“I’ll keep you warm.” And he leaned over out of the hot tub and grabbed his trousers, then produced a condom.

The flush of her body rippled through her again, and she felt excitement building in her pussy. She knew what that condom meant, and God if it didn’t make her wet. Obediently, she turned onto her belly and stretched over the far end of the hot tub. Her breasts tightened at the feel of the cold wood under her skin, her ass perched into the air. She hissed with surprise—and pleasure—when those glorious, magical hands began to knead her backside. “Ah, damn, Audrey. You have the softest, lushest ass I’ve ever seen. I’m almost sad I sent Camilla away instead of winning that bet, because I’d love to fuck this sometime.” His fingers slid down the crease of her ass.

She shuddered against him, spreading her hips wider, biting her lip. She needed him so bad. She could feel how wet she was, could feel how slippery her pussy was. His hands skimmed along the planes of her back.

“So sweet, Audrey.” His fingers coaxed her legs further apart, and then she could feel the crown of his cock at her entrance. “Give me just a moment and I’ll make you feel so good.”

She heard him rip the condom open and her muscles clenched with anticipation. A moment later, she felt him return between her legs, and then Reese pushed in just enough to breach her.

A muffled gasp escaped her, and she pushed back against him, wanting more.

“Shhh,” he told her, sliding his wet hand along her back. “Patience. I’m massaging you, remember?”

“This isn’t like any massage I’ve ever felt,” she managed.

“Inside and out. I’m a package deal,” he told her, and slowly pushed in a little more, rocking his hips against her.

She whimpered, her fists clenching as she tried to remain still. She needed him deep inside her, pumping. Making her wild with need. Making her crazy. She squirmed when he paused again. “Reese,” she groaned. “Please.”

His hips did a little circle that made her absolutely delirious with pleasure, and her fingers curled as she tried to grip the wood for leverage. She wanted to thrust back against him, to drive him deep inside her and to ease the ache that he was teasing her with.

Reese palmed her buttock and gave it a light smack. “If you could only see the view I’ve got. Fuckin’ driving me wild.” His other hand settled on her ass, and then he was cupping both cheeks. “Do you want me deep inside you?”

She bit her lip and nodded, her fingernails scratching at the wood underneath her hands.

“Tell me. Love to hear you say it.”

A shuddering breath escaped her. “Need you deep inside me, Reese. So bad. Please.”

“Love to hear that,” he said with a groan, and sank to the hilt.

She gave a small cry at the sensation, the fullness deep inside her. It felt incredible, like nothing better . . . until he slid back and then thrust hard into her again, making her body bounce with the force of his thrust. Audrey moaned his name again, and he began to slowly pump into her, building a rhythm that made her wild with need. Back and forth, he slid in and out of her, dragging his cock out until only the tip was left inside her, then slamming back inside with a force that made her bounce atop the wooden cover of the hot tub. She was cold, her naked body almost entirely out of the water, but it didn’t matter—the cold on her breasts made her nipples hard, and they scraped against the wood with every rocking slam of his cock deep into her.

And then she was coming. She felt her pussy tighten around him even as he continued to stroke into her, his drawn-out groan the only indication he’d felt her body react. Her legs trembled with the force of her orgasm, and a little sob of pure pleasure caught in her throat as she spiraled into bliss.

He came a second later, his thrusts wilder and harder, and then he groaned her name and fell over her back, pressing her against the wood. “Goddamn,” he muttered after a moment, and hauled off her. “I’d intended to go a bit longer than that. I think I was overwhelmed by this beautiful ass.”

And he gave her ass another light spank.

Audrey sat up, her entire body trembling with the aftermath. She remained on the edge of the hot tub, watching him peel the condom off his cock and then walk away to dispose of it in the garbage. When he returned a moment later, he moved back to her side and began to lightly kiss her mouth, his thumb stroking her cheek. “Sorry I didn’t make that better for you. So much for being your slave all day, eh?”

She gave him a light smile. “The day’s still young, and Cade and Daphne won’t be back for hours.”

His eyes gleamed. “Oh? What did you have in mind?”

“What didn’t I have in mind?”

He laughed and dragged her into his arms again.

Chapter Twelve

Though she talked a big game, Audrey began to get nervous around noon that the others would come back and catch them in bed. So she snuck out of Reese’s bedroom while he napped and returned to her own, changing into a new set of clothing and laundered her wet ones.

Reese woke up later and between stolen kisses and caresses, they cleaned up the lodge. She’d been straightening things, and when he’d caught her, he automatically helped out, then prepped a late lunch for them. Having Reese to herself was like a gift all its own—he was easygoing and fun to be around, and he was an incredible tease. That was okay because she teased back. By the time lunch was over, they’d chased each other around the kitchen twice, and ended up dry humping against the table simply because driving the other insane was such a turn on.

