“Show me how wet you are, mein Schatz.”

Everything shifted red as she moved her gaze away from the erection that had brought her so much pleasure over the past week, up to the incredible torso that she loved running her tongue over and up to his handsome face to find his eyes were just as red as hers. Keeping her eyes locked with his, she spread her legs wider, making sure to give him an unobstructed view as she reached between her legs and spread herself so that he could see just how wet he’d made her. He growled in approval as he licked his lips, making her wonder if he was imagining licking her.

“What should we do now?” she asked, somehow resisting the urge to slide her fingers inside herself and find the relief that her body was starting to demand.

“Take your bra off so I can see just how hard your ni**les are,” he said, leaning back on the loveseat, looking completely relaxed and acting as though having his c**k freed and curving into his stomach was the most natural thing in the world.

“And what will you be doing while I take my bra off?” she asked, seconds away from saying the hell with it and ending this game. She was so turned on, but then again, he always seemed to have this effect on her. Morning, noon and night he made her crazy for him. She’d lost count of how many times she’d woken in the middle of the night to find his tongue sliding deep inside her or the tip of his c**k waiting patiently for her to open her mouth and suck him dry.

No matter how many times he took her, she could never seem to get enough and judging by the way that he went out of his way to find her and bend her over most days, neither could he. He was an incredibly gifted lover and somehow he seemed to be getting better each time. She would never forget yesterday when he’d taken her by surprise, pushed her up against the wall and ground himself against her ass as he whispered everything that he wanted to do with her, starting with sliding his fingers deep inside of her to pulling his c**k out of her wet pu**y and letting her finish him off with her mouth. He’d had her biting back a scream as she came hard just from his words and the way he’d rubbed against her. It had never happened to her before and she couldn’t wait to do it again.

“Imagining my mouth on them while you suck my cock,” he said, raising the temperature of the room by a good ten degrees.

“So in your dreams I’m a contortionist?” she asked teasingly as she removed her bra and dropped it on the floor.

His lips twitched with amusement even as his eyes ate her up. “You’d have to be pretty flexible to do all the things I’ve been imagining doing to you.”

“Oh?” she asked, licking her lips as she reached up and traced one of her ni**les with her fingertips while she placed her hand between her legs and traced her slit for him. “And what kind of things have I done in these fantasies of yours?”

“Things that you should be ashamed off,” he growled, watching her, his eyes shifting from her br**sts to her fingers playing for his enjoyment as he reached down ran his palm down the underside of his cock.

“And what have you done in these fantasies?” she asked around a soft moan as she watched him tease his cock.

“Everything,” he rasped as she made a show of spreading her swollen lips apart for him again.

“Everything? That’s a little vague for me, Christofer. Why don’t you tell me one of these little fantasies of yours,” she suggested, tracing the tip of her cl*t as she gave her breast a squeeze, loving the way that he licked his lips as he took it all in.

“I’ve f**ked your pretty little ass,” he said, making her breath catch and just like that, she wanted him to do just that.

“And did I love it?”

“You f**king adored it. Begged me to slide my c**k in your ass again and again,” he said, moaning as he cupped the tip of his c**k and squeezed.

“And did you?” she asked, her h*ps shifting restlessly as she imagined just how good it would feel.

“No,” he said, shaking his head as he wrapped his hand around his large c**k and stroked himself, slowly, “I missed your pu**y too much.”

A gasp escaped her as she rubbed her clit. This man was so good at this. They needed those phones that Ephraim promised them, immediately. She’d probably never get anything done with him sexting her all day. Then again, she probably wouldn’t care, not as long as he kept driving her out of her mind.

“It makes me wonder,” Christofer said, continuing to stroke his c**k while he watched her.

“Makes you wonder what?” she asked, struggling to stay focused.

“If your pu**y misses me right now.”

“There’s only one way to find out,” she said, resisting the urge to slide a finger inside herself and end this torture.

“True,” he said, getting to his feet, his hand never stilling on his c**k as he walked over to her, but instead of crawling between her legs like she’d expected, hoped, he stood by her head, placed a hand against the wall, a knee on the bed and brought the tip of his c**k to her mouth. “I need it wet.”

“That’s funny,” she said, taking his hand away from his erection and bringing it between her legs, “so do I.”


I will break you the f**k off if you come too soon, Christofer promised his c**k as his fingers traced between Cloe’s wet slit. He wasn’t sure how much more he could take. He loved playing these games with her, loved driving her out of mind until he was intoxicated on the scent of her arousal, but sometimes he was afraid he’d lose his goddamn mind if he couldn’t just slide home like now. She’d never smelled so damn good before. Normally the scent of her made him crazy, but today it was driving him out of his f**king mind until all he could think about was f**king her.

A strangled groan escaped him as Cloe wrapped her lips around his c**k and took him in her hot, wet mouth. Don’t even think about it, he inwardly snarled at his poor defenseless c**k when he felt his balls pull up tight. As he slid a finger inside Cloe to find her ready, he tried to think of something, anything that would keep him from-


Too late, she had him ready to come the second she traced the slit of his c**k with her tongue. Refusing to come anywhere but between her legs, he pulled his c**k free, removed his hand and moved between her legs, slammed his c**k home, pulled back and……


“You’re fertile,” he blurted out as realization slammed into him.

The reason why he hadn’t been able to keep his hands off her, more than usual, was because she was ripe. Shit! They’d never talked about a future, never mind children. His focus right now was to protect her and keep her safe, happy and crying out his name when he made love to her. They weren’t ready for kids.

Not yet.

They were being hunted, didn’t have a home of their home, but the main reason that he didn’t want children yet was because he hadn’t won her heart yet. He didn’t want to force her to stay with him because they had a child and he sure as hell didn’t want to risk losing her and their child if she ever decided to walk away.

“It’s okay,” she said, her expression guarded as she wrapped her arms around him to stop him from pulling out.

“We need to talk about this, mein Schatz,” he said, reaching up to gently take her hand away, but the stubborn woman simply shook her head and tightened her hold around him.