When Sean turns to face the stream of water again, my gaze soaks in his perfect erection. My breath catches in my throat. I stare at him, watching him, and can’t stand it anymore. My hand dips below the waistband of my panties, and over my warm skin. I press my fingers between my legs and into the slick folds of skin. My knees separate as I stroke myself, while watching Sean. His hands move over his body as the water pours off him in sheets. His eyes are closed as he tips his head back. Slowly, he moves his hand toward his long shaft and strokes. Sean’s lips part as he does it again and again.

I’ve stopped wondering what’s wrong with me, and act on my feelings. My hips thrust into my hand as I think about taking Sean’s hard length in my mouth and sucking. My movements become harder and faster. I want to throw my head back, but I don’t want to look away. I want to see Sean’s face when he comes.

My hips slam into my hand as I rock myself higher and higher. Sean’s body moves faster and faster. With every thrust into his hand, Sean’s butt cheeks clench and all I can think about it biting him there. I want my tongue on his body. I want his dick in my mouth, and his hands on my breasts. My body is coiled so tight. I’m so hot. The throbbing starts and I can feel myself losing control. I think I can hold it together, but then Sean moans and thrusts hard and slow into his hand. I watch him come and see the ecstasy play out on his beautiful face.

I lose it. My head tips back and my hips buck. My fingers move faster, rubbing harder, and I shatter. Waves of ecstasy unfold inside of me. I thrust my chest higher as I hold my hand tightly between my legs. Each delicious pulse that fills my body makes me feel more sated. I stay like that for a moment, enjoying the aftershocks that are still shooting through me.

My eyelids feel heavy, but I manage to open them. When I do, Sean is standing in front of me with a wicked grin on his face. The shower is still running behind him. I didn’t hear him walk over. My fingers are still inside of me with my legs spread wide open. I’m slightly horrified, but all I can do is blink.

He leans in close and whispers in my ear, “That was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. May I?”

I suck in air. All those wicked thoughts come rushing back. I don’t know what he wants to do, but I nod anyway. Sean pulls my hand away and raises it to his lips. He sucks each finger before lowering his hand and dipping it into my panties. I watch him as he spreads my lower lips with his fingers and strokes me. I’m so sensitive that I gasp. I throw my head back and buck my hips at his touch. His fingers slip inside of me and I moan.

Sean sits next to me on the bench. I remain leaning back with my elbows on the make-up counter behind me. I should feel silly, sitting like this with my legs spread wide and next to this beautiful, naked, man, but I don’t. I like it. I enjoy the sensations that shoot through me and refuse to think about anything else. Sean’s hand teases me until I beg for release. He torments me for another moment and then gives me what I want. I cry out, saying his name, as I throb around his fingers. I feel Sean’s eyes on my face, watching me as I climax. I feel his greedy gaze and know it’s the same one I had when I was watching him a few moments ago.

When my breathing resumes a normal pace, I open my eyes. Sean’s fingers are still inside me. He smiles and pulls his fingers out one by one, and strokes me as he pulls his hand away. The response is instant. I gasp and throw my head back. Random coils of pleasure shoot through me, pulsing softly.

My head droops back and I stare at the ceiling. Sean takes my face with one hand, holding my cheeks, and makes me look at him. His other hand appears and he moves his fingers over the seam of my lips. They’re damp, from me. My lips part and he pushes a finger in, watching me intently. I suck his finger, licking it. He does it twice more before leaning in and pressing a light kiss to my mouth.

“I should have saved some for me.” Sean is breathing hard. I feel his erection pressing into my leg.

I smile at him. “You make me so crazy. We weren’t supposed to have sex.”

“That wasn’t sex.” He presses his hard shaft against my leg and I smile. My girl parts clench and I think about him thrusting into me. My mind is so addled with lust, it’s a fog that’s growing thicker and thicker.

I manage to breathe and string some words together into a semi-coherent thought. “Since when is a hand-job not sex?”

“And you think it is because…?”

I smile awkwardly, “Because I’m supposed to charge for those.” I laugh. I can’t help it. Sean smiles and laughs with me.

“Mmm,” he says, and kisses my neck. “That’s a very reasonable answer.” One of his hands is on my thigh and dips between my legs. He strokes me again and I moan. I want more. I want him.

I’m about to let him when a random part of my brain springs to life. “Wait.” Sean’s hand stills and he looks me in the eye. “You wanted to start over, right? So, what does that mean? What are we?”

