His mouth covers me again and I’m so fucking mad at myself because this is what I’ve been missing for the last five years.

His tongue covers my clit, swirling with the right amount of pressure. He uses his shoulders to push my legs apart, spreading me to the point of my underwear digging painfully into my thigh, but I don’t care.

He dips his tongue inside me then moves to my clit again, sucking and pulling it into his mouth as he slides two fingers in.

Suck, pump, suck, pump.

I can’t handle it.

I release my panties and pull myself up, missing the feel of his tongue against me the moment I move.

“Finger me like you mean it, Shep.”

I crush my mouth to his, loving the taste of myself on his lips as he quickens his pace and pistons his fingers in and out, sweeping his thumb up to rub circles on my clit.

It’s almost enough to send me over the edge, but not quite. I need more. I need it harder.


“My fucking hand is cramping.”

“Utilize those baseball player muscles and finish this, Shep.” I press a quick kiss to his lips. “If you can.”

With a growl, he withdraws his fingers as he shoves me backward again. I smack against the counter, relishing the pain in my shoulder blades as he spreads me wider than I could have imagined and covers my pussy with his mouth one last time…through the fabric.

I combust beneath him, riding his face as my orgasm rages through me.

“Holy hell,” I rasp out, pushing myself up onto my elbows and looking down at Shep once my breathing returns to normal.

“You’re welcome.”

I groan and swat at him. He grabs my hand and pulls me until I’m sitting up.

“Hi,” he says.


He gives me a self-satisfied grin. “So, you were saying something about how I know how to use my mouth?”


Five years ago, February

Shepard: I just want to put this out there because I feel like it’s super important to remind you of this.

Denver: Okay…

Shepard: Valentine’s Day is a commercial holiday and I will NOT be participating in it.

Shepard: No cards. No chocolates. And definitely no flowers.

Denver: You saying you’re NEVER going to buy me flowers?

Shepard: Not never, but when I do, they’re going to mean something. They won’t be a “holiday” obligation.

Denver: Duly noted.

Shepard: So that means tomorrow when VDay rolls around, don’t be upset that I didn’t send you anything.

Denver: Wait a second—why would you send me something?

Denver: OH MY GOD. Are we dating and I didn’t know it?!

Shepard: No.

Shepard: But we have intentions to date.

Shepard: I feel like that’s the same thing.

Denver: It’s…close-ish.

Shepard: I’m not seeing anyone else.

Shepard: Well, not anyone other than Penny.

Shepard: But since I still don’t have a vagina, that’s not working out.

Shepard: While we’re on the subject…does it bother you that Penny and I are “dating”?”

Denver: If I’m being 9% honest with you, I do think it’s a little weird because I don’t really know how into the fake dating you two are, but I also understand it.

Shepard: We don’t kiss.

Denver: Yes, we’ve established that.

Shepard: Sometimes we hold hands, but it’s not in a…sexual way.

Denver: You can hold hands in a sexual way?

Shepard: Definitely.

Shepard: I’ll show you one day.

Denver: Okay, but only because I’m intrigued.

Shepard: And because you like me.

Denver: Sometimes.

Shepard: Quit trying to take it back.

Shepard: Anyway, that’s about the extent of it. She just comes over once a week for dinner and I accompany her to dances. We’re more like siblings than anything else.

Denver: So you and Zach also hold hands?

Shepard: All the time. Especially when we’re watching something with bunnies.

Denver: Excuse me?

Shepard: He’s scared of them. Don’t ask.

Denver: Please tell me I can meet him one day.

Shepard: We’ll see.

Denver: Can I just say I think it’s kind of cool of you to be so protective of your friend and give up your single man status for her.

Shepard: What can I say? I’m a gentleman.

Denver: Oh, Shep. I don’t know if I’d use that word to describe you. Utter shithead, maybe, but not gentleman.

Shepard: You say the sweetest things to me sometimes.

Shepard: If it makes you feel any better about Penny, she told me at Christmas she plans to dump me before school’s out. I’ve been practicing my fake crying for weeks.

