His hands slid to her inner thighs, and he spread his fingers, almost, but not quite, brushing her where she most needed. Soft. One finger, two, glided up her slit, and she quivered, whimpered.

Like silk.

She wanted those fingers on her again, gliding yes, but lingering, too. Pressing. She lifted her hips, silently beseeching. He gave her what she wanted—sort of. He traced between those pouty lips, and he did linger, but not where she so desperately needed. He al owed one fingertip to push past her opening, but not deeply. He pushed just enough to swirl and stoke her need higher.

Play with your breasts. Let me see how you like them touched.

Not for a single moment did she consider objecting. She plumped them, kneaded them, pinched her nipples while he watched. The heat inside her grew…grew… “I want you to take me the rest of the way now,” she gasped out. She wasn’t sure how much more she could take. “Please.”

A long moment passed in silence before he nodded. He didn’t fal on her, licking and sucking and tonguing between her legs as she expected, thought she wanted, but leaned forward, pressing them together. Since her thighs were draped over his own, the action spread her wider, brought her core into contact with his pant-clad erection, rubbing, creating the most delicious sense of friction between her legs and on her breasts. Her nipples rasped his chest.

“I thought you were going to…”

I am. First, though, I’m going to prepare you.

She gasped, hands sliding around his neck, nails sinking into his back. His head lowered, and his mouth opened up on one of her nipples. The heat was nearly unbearable, so much greater than what swirled inside her, but so necessary she didn’t even think about trying to shove him away. Then he was at last licking and sucking and tonguing her there, shooting startling sensation after startling sensation through her entire body.

She knew he was a big man. How could she not? He probably outweighed her by more than a hundred pounds and was nearly a foot tal er than she was. But just then, the width of his shoulders practical y engulfing her, she felt almost…dainty.

“Take off your pants,” she managed to gasp out as she arched against him. Sweet heaven, that felt good.

“Let me feel al of you.”

No. Moment I do, I’l be inside you.

“That’s the point. I’m prepared, I swear.”

We’re taking our time, woman. Get used to the idea.

She loved that he could talk to her and continue tormenting her nipple at the same time. And he did.

Torment her. His teeth scraped the sensitive bud, but then he would quickly kiss away the sting.

When she was writhing against him, begging him for more, he gave her other nipple the same treatment.

Hours seemed to pass as he contented himself with her breasts, plumping them, kneading them as she had done, never ceasing to bathe her nipples in the wet heat of his mouth.

You’re so beautiful, he said.

“Amun, please. More.”

You’re so strong and brave. And mine. Did I tel you that already? Mine.

“Yours,” she croaked. She tugged at his hair, forcing him to raise his head or lose a handful of strands.

Onyx eyes shimmered, lines of tension branching from them. He wasn’t as relaxed as he would have her believe. “Kiss me. I need your taste in my mouth.”

With a moan, he surged up, curling her body higher, tighter, and crushed their lips together. His tongue immediately pushed inside to rol and mate with hers. He tasted of mint and something sweet. Something uniquely his own.

He released her legs to cup her face, and she locked her ankles around his back. She slid herself against the thickness of his erection, probably wetting his clothes, but she didn’t care. Her need was too strong, and just as she’d kissed him the other times, her mind became focused only on climax.

Soon he lost his pretend nonchalance, his movements becoming jerky, his arousal slamming against her, grinding into her, ringing gasp after gasp out of her mouth. He swal owed every one of those gasps before angling her head, al owing his tongue to thrust as hard and deep as she wanted his cock to thrust.

Only with him had she ever felt feverish, burning, the heat of him continuing to pulse inside her, spreading, consuming.

Somehow, that freed the chil she’d managed to hide. In seconds, she was a writhing cauldron of both fire and ice, thoughts fragmenting, muttering incoherently.

“Please,” she might have said. She needed to be fil ed, needed some kind of release. This was too much, not enough, and her heart couldn’t take much more. “Please, baby.” She rubbed her legs up his sides, squeezing him, encouraging him. She tangled her hands in his hair, she scratched at his back, probably drawing blood. “Please.

Give me more.”

He pul ed away from her, and she groaned. He didn’t disappoint her, though. He final y, blessedly, oh, so sweetly, licked between her thighs. Her cry of delight pierced the passion-scented air, and her hips shot up, drawing him closer. Over and over he licked, nibbled, sucked.

