine in the next instant. I always feel them come to me, but I never feel them leave me. They always stop kissing me when I’m too distracted to notice.

My body arches off the bed when the new man thrusts in forcefully, and they hold me open for him, making me take him even as my body still continues to shudder from the last orgasm.

He only thrusts in three times before he’s ripping himself away and flipping me to my stomach in one harsh motion. A grunt rushes out of me, but then I’m lifted into the air by two sets of hands.

When I come back down, my skin connects with warm, incredible skin, and I end up straddling one of them as his mouth fuses to mine. I’m so drunk on sensation that I can’t even discern the mouths kissing me from one to the next.

My hands are tied behind my back before I realize it, and the man under me thrusts up, pushing inside me almost too easily. Something slick and wet trails around my backside, as the man underneath me fucks me to distraction.

The sensations are different from this angle, especially with someone else behind me, running their lubed-up fingers down the path of my ass. I suck in a breath, breaking the kiss, as the one behind me pushes in just one finger.

A groan passes out of the one under me when I start moving harder against him, desperate to have more of each.

Hands tighten on my hips just before a much broader tip starts pressing into my ass. Definitely not a virgin there either, because virgins probably don’t love the bite of pain as someone works their cock into their ass.

“I only feel two of you,” I say on a breathy, half-coherent tone. “Are the other two watching?”

Hands come around to my front, as a voice comes to my ear. “Yes,” is all that’s whispered so softly that I can’t discern whose voice it is.

The man behind me slides his hand up my throat as he starts fucking me in time with the man under me. The movements all feel so much more intense, packed inside me as I shudder uncontrollably against the powerful sensations.

We move as one unit, drawing out the most pleasure, easily synchronized as though we’ve done this countless times. It’s like our bodies have remembered what our minds have forgotten, even if they’re not all technically in the same bodies.

Such delicate care is taken not to hurt me, and our bodies writhe like sex and filth with a seductive, heady concentration. Their hands get more impatient, and I keep kissing one then another.

I’m almost positive it’s Jude and Gage. Then those hands tighten and I’m certain it’s Kai. Definitely Kai. I can feel him.

Nope. It’s Ezekiel under me. Has to be.

For fuck’s sake, why can’t I tell them apart right now?

A moan is torn from my lips, and swallowed halfway through when the one behind me wrenches my head back to kiss me, even as both their hips start moving faster.

I can’t…It’s just too…I just can’t…

I’m shattered in the next instant, the most powerful orgasm yet thundering through me with so much crackle and mind-numbing euphoria that I swear it feels like I’m floating.

In all actuality, I’m collapsing into the arms of the man under me as the two of them continue to drive in and out of me with more frenzied, urgent motions.

They come at the same time, both sucking in breaths as their hands tighten on me.

I’m too groggy to really and truly fathom how long we’ve been at this when the one behind me slides out first. I wince from the sting of pain and sense of loss when he’s all the way out.

Someone lifts me off the other one, and his cock is slowly dragged out of me as my pussy clenches from aftershocks, demanding to keep him in.

Some rustling is all I hear as I’m gently laid on the bed, and someone starts untying my blindfold.

“That wasn’t four of you, was it? Did Kai do those few pumps and move on like the selfish man he is, robbing me of my fourth experience?” I ask on a shaky, but certainly accusatory, breath.

Four sounds of laughter comes as the blindfold falls away, and an amused Kai is hovering over me with an arched eyebrow.

“Actually, we decided there should be a balance,” he says, leaning forward to nip my lips. “You wanted to see our expressions. We needed you not to know the first person inside you. So I’m taking my turn last to give balance.”

At my confusion, he tips my chin up.

“I took last instead of first. You now know I’m certainly not the first one inside you, but I’ll be the only one you get to enjoy experiencing you for the first time,” he says, brushing his lips over mine as he shifts himself to be right between my legs.

My smile spreads as heat blooms across me. I’m covered in all things them, essentially marked forever.

He grips my hip, and I lick my lips as I watch him grab his very hard, very large cock in his hand and strokes it once. It looks angry, almost throbbing with the desire for relief.

Jude’s lips brush my throat as he comes onto the bed beside us. Ezekiel’s mouth goes to my breasts, and I grip them both, touching them as I watch Kai stroke himself.

Gage moves above of me, bending to kiss me as that warmth continues to spread over my chest.

“So fucking beautiful,” Ezekiel whispers against my ear as Gage breaks the kiss and leans back, his fingers trailing down my cheek.

“More beautiful than Hera or Lilith?” I ask automatically, not even sure why I ask it.

Jude snorts derisively, and I start to get my feelings hurt, until he says, “They can’t even compare.”

A goofy girl grin spreads as I tell him, “Now you’re my favorite even though that was so fucking cheesy.”

“Enjoy while it lasts,” Kai says to Jude, smirking as he draws my attention back to him.

The other four move back just a little as Kai leans over me, lining himself up just right and raking the head of his cock over my very slick entrance.

His eyes flutter shut as his jaw tenses, and I commit every feature to memory. Licking my lips, I watch as he works the tip in, and his muscles bunch as his eyes barely open, a hooded, sexy expression on his face.

Inch by slow inch, he pushes inside me, more and more of that relief, pleasure, and indescribably hot patience on his face.

When he’s halfway in, he suddenly thrusts hard, burying himself to the hilt. His eyes roll back in his head as his mouth falls open, and his sexy rumble of approval vibrates against me.

It feels just as good as it has since the beginning, the fourth piece of my heart clicking into place as my soul is fed by the hunger and pure pleasure on his face.

My hands go to his hair, keeping his head up when he tries to drop it. I need to see all of this. I want to drink it in.

None of them ever looked as lost to sensation as he does when they were with the other women. My jealous nature appreciates that immensely.

“Is this how you all looked?” I ask in awe as Kai stays still inside me like he’s savoring it.

“Yes,” Ezekiel whispers close to me.

“Now I wish I had thought to go last,” Gage groans.

Kai is taking it slower, relishing the feel of me and allowing me to relish the feel of him as he draws back and slides in with an effortless ease, despite the snug fit, pressing against every nerve I have in a way that is almost too intense.

I pull him down by the back of his neck, eager to taste his kiss while he’s lost like this.

The second his lips touch mine, he devours me, kissing me as he grips one of my legs at the thigh and hikes it up. He uses his new hold as leverage to pull back and slam into me.

A startled cry has me breaking the kiss as he raises up and sets a rhythm that has me arching toward him.

Hands grapple me to the bed, pinning me in place as Kai starts working me over, taking me like he’s envisioned this hundreds of times and is on a mission to steal all he can from this moment.

My eyelids try to flutter shut reflexively, but I force them open so I can watch each expression as it crosses his face.

His eyes are burning a solid gold as he stares at me, unable to look away. My eyes screw shut, unbidden, when a pleasurably painful orgasm sweeps through, reminding my body I’ve received far too much pleasure for any one person.

A hand grips my jaw, and my eyes fly open when Jude turns my face toward him.

“Watch, comoara trădătoare. Watch him so you know what you did to us,” Jude says as he turns my face back to see Kai.

It’s like sweet anguish, as though the pleasure is so intense he’s straining to drain every ounce of it out. Then his hips slam into me one last time, and his entire body shudders as he grips me painfully.

His eyes open heavily as he pants for air, staring directly at me like he sees me differently but still the same. I get it. Everything about each one of them now feels more intimate.


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