“Definitely. You’re stuck with me for eternity.” She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed his chin. “Now, no more talk of dying.”

The kiss wasn’t enough, not nearly enough, but he didn’t press for more. Yet. How did you get here?

“As soon as Zacharel realized I was going to survive everything,” she said, tangling her fingers in his hair,

“he flew me here.”

How do we thank an angel? Somehow I don’t think a fruit basket wil do the trick.

Her lips twitched with amusement. “I don’t think so, either.”

He couldn’t help himself. He licked his way into her mouth, enjoying her sweetness, her taste. Her legs spread in welcome, and he fel deeper into her, his shaft lengthening, hardening. Groaning, she arched her hips to press more ful y against him.

Any moment now, and they would both lose control.

With a groan of his own, Amun lifted his head. Haidee’s cheeks were flushed, her lips even more swol en. She’d never looked lovelier. The rest. Tel me the rest. How did my friends react to you? If they offended you, we’l leave. I told you, I can’t live without you. I won’t live without you.

Haidee’s amusement returned. “Oh, they’ve accepted me already.”

So you have spoken to them?

She nodded. “I didn’t expect to be welcomed with open arms when Zacharel dropped me off at the front door. He rang the doorbel and disappeared like a coward.” She shouted those last three words, as if she’d been angry at the time and stil harbored a bit of the emotion. “But a few minutes after that, the one named Torin let me inside. I thought I’d be taken straight to the dungeon, but no. I was asked a few questions, and then brought here to you. I think they realized they would rather put up with me than see you hurting.”

Back up. What questions?

“Everything you asked me and more.”

His attention snagged on the word “more.” Such as?

A blush stained her cheeks. “Like was I going to have telepathic sex with you at the dinner table. Did I know how to cook something other than a PB and J. Was I okay with naked Thursdays. Anyway. After I saw that you were okay and sleeping, I asked some questions of my own.”

What questions? he repeated.

She shrugged, trying for an innocence he didn’t buy. “Who you had fought. Where Strider was.”

Amun arched a brow and tried not to laugh. And?

“And Torin told me. I marched to Strider’s room, prepared to…wel , please don’t be mad,” she said, stiffening, “but I was going to stab him. That piece of Love wanted me to forgive him, but I was stil going to do it.”

I like where this story is headed. Continue.

A sigh left her, seeming to drain the tension right out of her.

“I didn’t. Stab him, I mean. He was in pain. Awake, but in pain, and I guess Love got to me more than I’d realized. He and I had a little chat.”

Amun was the one to stiffen now. Did he insult you? If he had…

“No. Nothing like that, I promise.” She traced her fingertips along his jaw. “He said that he never wants to fight you again, even at Xbox. He said a determination like yours is a rare and precious thing, and something he respects. He said he loves you and one day, he’l love me, too. Like a sister. But not to expect one day anytime soon.” Truly?

“Yes. Truly.”

That was completely unexpected. I wil forgive him, then.

Maybe. One day, he added.

“You wil .” Her expression became fierce, that intense determination returning. “I won’t be responsible for any more hate. And why should I? I’m Love!” She laughed. “I don’t think I’l ever get tired of saying that.”

Amun was wil ing to give her anything she desired, even that. You’re right. I wil forgive him.

“Thank you.”

I’m sorry for the pain you’ve experienced, sweetheart.

“I know, baby.” She stopped caressing, settling her hands against his cheeks. “I know. Just like I’m sorry for the pain you’ve experienced. But we’re going to look ahead now.


I’m going to do everything in my power to make you happy, I swear it.

“You must have been reading my mind.”

Final y, he kissed her the way he’d needed to kiss her from the first, a kiss that was more than a kiss. A kiss that was a promise. A kiss that was forever.

Until, of course, forever was interrupted by the sudden unhinging of his bedroom door. A loud boom echoed, and wood chips rained. He and Haidee sprang apart. Amun grabbed the knife on his nightstand before moving back over his woman to shield her. He calmed when he saw tiny, redheaded Kaia looming in his doorway.

Perhaps he should have panicked.