When she rocked her hips again, I growled into her mouth and scrunched her hair in my hands. Sharply I tugged her head back, wanting access to her neck. I swirled my tongue in the hollow of her throat and found myself groaning. Her skin fizzed slightly, like when I ate honeycomb or sherbet, but ten times better and damn addictive. I distantly wondered if it was something to do with the high concentration of power that now lived within her, but at that moment it wasn’t important.

I licked, nipped, and kissed my way around her neck, loving how she melted against me. That was pretty much the only time that Sam was ever pliant – in or out of bed. God bless her sensitive neck.

Needing her skin against mine, I peeled off her dress and unclipped her bra. My mouth literally went dry at the sight of her in just her panties. She really did have the most amazing body – a body I’d craved and ached for since laying eyes on her, a body I’d never tire of touching or looking at. I knew it better than she did; knew every curve, every hollow, and every sensitive zone.

She gave me the most sinful yet somehow still angelic smile. Only Sam could have pulled off something like that. And I knew in that moment that if she had fallen ill, if she had died, I would have stayed alive only long enough to kill the bastards that took her from me. After that, I’d have followed right behind her.

Some might call that cowardly. To be honest, I couldn’t have given a shit what others thought. If I’d been forced to be without her, I wouldn’t have truly been alive anyway. She was too essential to me, too much an integral part of me, for me to ever exist without her.

Grasping her hips, I raised her so that she was balanced on her knees, putting my mouth level with her br**sts. As my hands roamed over every inch of her that I could reach, I licked a path from nipple to nipple, pausing to circle the taut buds but resisting the urge to suck on them. Of course I was aware that it would drive her crazy, and that was exactly why I did it.

Ripping her panties off, I drove two fingers inside her, curving them to target her g-spot. At that exact moment, I finally closed my mouth around one of her hard ni**les. As I teased her g-spot, those soft moans grew louder and she firmly held my head to her breast. Taking the hint, I suckled harder, occasionally grazing the nipple with my teeth. She repeatedly bucked on my hand, hinting for me to deepen my thrusts. I didn’t. I’d learned early that it wasn’t a good idea to always give her what she wanted.

“Deeper,” she insisted breathily. I shook my head. Narrowing her eyes, the sneaky bitch started riding my hand. Even sneakier, before I could chastise her for it, she mashed her mouth with mine, slipping her tongue inside. See, Sam knew me just as well as I knew her. And she knew that regardless of how much I loved touching her, and regardless of how much I loved licking every inch of her, it was her mouth that I loved the most. Kissing me and letting me possess her lips was always a guaranteed way of distracting me.

When she sucked hard on my tongue, I knotted a hand in her hair, and yanked her head away, growling. “Don’t do that again unless you’re going to suck me off.”

“Next time,” she said as she lowered my zipper impatiently. My c**k – which had been rock hard since the second she straddled me – sprang out, and slapped her clit. With a firm grip, she worked her hand up and down my entire length over and over, keeping her eyes locked with mine. Again her irises were glowing. Only this time, it was with arousal, not anger.

“Does it freak you out?”

I knew she was talking about her eyes. “Nothing about you could freak me out.”

“I mean, does it look bad?”

I shook my head, grunting as her grip tightened. “Totally the opposite, baby, I promise you.” I could see that she wasn’t convinced, but it was true. I went to position her above my cock, but she grabbed my hands and hung them over the top of the sofa.

She actually tutted. “Oh no, I’m in charge this time.”

Because she needed some control over something, I realised. I had to wonder if there was also a part of her that wanted to test exactly how much stronger and faster she was now. That was okay. She wouldn’t have to know that I’d be topping from the bottom.

“Don’t even think about topping from the bottom.”

Awkward, mind-reading minx. “As long as you quickly put me inside you, I don’t have a problem with that.”

She hovered above the head of my cock, but she didn’t sink down. Instead, she began tantalisingly rocking back and forth, back and forth. At the same time, she nibbled on my throat, teasing me with the possibility of biting down and drinking from me. Then one of her hands was cupping my balls, squeezing with just the right amount of pressure. I loved all of it, sure, but there was only so much a guy could take. The next time she rocked back, I gripped her hips and surged up inside her. Both of us groaned as her muscles clamped tight around me. Christ.

“I said that I was in charge this time.” She again draped my arms over the sofa, which was sheer torture for me since I ached to touch her.

“Then take control. Fuck yourself on me, Sam.” The request came out with a ring of authority that turned it into an order. Yeah, well, handing over total control wasn’t my thing. “I want to watch you f**k yourself on me.”

“Good…because I want you to watch.” Slowly, with her eyes locked with mine, she began rocking her hips, moaning softly. She dragged her nails down my chest, taunting me to move and try to touch her. I had to clench my fists against the urge to do it, the urge to cinch her hips and help her to up her pace. But I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands off her for long; I could no more ignore the urge to touch her than I could ignore the urge to breathe, or sleep, or drink blood. It was that basic.

She soon fell into a steady rhythm, impaling herself on me over and over. I loved seeing her like this, loved watching her br**sts bounce jauntily, loved the husky moans erupting from her throat. I grunted between clenched teeth as she paused to rotate her hips…Fuck. Then she stilled, smirking, confident of her power.

Returning that smirk, I flexed my c**k inside her, making her groan; reminding her that I could still tease her, even without touching her. In an agonisingly slow movement, she began to rise on my cock, stopping when just the head was inside her. Then, smiling wickedly, she slammed herself down on me.

“Son of a bitch.” No longer able to hold back, I grasped her waist and began lifting my hips to meet her hard, fast, downward thrusts. Her head fell back as she groaned loudly. Over and over I slammed her down, not having to be gentle anymore, not having to worry about hurting her now that her strength matched mine. “Look at me while you ride me, Sam.” I had to see those gorgeous eyes; see them glazed over, giving her that sex-crazed look that always made my balls ache. With the mercury glow to her irises, the effect was even more intense.


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