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Thank you to my amazing agent, Flavia, who held my hand the whole way and talked plot with me day in and day out. You’ve always been in my corner, and I am lucky to have you by my side.

To my family and friends who understand that sometimes I disappear for a while to finish a book, or I randomly start talking to my characters at dinners out—thanks for not calling me weird. And thanks for allowing me to still go out to dinner with you, even if I’m not always there mentally. You give me the space to be creative, and I hope you know I’ll always give you that same love and respect back.

Thank you to Amazon Publishing for taking a chance on me. From the editing team, to the PR group, to the cover designers—I am so grateful.

And once again, we are going to end this the same way we began. Thank you, readers. Your love and support keep me going. Thank you for stamping my heart. You are my favorite songs on my mixtape.