Late in the afternoon, Reese and Audrey were playing cards when they heard the car pull up the driveway. A stab of disappointment rushed through Audrey because having Reese here all to herself in the cabin, without having to worry about Daphne or Cade, had been so incredibly nice. Then she felt guilty for wishing her twin was anywhere but here.

This was just supposed to be a fling. So why did it feel more like a honeymoon than a fling? Especially when Reese grabbed her and pulled her against him for a quick, hard kiss before going to meet Cade and Daphne at the door? Audrey got up to follow him.

Cade and Daphne came up the stairs to the lodge, and Daphne had a cigarette hanging out of her mouth, her face pinched with stress. Cade was silent, too, but his look was thoughtful. Warning bells went off in Audrey’s mind. “Everything okay?” she asked, taking a bag of groceries from her twin.

“Fine,” Daphne said automatically. “Just tired. How’s your headache?”

“Better.” She gave Daphne a curious look, but didn’t push. Maybe she was tired. It had been a hard time for Daphne and it could have been that she tired easily. But Daphne wasn’t the sort to admit that she was tired, either. Curious, Audrey glanced at Cade.

Cade carried his packages into the house, and she trailed behind him, noticing for the first time that his form was more compact than Reese’s. Reese had at least a head on his friend, and though Cade had a strong build, she liked the way Reese looked better. Maybe it was the dark hair and the roguish grin. The wicked gleam in his eyes.

Cade set his bag down on the counter, pulled something out of it, and offered it to Audrey. “Got you a present.”

Surprise and pleasure swept through her. She glanced over at Reese, before taking the small brown-paper wrapped package from Cade. “For me?”

“Of course.” Cade gave her a soft, friendly grin. “Don’t you think you’re worth a present?”

She felt herself blushing like a schoolgirl. “Of course.” With careful fingers, she tugged at the parcel string serving as a bow and slid it apart. Then she laughed to see the pair of romance novels enclosed inside. “My favorite author.”

Cade grinned at her. “Daphne told me you’d finished your books. I thought you could use some extra reading.”

“I’m going to go outside and smoke,” Daphne announced, slamming the back door behind her.

Audrey turned and gave her twin a curious look. “What’s going on with her?”

“It’s a long story,” Cade said, sounding a little weary. “Do you have a moment to talk, Audrey?”

“Oh, of course.” She’d been about to head after her twin, but something in Cade’s look made her stay. To her surprise, he glanced over at Reese, who leaned against one of the nearby couches, watching them.

“Yeah, well,” Reese said in a flat voice. “I guess that leaves me to go check on Daphne, doesn’t it?”

“If you don’t mind,” Audrey asked in a polite voice. “I’d appreciate it.”

“Naturally,” Reese said, a hint of snark in his voice. “We all live to serve you today, don’t we?”

She frowned at his words as he left the lodge. That seemed to fit their playing as mistress and servant earlier today, but all the fun had gone out of it. He seemed irritated. She looked over at Cade. “What’s going on?”

“Daphne’s just in a mood.” He leaned in and took her hand in his. “I wanted to talk to you.”

“Oh? What about?” Cade was standing so close to her that she could see the flawless perfection of his tan, the golden highlights in his hair. He looked so perfect, his clothing crisp. He even smelled like a hint of mint.

“I had a long talk with Daphne today. And she . . . told me some things.” Cade’s blue eyes were utterly sincere, utterly kind. “I was wondering if you wanted to go to dinner. Just the two of us. You and me.”

They were the words she’d been waiting to hear for so long. The words she’d dreamed of, from the man of her dreams. And for some reason, she glanced back at the back door for a moment before answering. “Of course.”

“If you’re up to it,” Cade amended. “Daphne said you had a headache.”

“Gone,” Audrey amended swiftly. “When did you want to go?”

“Now?” He gestured at the front door. “There’s a little place on the way to town that’s cozy.”

“Oh.” Again, she glanced at the back door, imagining Daphne chain-smoking cigarettes down by the lake. “What about Reese and Daph?”

“Daphne knows I intended to ask you out.” His smile was gentle, as was the hand he put at the small of her back, encouraging her toward the door. “I’m sure she’ll let Reese know.”

And wouldn’t Reese tease her about this? The thought made her smile, and the butterfly returned to her stomach. He’d give her such a hard time, make her so flustered that she’d lose her mind—and then they could lose control together.

“Just let me grab my purse,” she told Cade.


Cade glanced over the menu at Audrey. “It’s nice to get out, isn’t it?”

“Very nice,” she told him with a smile, scanning the menu again. “Everything looks very good.”

“It is. I took Daphne here when we dropped into town.”

“Oh?” For some reason, she found that curious. “On a date?”

Cade gave a rueful grimace, and he shook his head. “Not exactly. Daphne’s not in a place right now where she can date anyone.”


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