I could do this forever, sweetheart.


I’l never get enough.

“Never.” She knew she was only repeating part of what he said, but she couldn’t help herself. Couldn’t concentrate on anything but the pleasure. But always, she maintained a sharp hold on her inner chil , never al owing the ice to seep to the outside, to Amun.

He pushed her to the brink, and then, with one swirl of his tongue, he pushed her over. She screamed her release, bucking against him, unable to stil for a long while. When her tremors eased, she sagged against the ground, panting. She realized then that her body had gotten what it needed—for now—but her mind had not. The ice, stil churning inside her… Her mind wouldn’t be completely satisfied until she gave Amun everything.

He flipped her over, and the swift action startled her. Before she could gasp, he was kissing her back.

Her tattoos.

Laving them with his tongue as she’d wanted to do to his.

He was offering absolution, apologizing for what she’d lost in the most basic way. And oh, God, tears fil ed her eyes.

I’ve imagined taking you in every position, but this first time, I want you facing me. Looking at me.

Seeing me. He turned her back over. So open your eyes, sweetheart, and I’l give you al that I am.

She hadn’t realized she had squeezed her eyelids closed.

She pried them apart and peered up at the man who had won her heart. He had straightened, was now merely staring down at her. Sweat dripped from his forehead. The moment their gazes met, he reached between their bodies.

His knuckles brushed her sensitized clitoris as he unfastened his pants, and she again bucked wildly, already needing more, already verging on desperate.

She wanted total satisfaction this time.

He didn’t waste a single second shoving his pants off. They were open, and as he’d promised, he lost track of everything else. The thick head of his cock probed her entrance, seeking ful penetration. Except, stil he held back.

His white teeth were chewing on his bottom lip. His sweat began dripping off him and onto her. You’re mine, Haidee, al mine. I’l take care of you…always…won’t risk you…

don’t think you can get…pregnant…no worries… Just let me…

He was trying to reassure her, she knew, but she was past the point of caring. “Do it. Please, do it. I need you. Have to have you. Al of you. Dying without you. Please, Amun, please. Let me give al of me, too.” He could take it.

Please, God, let him be able to take it.

Before she could finish her prayer, Amun slammed al the way home, and she arched up to meet him, to drive him so deep they might never be able to part. Haidee released another scream, her relief so potent she couldn’t keep it contained. She’d waited for this moment forever, it seemed.

She hadn’t been with a man in a long, long time, and she had never been this aroused, this wil ing to break apart and reform into someone new. To experience every sensation, nothing held back.

“Everything,” she said, a promise.

Everything, he agreed, a vow.

Then he was kissing her, and he was in her mouth, her blood, her bones, her soul. And yet that stil wasn’t enough.

She wanted to be inside him, too, a part of him always.

Mine, you’re mine.


He began to move, pounding forward, withdrawing, pounding forward again. Stretching her, burning her up, catching her on fire. Driving her higher and higher, toward that edge of insanity. She thrashed and she clung to him, almost afraid to fal this time.

Let go, sweetheart.

“The cold…” It was there, waiting.

Let go. I don’t care what happens. I need you. Al of you, just as you vowed.

She heard the strain in his voice, knew he was near the edge, as wel . And so she did it. She final y let go. She trusted him completely, opened herself up total y and let down her guard inexorably.

Instantly satisfaction slammed into her with the same ferocity that Amun did. Her body splintered, flew to the heavens, stars winking behind her eyes as she lost sight of his beautiful face. Al the while, the fire spread…hotter and hotter… Al the while, the ice stormed…colder and colder…

Amun trembled and bucked against her as wildly as she bucked against him, and then he was roaring, loud and long, coming, coming, coming so hard. She thought distantly that her body had been starved for him, was now drinking from him, and she might never be thirsty again.

Would probably be sated forever. But stil the fire spread, hotter and hotter. The ice, though, was fading, no longer storming inside her—because it was seeping into Amun.

At first, she loved the heat. Welcomed it, wanted more and tried to get it, pul ing every bit she could from Amun’s body while giving him the ice, unable to stop herself. Soon, though, he was gasping, groaning, shoving away from her and severing contact.

Even without his touch, however, it was too late for her. She felt bathed in flames, no hint of ice left.

She screamed in pain, in agony, not knowing what to do.