To my outstanding agent, Flavia, over at Bookcase Agency: Thank you for always being in my corner, pushing for my dreams to come true. You are an earth angel to me. I’m honored to work with you and your brilliant mind.

To Mama: Thank you for always pushing us kids to chase our dreams and never losing faith in me when I lost my way. You’re my best friend, and without your love, I’d die.

To Papa: Thank you for instilling in all of us kids the importance of hard work and dedication to our crafts. You’re the definition of a hardworking man.

To my siblings: You all are my inspiration. I’m so proud of what you’re showing this world, and I am always going to be your biggest cheerleader.

To my love: Thank you for holding my hand throughout every up and down of this crazy ride. Your support and love and cheerleading push me through each day.

Once again, thank you to every reader who keeps showing up for me and my words day in and day out. I’m honored to have a chance to share my stories with you in such a special way.

Until forever,