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Author: Jodi Ellen Malpas

The remnants of the cream and chocolate has me sliding to meet him with ease, tingling sensations attacking me between my thighs, the delicious full drives of his powerful body set to blow my brain clean out of my head.

Fucking hell!

‘Does that feel good, Ava?’ he shouts over my cries.

‘God, yes!’

‘You won’t run away from me again, will you?’

‘No!’ Never!

I’m hauled up onto his body and swung around to meet the wall, my back crashing against it, causing a shocked yell to burst from my mouth. I lied. I’m not use to him, at all. And I’m not sure I ever will be. He’s so incredibly powerful, forceful and large. I endure his determined, unrelenting pounds as I’m pushed up the wall on cry after cry.

In my desperation to control my rolling orgasm, I find his shoulder and latch on with my mouth, sinking my teeth into his flesh.

‘Oh, FUCK!’ he roars. I hear his forehead collide into the wall behind me, his hips powering forward.

That’s it.

I release his shoulder, throw my head back on a harsh cry and erupt into a splintering follow up orgasm.

He stills suddenly, his breathing ragged and violent, and then he thunders forward one last, powerful time. ‘Jesus!’ he barks, jerking against me, inside and out. I’m convulsing in his arms with my own fitful breathing, trying to gulp down some valuable air into my overworked lungs.

Shock and awe. Wow! I clench my arms and legs tighter around him, close my eyes and melt into his body.

I’m only dimly aware of being transported back to the kitchen island in his arms, the movement causing his semi-erection to stroke the wall of my uterus as I cling onto him, revelling in his heat. I lay back as he lowers me, feeling the comfort of his solid chest rest onto mine. Instinctively, I curl my arms around his back as he showers my face with tender kisses.

Oh God, I feel so overwhelmed. I’ve never felt so needed or wanted. My time with Jesse, good and bad, strops and affection, has blasted any other feelings I’ve had, well and truly, out of the water. I open my eyes, knowing he’s looking at me.

‘You and me.’ he whispers, gazing down at me.

I close my heavy lids and pull his head down to bury my face in his neck, completely losing myself in him.

‘We need a shower.’

I drag my eyes open. I’m being lifted from the breakfast bar, I’m wrapped around Jesse and I have no intention of letting go. ‘Let’s stay.’ I murmur dreamily. I’m so tired.

He chuckles. ‘Just hold on. I’ll do all the work.’

So I do. I hold on tight, my legs wrapped around his waist, my arms around his shoulders, as he carries me through the penthouse, up the stairs and into the bathroom.

‘Put me in bed.’ I gripe as he deposits me on the vanity unit.

‘Your sticky, I’m sticky. Let me wash us both, then we can get in bed and snuggle. Deal?’ He goes to turn the shower on.

I look up at him through sleepy eyes. ‘No, put me in bed.’ I grumble.

‘Ava, you’re adorable when you’re sleepy.’ He scoops me up from the unit and carries me into the shower. I rest my head in the crook of his neck, making no attempt to free myself from his warm body. The water is blissful. ‘I’m going to put you down,’ he says. I tighten my grip around him. He laughs. ‘I can’t wash you down without any free hands.’

‘I want to stay stuck to you.’

He sighs, leaning his back against the tiled wall with me still clutched to him. Turning his face into mine, he drops a tender kiss on my forehead, humming against my skin. I acknowledge the contact through my sleepy state by nuzzling his neck, humming my own little sigh of contentment.

One arm releases me, his knee rising to meet my backside, while he leans over and grasps the shower gel from the shelf, dropping it to the floor before doing the same with the shampoo. He lowers his knee, slips his arm back under my bent legs and slowly slides down the wall, holding tightly onto me. I feel the firmness of the shower floor beneath him as we come to rest on the floor.

I know I’m restricting him with my arms clenched around his neck, but I don’t move them, and he doesn’t complain. He works around me, holding me with one arm, washing and rinsing my hair with his free hand as best as I’ll allow. His task is unhurried as he cleans away the leftovers of cream and chocolate from my body, his hand gliding over me tenderly in slow, careful circles, wheedling me into a slumber. I keep my hold of him. I don’t want to ever let go.

‘I want to look after you forever.’ he whispers, pressing his lips against my temple.

I release a hand from his neck, brushing down his chest to his abdominals, slowly circling his belly button. ‘Okay,’ I agree. I’m more than happy with that. I can’t think of anything more natural to me – I doubt I ever will.

He lets out a long, tired breath. ‘Come on, let’s get you out.’

I pull myself away from him, struggling to my feet. I feel utterly shattered. I put my hand out and he accepts it willingly, although I’m of no assistance in actually heaving him to his feet. I notice the remnants of some chocolate on his chest so I dip and pick up the shower gel, squirting some in my hands.

He watches me as I work up a lather in my hands and place my palms against his chest, his gaze fixed on my hands while they work over him, his light dusting of hair stuck to the solid muscle beneath.

When I’m done, I lean in to drop a chaste kiss on the centre of his chest. I look up at him and find his eyes are squeezed shut, his face turned up towards the ceiling. I reach up and kiss his throat to get his attention, but a few seconds pass before he brings his face down to mine.

I smile at him, and he offers a little one in return. It’s not convincing, and it has me wondering what’s causing his anguish.

‘What’s wrong?’ I ask nervously.

