Author: Kirsty Moseley

“How did you know it was me?” Liam whined. I giggled as Liam shot me a dirty look and pulled out my iPod.

“Ambs, seeing as its Friday……” Jake said, trailing off.

I groaned, knowing instantly what this was about. His weekly tradition. “No! No parties! Come on, Jake, seriously? Does it have to be at our house every week? There isn’t even a game tonight! It’s supposed to be an after game party. I mean, can’t someone else have it for a week so I don’t have to clear up after your drunken idiot friends?” I asked, glaring at Liam again.

“Hey don’t bring me into this; I always help to clear up!” Liam cried defensively.

I sighed, feeling defeated. My brother had a party at ours every Friday night because we had no parental supervision so it was easiest to have it at ours. I don’t know why I bothered whining about it, it happened regardless of whether I liked it or not. I turned my iPod up to drown out the boys taking about girls they were going to screw, and looked out of the window. I could see Liam trying to make eye contact with me in the mirror but I just ignored him and pretended to be completely lost in song.

Chapter 4

After dinner Jake and Liam went out and got some drink for the party as usual. So I took the opportunity and had a nice long bath, making myself feel relaxed and refreshed. I groaned at the thought of another party. They didn’t get too wild or anything like that, but they would last until two or three in the morning. On top of lack of sleep, there would always be a huge mess to clean up in the morning, both inside and out.

I sighed and wrapped myself in a towel. As I stepped out of the bathroom I walked straight into Liam. His hands shot out to steady me, grabbing my waist so I didn’t fall over. I clutched the towel tighter around myself as I tried to calm my shocked heart.

“Wow, I like the outfit,” he teased, looking me up and down, slowly. I slapped his hands away and stormed into my bedroom, slamming the door behind me.

As soon as the door closed, he knocked. “What, Liam?” I asked angrily, through the door.

“Angel, open the door please,” he requested, trying the handle.

“Liam, will you just go away? Seriously, I’m not dressed!” I frowned and stomped my foot, then immediately blushed and thanked God that he was outside the door, so he hadn’t seen that.

“Angel, please?” he begged.

I sighed; I hated it when he used that voice. That was his night-time voice and the one that I had trouble saying no to. I wrenched the door open and he smirked at me as he walked past me into my room. “Well, what the hell do you want?” I asked, going to my closet and pulling out my favourite t-shirt of Liam's that I'd found in the wash. I pulled it on, being careful to keep the towel wrapped tightly around me too.

“Hey, I was wondering where that shirt went,” he said, nodding at my t-shirt.

I gasped immediately thinking he was going to ask for it back. This was my favourite t-shirt. I put it on whenever I felt like being a slob and lounging around the house. “You’re not getting it back, I love this shirt,” I stated, waving my hand in a dismissive gesture.

“Fair enough. It looks better on you than it does me anyway,” he replied, with a grin, looking at my legs.

I sighed in exasperation. Why does he have to be such a flirt? “Seriously, what do you want?” I repeated, walking over to the door and putting my hand on the handle, ready to kick his butt out if he makes anymore of his flirty comments.

“I just wanted to drop off my stuff. A change of clothes and things for tomorrow seeing as I’ll be here tonight.” He shrugged, dropping his bag onto my bed.

“And you couldn’t just pass it to me, instead of coming in here?” I asked angrily. Why did he have to make everything so freaking difficult?

“I could have done, but then I would have missed the pleasure of seeing your hot ass in my t-shirt. I think it’s very sexy when a girl wears her man’s clothes,” he purred, raking his eyes over me again, making me squirm.

I wrenched the door open and glared at him. “You’re not my man, so get the hell out!” I shouted.

“Whatever you say, Angel.” He chuckled and left, but not before shooting me his flirty wink.

I dried my hair off, straightening it and applied my make-up. Again, I hardly ever wear any make up, even to parties, so I just added a little silver eye shadow and some mascara, switching my clear lip gloss, for pink. I pulled on my midnight blue lacy bra and thong and looked through my closet. Parties at our house were always incredibly hot. Jake and Liam practically invited the whole school and everyone crammed in, making everyone sweaty and hot so I didn't want to go for too many layers. I pulled out a pair of black fairly short shorts and a tank top, then slipped on my silver long necklaces and my silver strappy sandals with a little heel. I looked myself over in the mirror. I had a nice figure, toned, not too skinny and curvy in all the right places. I took after my mom and had long legs and curvy hips, a small waist and slightly bigger than average breasts. I wasn’t the most attractive girl around, but I was happy with myself and that was all that mattered to me.

