“You’re making that up.”

I wait for him to laugh and tell me that he’s joking, but he doesn’t. Instead, he presses a kiss on my cheek and pulls his phone from his pocket.

“Here,” he says, tapping the screen. “See for yourself.”

Boss-Snark Forum 2.0

Subject: Savannah Grey

Russ76: Gah! She's just as bad as he is.

LilyV8: I know, right? But “just as bad” sounds like a compliment. She's worse. I feel like they both attended the same How to be a Fucking Psycho Boss class and she managed to get an A-plus.

JerryMkting: I honestly don’t think she truly comprehended why I gifted her that How to Deal with a Controlling Boss book last year. O_o

Heather20: @JerryMkting Ba ha ha ha ha! She probably thought you were giving it to her out of solidarity for how she feels about Mr. West!

JerryMkting: I knew I should’ve gifted her ‘How to Be a Better Boss’ instead. Damnit.

Russ76: @ LilyV8, you’ve made me think of something. Do you think they’re sleeping together? Like, have they ever?

Dale741: OMG, yes! I’m right on time for the new boss snark! And hell yeah, they’ve fucked. There's no way they haven't.

LilyV8: IDK. Doubt it. They would be far more relaxed and laid back if that were the case. Don't we have an old thread somewhere about this?

Heather20: Yep. The link is right here. Plenty of pictures of the two of them staying late in the office at night. (Whenever he orders from that expensive takeout place, that’s a night when they’re working late together, FYI. The delivery driver told me that they do that at least three times a week!)

Dale741: They’re so obsessed with their jobs that they probably discuss projects while they fuck. I bet she spouts off emails whenever she’s in the middle of an orgasm.

Heather20: @Dale741 I can see it now: “Ohhh goddd Mr West, I’m about to—let’s work on the James filesss!” LMFAO!


My jaw drops to the floor as I read pages of comments. Almost every person who’s joined me in talking crap about Garrett, is talking shit about me.

“How fast can you get me a meeting with Human Resources to report coworker harassment?” I ask. “This is bullying.”

“Take it in stride.” He laughs, taking the phone away. “That's what I do.”

“It’s fine for us to talk about you behind your back.” I’m still stunned by their betrayal. “You’re the boss.”

“And you’re the boss’s best friend.” He kisses me in a way that makes me temporarily forget. “Let it go.”

“Fine…” I sigh. “You mentioned that you bought me a Christmas gift the other day. You wanted me to remind you.”

“Yes.” He gets up and walks over to his suitcase, pulling out a beautiful blue box. He smooths the wrapping paper on the side before handing it to me. “Merry Christmas, Savannah.”

“Thank you.” I tug at the ribbon. “Should I open it now, or do you want me to wait?”

“It’s up to you.”

I hesitate for all of three seconds before tearing the paper away.

Inside is a small black box with a tag that reads, What I should’ve given you at the office party in Hawaii.

“I don’t know if I want to open this now,” I say. “I vividly remember telling you that I hated you at that party.”

“You did.” He smiles. “You’re halfway there now, though. Might as well open it.”

I lift the top and see a bracelet with the “C” charm on it. There are three small diamonds aligned in its bend.

“So, let me guess,” I say. “The C stands for Chief Advisor, which means you’re happy with the job I’m doing, and I’m getting this instead of a rose this year?” I smile, running my fingers against it.

“No,” he says. “It stands for C.F.O, Chief Financial Officer and it means you deserve it. However, upon further reflection, I’ll have to give you the rest of the letters for your bracelet when we get back to Manhattan.”

“Why can’t I have them right now?”

“Because right now,” he says, pulling me into his arms. “You and I are going to spend the rest of this trip in the bedroom, and I’m going to enjoy making you regret ever saying the words, ‘You need me more than I need you.’”

“I don’t see why.” I smirk. “It’s true.”

He covers his lips with mine and pushes me against the wall. “Prove it.”


The End




Next Christmas

Manhattan, New York

Boss-Snark Forum 3.0

Garrett West AND Savannah Effin Grey-West

Heather20: So, what do you get when your psychopathic CEO and his batshit crazy CFO decide to get married? Asking for a frustrated friend.


JerryMkting: I can’t believe we have to deal with BOTH of them at this level. So much for thinking that if they fucked they would chill out.


Heather20: @JerryMkting Do they fuck? Or do they get orgasms from the work? I’m really starting to believe it’s the latter…


Russ76: The soon to be “Mrs. West” just came into my office and gave me a compliment on my work. Should I tell her that her panties are tucked into her skirt/there are red marks all over her neck? Like, maybe for old times’ sake when she was one of us?


Dale741: Nah.


Heather20: Hell no.


JerryMkting: Let Lady Satan get exactly what she deserves…


“So, you’re telling me that we’re never supposed to respond to these?” My blood boils as I read over the newest boss-snark thread, one year later. “They’re being ridiculously mean today.”

“So?” Garrett laughs and takes the tablet from my hands. “How do you think I felt when I saw you talking shit about me?”

“Back when I thought you were Satan, I imagine that you were thrilled about it.”

“No,” he says, pulling me into his lap. “I was quite hurt, actually. I thought, how could this woman hate me so much when she’s literally the same when it comes to work?”

“I’ve never been anything like you.”

“So why do they hate you more than me now?” He smiles. “Have you decided to give them a break on this year’s office party since you’re in charge of it now?”

“Hell no,” I say. “It’s one hundred percent mandatory, and we’re doing everything on the list.”

THE END, again