‘Nothing’s wrong. Everything is right.’ He cups my cheeks in both of his hands, giving me a half smile, his eyes running all over my face before he turns the shower off and steps out, wrapping a towel around his narrow waist.

I walk out behind him, and I’m immediately engulfed in a soft bath sheet. He rubs me from top to toe, working the excess water from my hair.

‘You want me to carry you?’ he asks.

I actually do. How lazy of me. I nod and he smiles approvingly, scooping my naked body up into his arms and carrying me to the bed. I crawl under the sheets, inhaling deeply as my head rests on the pillow, the delicious waft of Jesse swamping my senses. Oh, I’ll sleep well here.

He drops his towel. I open the covers in invitation and as soon as he’s close enough, I crawl into his chest, burying my face under his chin, my hot breath ricocheting off his neck, back into my face. I draw my leg up, resting my upper leg between his thighs.

I’m completely swathed in him, and it’s the most soothing place in the world.

‘You’re too comfy.’ I garble into his throat.

‘I am?’

‘You are.’

‘Good. Go to sleep, baby.’ He drops a kiss on top of my head and squeezes me to him.

There is no space welcome between us.

Chapter 26

I regain consciousness with Jesse lying between my thighs, rubbing his nose against mine. I force my eyes open.

‘Morning, lady.’

I groan, extending my arms above my head in a long, satisfying stretch. Oh, I slept very well. As I settle back down, I feel Jesse’s morning hard on nuzzling between my thighs, a flicker of a smile playing at the sides of his mouth.

I wiggle under him. ‘Morning, yourself,’

In one swift movement, he drives deep into me, and it’s already a great day. I hold onto his tight biceps as he rests on his forearms and works up into a firm, steady rhythm.

He opens his eyes. ‘I love sleepy sex with you.’

I stare into his calm, peaceful face and let him take me to paradise, but I’m abruptly snapped out of my dreamy state when Jesse rolls us both over, keeping us connected, so I’m straddling him. The sudden gravity sensitises me to his invasion.

‘Ride me, Ava.’ His voice is raspy, his hunger filled eyes glistening in the morning light. He grasps my thighs, and I plant my palms on his pecs.

I look down at him. ‘I’m in charge?’

He grins. ‘Do your worst, baby.’ He flicks his hips up, prompting me to instigate some movement.

Right! Staring him squarely in his sludgy, sleepy eyes, I slowly and carefully rise from his hips, bracing myself up for a few seconds, teasing and watching his face blaze for friction. Then slowly, I lower myself back down with equal precision, forcing myself down, grinding as far as possible until I feel his arousal hit my womb. It sends him into a tailspin.

He throws his head back, moaning so loud it echoes around the bedroom. I smile to myself. This is my opportunity to regain the power and I’m going to make the most of it.

‘Again?’ I ask confidently. I’m going to love this.

‘Fuck, yes!’ he pants.

‘Mind your language, please.’ I taunt him as I slowly rise again, falling with complete precision, grinding myself against him. I repeat the tortuous move again and again, watching as he crumbles beneath me.

His hands shoot up to cup my breasts, his thumbs working small circles around my tight nipples. I rise again, pausing at my peak. His eyes are skipping, his mouth parted. I’m struggling to keep control above him.

‘Down?’ I tease.

‘Oh God, yes.’

I descend again, seeing his face distort, clear evidence of his suffering. He won’t endure this for much longer. I can see the strain carved in his tense jaw and creased forehead. He groans, holding my breasts tighter, sending a sharp, shooting pain directly to my core. I’m not going to be able to endure this for long. I’m on the crest of release, and I need him to be there when I fall.

I lift myself up, watching as he expects me to slowly lower myself. I don’t. Instead, I knock the wind right out of him and crash down, completely impaling myself on him. I grind down hard.

‘Jesus fucking Christ!’ he roars, sweat instantly breaking out across his brow. I roll my hips, ensuring optimum penetration, forcing myself down onto him. Yes, you’ll beg. ‘Fuck, fuck, fuck. Ava, I’m going to come!’

‘Wait.’ I demand.

His eyes snap open in shock, desperation filling them. I roll again, watching as he squeezes his eyes shut, his frown line the deepest I’ve ever seen it. This is taking everything out of him. I just need one more…

‘Ava, I can’t.’ he pleads.

‘Shit! Wait.’

‘Watch your mouth!’ he yells, his eyes still closed in concentration. It’s killing him.

‘Fuck off, Jesse!’

His eyes fly back open in warning at my crass words, but I couldn’t give a damn. I clamp my hands over his and use my leg muscles to lift myself again, hovering above him and crashing down so he completely spears me.

I lift again. ‘Now!’ I cry, smashing back down. My body explodes, sending me soaring right into orbit. I’m vaguely aware of Jesse’s strangled moans as I feel hot moisture invade me, warming my entire being. I collapse onto his chest in an exhausted heap – job done.

I lay sprawled across him, melting into the rhythm of his fingers circling my back, his semi-erection drumming steadily inside me. Our heartbeats are clashing together between our chests as we try to regulate our breathing. We’re both totally replete.

‘I love sleepy sex with you.’ I murmur.

He kisses the top of my head. ‘Except for your filthy mouth.’ His voice is full of scorn.

I laugh and look up at him, reaching to run my fingers down his stubbly cheek. I love his stubble. He turns his face into my touch, kissing my fingers and returning my smile.

‘I don’t think we can call that sleepy sex, baby.’

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