Sean blinks and pulls his hand away. He runs his fingers through his hair and looks over at me. “Friends, I guess.”

“Damn. No wonder why you’re jealous of my friends. I think you have your definitions messed up.” I touch his arm lightly.

Sean looks over at me with a wry expression on his face. “Maybe.”

“Try definitely. Unless you have sex with all your friends?” I’m worried for a moment. I wonder if he’s slept with anyone else since he was with me. What a stupid thought. Of course he has. He ordered a hooker and got me. This guy isn’t dating material…but I want him anyway.

Sean gives me a crooked smile. “Only the really hot ones.” There’s something about him that seems timid and uncertain. He swallows so hard that I can hear it. It’s as if he’s grappling with something. After a moment, Sean leans forward and rubs his hands over the back of his head. He’s looking at the floor when he says, “I don’t know how to do this.”

“Do what?”

Sean sits up and looks at me. “You. I don’t know how to be friends with you. I want you. I want to have you the way I want you, but at the same time, I can’t put you through that. But I need it. But I want you too… I don’t want to lose you.” Sean seems so torn. He looks away and grips the sides of his head with his hands.

I know what he means. He’s talking about his sexual needs. For a moment, I wonder if I could do it, but if he doesn’t want to put me through it, I probably couldn’t manage it at all. Last time he tried, I totally freaked out and I had the impression that we didn’t even get started. But I want to be with him. I love him.

I slide my hand over his back. Oh my God, his skin feels so hot. I want to lean over and lick him. I banish the thoughts because they don’t jive with what I’m about to say. Actually, I don’t know what possesses me to say it. “Then, let’s make it so you won’t lose me. Be my friend. No sex, you know, like normal friends.”

Sean smirks. “I don’t have any normal friends. I hang out with hookers and business acquaintances.”

My eyes turn into dinner plates and I stare at him. “You seriously have no friends?”

He shakes his head. “I don’t have time for them. And most of them are the kind that just want something from me. Money makes it hard to have actual friends, and not just a bunch of leeches that hope I’ll toss them a wad of cash.”

I blink at him. “That’s the saddest thing I’ve ever heard. What about your family?”

He shrugs. “My little brother is kind of going through something. He’s never around. My parents get on me about going to a shrink whenever I see them, so I don’t bother anymore. Besides that, there is no one I really care about.” He looks up at me, grinning, and adds, “Except you. So, will you be my sexy friend who sometimes touches herself in front of me? Because that would make us best friends really fast.” There’s an absolutely wicked smile on his face.

My jaw drops open into an O. I slap his arm and laugh as my face gets hot. I can’t believe he said that, even with the playful tone in his voice. I know he’s joking, but it still makes me blush. “No! And never talk about this again. And get dressed. I’m not supposed to see you naked.”

“But you like it.” Sean grins and leans back, exposing his beautiful body.

My eyes sweep over him one last time. I know I won’t be with him again. “We’re not going to be naked friends. Get dressed. I’m taking a shower.” I stand and walk over to the shower stall. I stop for a second when I realize that he hasn’t moved. Glancing back at him, I ask, “What’s the matter?”

“Nothing. You’re just amazing, that’s all. I’ve been stunned into silence and immobilized…”

I arch an eyebrow at him. “And you want to see me naked.”

Sean’s eyes sweep over me in a carnal way that makes my heart jump. “I already have, and it’s not the kind of thing that I’ll forget.” He winks at me and leaves the bathroom.

My heart is hammering way too hard. I’m not sure what happened. After doing some very dirty things, I think we decided to be friends, and somehow it was my idea. I need to have my head checked.


“Oooh! Get this one!” I throw my leg over the side of the bike after gripping the handle bars. I pull myself up onto the bike seat. The urge to say vroom! vroom! makes me giggle.

Sean is standing in the aisle at the motorcycle dealership. There are rows and rows of motorcycles. Some are shiny with tons of chrome, while others are bright colors and made of plastic. Sean folds his arms over his chest. “I’d need to lose my testicles first. That’s a chick bike.”

I straighten in the seat and cock my head. “It is not.”

He laughs. “Yes, it is.”

“How can you tell?”

Sean shakes his head and circles the bike before looking up at me. “One, because it’s pretty, and two, because it makes you look hot. Manly men don’t want pretty bikes, although I might get it for you.” He reaches out and lifts the price tag dangling off the handle bars. My car is no longer running. I left it in the impound lot and don’t plan on picking it up. It won’t run again. I’m currently carless.