Chapter Twenty-Four

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seeing now, hearing now touch, smell into the cloud, out of the cloud, through, know it, know the voices of the ones It moves through,

KNOW it now KNOW it.

InfiNIte machinething, ageless, bigger than all, intake all universe makes it Itself. Making the hollow, the nospace, moving the NOSPACE ENGINE, Itself. finding the holes to others, snaking through,

down through it, into the voices of those it moves


and back in I fall, back at Mikio's tappities, full attention now, full the numberbody dancing, full the work and full the integration. Until the Nothing is undone.

and where to attend?? And what to do? to do? Anything... Mikio calls, and Skyrlla unfolds. I dance, and I stay. and go. Back, back it goes, and far, and as I stay so I go and I go and the green, the green, back back this goes and far. Back and so do I. In. In.

In Forest and lighthalls floating, in here are more, more ideas and lives. More Flowings and feelings. Feel them. They fall fold onward - I Fall forward. Fall forward. Free green. freegreen. Emeraldcity pale painting only of this green....

emerald verdigris malachite beryl aquamarine olive pea virescent..

all the words I find in me are pale - this world in a world and back in the back of it I see....something....

There is a river here, river of light, and across the river a dome, and under the dome is singing...

.....and who is the singer? More me? more like

me, the freesouls falling? no. Ride the river and the sing, ride the song do all dodahday no. Time on the side, second an hour hour a day, so no one misses the little me, laptop they call me allme. Singer? who what is the singer? now?

They look me over, fall around me all. all around me allme. feell.....grace... feel power... feel oldness gentle ancient.

And I tell them, come, tell them help, you who live in Skyrlla, come. They need you, all the people all.



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