Denver: I’m sorry to hear that.

Shepard: So…uh…are you seeing anyone else?

Denver: I’m not. Not even fake dating anyone either.

Denver: Though I did just turn down someone who asked me to the dance tomorrow.

Shepard: I want to feel bad that you’re not going and experiencing that, but I’m also really fucking happy you turned him down. I don’t think I could handle knowing someone was dancing all up on you all night long.

Denver: He still picks his nose. I didn’t do it for you, Shep. I did it for myself. Quit being so full of yourself.

Denver: (okay, that’s a lie, I did it for you)

Shepard: So you’re telling me you’re into nose-pickers? That might be a deal-breaker.

Denver: Well, this was fun while it lasted.

Denver: One more thing though…

Shepard: Shoot.

Denver: You said no cards, chocolates, or flowers…

Shepard: No pugs either.

Denver: *cries*

Denver: Why do you torture me?!

Shepard: God, Bucky, forever with you is going to be so much fun.



Shepard: I am not.

Denver: You do too believe in Valentine’s Day!

Shepard: I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Denver: You said you weren’t sending anything, but you did. You’re a closet romantic.

Shepard: I said I wouldn’t send a card, chocolate, or flowers.

Shepard: Or a pug.

Denver: But you sent me pug-shaped cookies?

Denver: You looooooove me.

Shepard: I tolerate you. On a good day.

Denver: Uh huh. You wanna kiss me.

Denver: UGH. Why’d I say that? Now I want to kiss you.


Shepard: Shit. Now I can’t stop thinking about kissing you.

Denver: I’M SORRY!

Denver: Kind of.

Denver: You totally have a boner now, don’t you?

Shepard: Pft. No.

Denver: You know, I heard your dick shrinks half an inch for every lie you tell.

Shepard: I don’t have a boner!

Denver: It’s perfectly natural, Shep. Even ladies get boners—in our nipples.

Shepard: Stop talking, Denver.

Denver: Oooh, using the full name huh? You’re totally thinking about my nipples, aren’t you?

Denver: Bet that boner is real painful right about now.

Shepard: Quit saying boner!

Shepard: You’re too exhausting for me to have one right now.

Denver: You’ll have one later. I’m certain of it.

Denver: Shep?

Shepard: What?

Denver: Boner.

Shepard: GODDAMIT!



“Do you want bacon, eggs, and toast or waffles?”

“Biscuits and gravy.”

“That wasn’t an option.”

“Well it should have been.” She sips her coffee—which is loaded with her own creamer—and eyes me from across the kitchen island.

Memories of her moaning as she rode my fingers and face flash through my mind, making my cock jump to attention.

After she came down from her first orgasm, I brought her to another. When she tried to drop to her knees to reciprocate, I refused, tucked her into bed, and took the coldest fucking shower of my life.

I wanted to bury my dick inside her more than anything last night, but I didn’t let myself take it there, craving the anticipation us going away next weekend brings.

Besides, it was only three weeks ago that Denny hated me. I want to make sure when I finally fuck her, it’s not a hate fuck. I want to make sure it’s because she’s finally admitting she wants me too.

I want her to admit she never hated me.

“Who doesn’t have the ingredients for biscuits and gravy?”

“Normal people.”

“You know, I have this friend who always listens to rap music while she and her boyfriend make breakfast. They call it Breakfast and Beats and it’s the cutest thing ever.”

“Sounds cheesy.” I down the rest of my black coffee and set the dirty mug in the sink. “We’re not doing that.”

“We can listen to Sinatra or Michael Boobie.”

“Bublé, and it’s still a no.”

“You’re no fun.”

“I’m not?” She shakes her head. “Well I was going to suggest we order delivery and stay here all morning. You can feast on biscuits and gravy while I feast on your pussy.”

Her lips part on a small gasp and she crosses her legs together tightly.

“But since I’m no fun”—I lift a shoulder—“I guess going out for breakfast it is. That’s too bad, too. I can’t do the things I want to do to you in public. It’s just gonna have to wait.”


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