Jake wouldn’t like this outfit though. It probably showed way too much skin for his liking, even though I was completely covered - and compared to the skanks he and Liam were used to hanging around with, I looked like a nun. I briefly considered changing before deciding against it, no it was hot and I wasn’t going to get all sweaty and wear jeans just because he doesn’t like guys to look his little sister.

I waited until the party was in full swing, that way Jake wouldn’t tell me to go change like some little kid, in front of everyone. After about forty minutes, I made my way down the hall. There were people everywhere, some people were staggering around already. They must have only been drinking for an hour - it was pathetic. Jake spotted me and gave me the death glare that ran in the family, and pointed for me to go back to my room, mouthing the word ‘change’ to me. I shook my head and smiled sweetly, mingling in with the party people, quickly heading to the other end of the lounge so he wouldn’t know where I was.

“Hey, Sean,” I chirped, as I spotted one of my best friends.

“Hey, girl. Wow, you are looking hot tonight,” he said looking me over, but not in the usual perverted way guys had. Sean and I had been friends for a long time; he had been dating the same girl for the last two years and was completely besotted with her, which was really sweet.

“Thanks. You look good too,” I replied, smiling and looking round for my other friends. “Where’s Kate and Sarah?” I asked with a frown. They never missed these parties, for them it was just an excuse to drool over all the hot guys at school, mostly Jake and Liam.

“They’re trying for your brother,” he stated, pointing to the kitchen, and laughing.

I looked where he was pointing, to see Kate and Sarah both giggling uncontrollably at something that Jake had said. Kate had her hand on his arm, and Sarah was pressed against his side. Jake looked completely uninterested but he was enjoying the attention, the same as always. He was used to the two of them hanging on his every word, whenever they came to my house they would flirt with him shamelessly, and he would walk around topless, chuckling at their lustful expressions.

I rolled my eyes and turned my attention back to Sean. “No Terri tonight?” I asked, scanning the room for her.

Just then someone grabbed me from behind. I let out a little squeal before they spoke and I realised it was Liam. “You look incredible, but I definitely preferred the towel,” he whispered seductively in my ear. His hot breath tickled down my neck, making me shiver. I could smell the beer on his breath but he never got drunk, Jake did, but Liam always seemed to remain the one in control in case things got out of hand.

“Get bent,” I growled, turning to walk away to the kitchen. I still hadn’t even had a drink.

“Hey, Angel, wait for me!” he called, grabbing my hand as I continued to weave through the crowd of people making out and grinding against each other.

When I got to the kitchen I was greeted by the sight of a girl laying across my kitchen counter, and two boys doing shots off of her body. I recognised the girl easily by her red hair and lack of clothing. Jessica.

She let out an excited screech as we walked in. “Liam! Come on, baby, do a body shot,” she purred seductively.

Liam gripped my hand tighter and gave me his puppy dog face, asking for help. I just laughed and pushed him towards her. “Go on, Liam, give the girl what she wants, you know you want to do a body shot,” I teased, laughing hysterically at his horrified expression, which quickly turned to a smirk.

He gripped my h*ps and lifted me onto the counter, stepping between my legs so that our faces were inches apart. “Actually, I do. Lay down for me then, Angel.” He gave me a wicked grin but I knew he was only messing around.

“Liam James, get your filthy man-whore hands off of me, now!” I whisper yelled at him, which made him chuckle again. He just shook his head, looking amused, and stepped back; pulling me easily from the counter and setting me back down onto my feet.

I grabbed a cup and poured myself three quarters of a cup of Vodka and added a splash of orange juice, downing a shot of vodka whist I was still pouring.

“Angel, take it easy there, alright?” He frowned at my drink shaking his head worriedly.

“No way. I’m getting wasted tonight, and there is no way I’m tidying up tomorrow.” I patted his chest as I walked back to my friends.

After a couple of hours I was pretty drunk. I didn’t really feel very steady on my feet, but I carried on dancing with my friends anyway. Liam was chatting to some of his team mates not too far away, and kept glancing at me.

“Seriously, Liam is checking you out!” Kate squealed in my ear for the fifth time.

“He is not! Don’t be so stupid, Kate, he’s probably just making sure I don’t throw up, he’s tidying up tomorrow.” I finished my drink and dropped my cup on the carpet. Ha, let them clean that in the morning because I’m not! I started laughing hysterically, which made Kate giggle too. “I’m going to get another drink,” I shouted over the music.