“Ian,” I cried, but no words came out as I unleashed every single drop of me into his mouth. He licked and licked, sucking me as if he were a starving animal, not wanting to leave a single drop. As he finished his course, he sat back on his legs and smirked at me. His face glistened with my juices all against him, and I blushed as I watched him lick his lips clean. Then my eyes fell to the hardness of his cock, which he was slowly stroking up and down. My eyes became fixated on watching his hand move up and down his massive rod, and a flood of want came shooting back to me.

“Take me,” I whispered, sitting up on my forearms.

He raised an eyebrow. “Haze . . .”

“Take me,” I repeated, nodding. “Please, Ian. I want you so much right now, right here . . . please . . .”

He stood up from the ground and moved over to me. His body hovered over mine, and he kissed me hard, allowing me to taste myself against his lips. Our tongues danced, and he kissed me as if he were trying to tell me a secret that I would someday unlock.

“If we do this, we can’t pretend we aren’t a thing, Hazel,” he warned. “If I slide into you, you’re mine.”

“And you’re mine,” I breathed against his lips, placing my hands on his chest. “You’re mine.” Truth was, he’d always been mine. I’d just been waiting for the day when I was his too.

He steadied himself over me and rubbed his hardness against my sex. “If it hurts . . . stop me, okay?”

“Okay,” I lied. I had no plans of stopping Ian from sliding into me. I had no plans of keeping him from filling me up inside.

He reached to the nightstand and grabbed a condom from his wallet. As he slid it on, I watched in amazement. He pumped his hand up and down his shaft a few times before rubbing against me again. Then he slid into me.

My mouth gasped open as he found his way so deep inside of me. It surprisingly didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would. It took a few seconds for me to get used to the new feeling, but as I settled into it and allowed Ian to push himself deep into me, I began to moan because it felt . . . so . . .


I already felt as if I was on the verge of another orgasm as his hips rocked against mine. He took my wrists into his hands and pinned them above my head as he drove into me hard and pulled out slowly, teasing me, making my desire grow more and more.

Each time he pulled out slowly and slammed back into me, my body trembled all over. Every muscle in Ian’s body was highlighted in a new way as he pinned me to the bed.

“Ian . . . I’m going to . . . I’m going to . . .” Scream. I snatched my hand away from his and grabbed the closest pillow. I covered my mouth with it as I caught the moans from the best orgasm of my life. My whole body shook with nerves as Ian kept going. Harder, faster, deeper . . .

“Fuck,” he groaned, “Haze, I’m going to . . . fuck, I’m gonna . . .”

“Please,” I begged, wanting him to feel as good as I did. I wanted him to explode inside of me. I wanted him to lose himself. I wanted to be responsible for his eyes rolling to the back of his head from complete bliss.

And when it happened, when his body began trembling on top of me, I lost myself too. He shut his eyes as he came hard inside of me, and my heart raced with pride, with wonderment, with . . . love.

Oh my gosh, I loved him.

He collapsed on top of me, sweaty and out of breath. He didn’t say a word for a moment, and then he slid himself out of me and rolled to the left side of the bed.

“Holy . . . ,” he muttered.

“Shit,” I finished, giggling a bit.

“You don’t understand. That was . . . that right there . . . that was . . . shit . . .” He sighed again, rubbing his hand against his face. “I’ve never had it like that, Haze. It’s never felt so fucking good.” He leaned in and kissed my cheek. “That felt like more than sex. That felt deeper. That felt like making . . .” His words trailed off, and he caught himself before he said any more. Though I knew what he was thinking.

It felt like making love.

He gave me a lazy smile. “I liked when you screamed my name into your pillow.”

“I liked when you did . . .” I paused and scrunched up my nose. “Everything.”

He sat up and removed the soiled condom from his shaft and tossed it into the garbage can. Then he sat there naked on the edge of my bed, still trying to catch his breath. He took my hand to his chest and placed it over his heart. “You see what you do to me, Haze? You make my heart go wild.”

I loved that feeling. I loved how he let me control him, and I loved how he controlled me in the same exact way.

We lay down beside one another, still naked and exposed, both our bodies and our hearts.

“I miss you already,” he said, resting his lips against my forehead.

“I miss you more.” I bit my bottom lip. “When you come back, can we do that again?”

He chuckled to himself. “And again. And again. You are, after all, mine.”

And you are mine, Ian Parker.

All mine.



I’d gotten a total of three hours of sleep the night before due to how things had unfolded between Hazel and me. I wasn’t bothered at all about that. I would’ve surrendered the three hours I had gotten if it weren’t for the fact that she’d fallen asleep first.