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Bethany, Victor and Alex had been half smashed before the wedding had begun, and they had cried throughout, hugging one another. A difficult feat, since Bethany had been the maid of honor and the other two had served as ushers. But Lizzie and Zach—who had taken work in Australia—had flown back for the wedding and done their best to keep the others in control. Everybody from the project had been there—Adam, Brent, Nikki, Marshall. Something had grown between them, a friendship that would endure.

But friendship or no, he’d needed some air, only as soon as he’d walked out he’d seen Josh, leaning against the back porch rail, with Anne beside him.

“You’re not there. I don’t see you,” Thor groaned.

“I am here, tough guy, and you know it.”

Thor looked at Anne. She was still so skittish, so afraid….

He trembled inside.

Where would he be now, without her? Without her and her band of pirates?

“Thank you,” he said softly, as she began to fade away, her work done. “But I’ve got to go in.”

Feeling like a fool, he waved goodbye to the ghosts, wondering if he would ever see them again.

Inside, he ran right into Victor. The music was high, laughter in the air.

“Where’s Gen?” he asked.

“I think she went upstairs, looking for you?” Victor said.

Thor took the stairs two at a time. Gen was in their room, standing at the window, looking down at Duval Street.

She turned, smiled.

His heart fluttered. Her hair was long, rich, waving with lustrous highlights against the black satin of her silk dress. Her eyes…God, he was in love with her eyes, the sound of her voice…

“Hey you.” She walked toward him, catching his tie, pulling him close, kissing his lips.

“I love you,” he told her, kissing her back.

“I love you, too. Listen, I know you think I’m crazy—” she began.

He pressed a finger against her lips. “I believe,” he whispered very softly. “I believe. And now that that’s settled, please just shut up so I can kiss my wife properly.”

She smiled.

He did, too.

Outside, the palms swayed and the breeze blew, and there might have been a hint of delighted ghostly laughter, fading into the night.