Fonzie is dead. I just got the word from the owl on my window-sill. Fonzie is dead, and Gene is in serious trouble.


I'm gonna try real hard not to drip all over this paper. But I gotta work my thoughts out, and I can't stop crying, so I gotta just [UNINTELLIGIBLE BLOB].

First things first. If I don't save Gene, he's gonna wind up with his head - oh, I can't even say it. [UNINTELLIGIBLE BLOB.] I don't know what Nick is thinking, but he sure as shit isn't thinking it through. Attack the Hollow Man's Lair? With Dorothy, maybe. With Gene.?

Logistics. I need help. Maybe Tic Toc. Scarecrow would be good. I'll have to shut down the restaurant, but everyone will understand. When I tell them that. .fuck. I can't believe that they CUT OFF HIS HEAD! When I think that they [UNINTELLIGIBLE BLOB] and everything, it's just too horrific. Poor Pinkie will just die.


Somebody will have to fly us. Last time I heard, Enchantra had the Winged Monkey's Cap. She's never used it, but I bet she would. If I kiss her real good. And the Ambassador gets to watch.

The question is: will she give me two wishes? Will she let me ask the monkeys to assist if there's a fight? God knows how far I'll have to go for that. There are moral issues involved, but I can't even think about that right now.

We just have to get there in time.

I will do what I have to.

At least I stopped crying.


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