“What the hell?” Nolan muttered a moment later, frowning with confusion as he pressed his thumb against the security pad that controlled access to the double doors of the conference rooms and was answered by the telltale sounds of a sharp beep, denying him access. He tried several more times and was met with the same results. “Get IT on the phone and have them fix this goddamn door!” he snapped over his shoulder as he made one last attempt.

“Phones are down!” one of the women manning the front desk announced with a perplexed expression as she switched her attention from the dead phone to one of the computers lining the front desk.

“Internet is down, too!”

“What the f**k? My phone won’t work!” one of the Sentinels standing next to them snapped.

“Elevators aren’t working!”

“The front door won’t open!”

“None of the doors will open!”

“What the hell is going on?” Nolan demanded, giving up on the door as he turned his attention on the men and women standing around the large lobby, looking confused and kind of pissed.

He moved to storm past them when Chris spoke, not bothering to hide his shit-eating grin. “It appears that a very pregnant genius got pissed that you were f**king with her mate and took matters into her own hands.”

“What?” Nolan demanded harshly, his confused expression shifting as a play of emotions crossed his features from weary, to outraged and finally ending on resignation as he closed his eyes and growled, “Fucking hell.”

“Oh, look at that,” Chris mused as his father pressed his thumb to the security pad, the alarm chirping as the door unlocked, “it looks like you have ten minutes after all.”

Nolan leveled a glare on him as he stormed past him, “Asshole.”

“Caine,” his father said as he opened the doors, “why don’t you invite our guests to this meeting since this involves them”

Nolan cleared his throat, drawing everyone’s attention as he said, “That might not be such a good idea.”

“Why not?” Caine asked, pausing by the front desk.

Nolan sighed heavily as he rubbed the back of his neck and admitted, “Because we haven’t fed them in five days.”


“You’re driving me out of my f**king mind,” Christofer whispered in her ear as he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her back against his body.

“Are you complaining?” she asked, moaning as his hands covered her br**sts.

“God no,” he said, leaning down and pressing a kiss against her neck as he gave her br**sts a gentle squeeze. “Not as long as you’re willing to put me out of my misery.”

“Gladly,” she said on a choked moan as she slapped her hands against the bathroom wall and pushed back against him, biting her lower lip in pleasure when the move forced the large erection pressed up against her back to caress her skin. Christofer moaned in her ear as he pressed a hungry kiss against her skin, his hands gripping her br**sts tighter as he gently thrust against her back.

“How are you feeling?” he asked, pressing a kiss between her shoulder blades.

“Good,” she moaned, tilting her h*ps back against him, “Really good.”

She could feel him smiling against her back. “Good. Then maybe it’s time that I teach you how to use some of your other abilities,” he murmured seductively as he pressed another kiss against her back. She was so caught up in that kiss that she almost missed what he’d said.


“What are you-” her question ended on a panicked gasp as she suddenly found herself turned around, picked up and pressed back against the wall.

“Stay there,” he said, releasing his hold on her only to catch her a few seconds later when she started to slide down the wall.

With a chuckle, he raised her right back to where he’d had her. “I see that you’re going to need some help with this,” he said in a conversational tone as she numbly nodded, nervously wondering what he was doing. Excitement shot through her as she enjoyed his touch and from the anticipation of learning one of the skills that she supposedly now had.

“What should I do?” she asked, reaching out to hold onto his shoulders only to find herself pushed up higher against the wall until her head was less than an foot away from the ceiling.

“Just hold onto me, mein Schatz,” he said, pressing a kiss right above her navel as he slid one hand down her thigh and placed it over his shoulder. He kissed her just below the navel as he did the same with her other leg until she found herself propped up on his shoulders with her back flat against the wall. When she started to tilt forward, she grabbed onto his head and held on.

“Now spread your legs wide for me,” he whispered, pressing another kiss against her stomach as he spread his arms and placed his hands flat against the wall. Biting her lip, she did just that, spreading her legs open until they were dangling over his large biceps.

“Now close your eyes, mein Schatz,” he whispered softly, his warm breath caressing her stomach and after a slight hesitation, she did just that, giving him the one thing that she’d never given to another man.

Her trust.

She felt the muscles in his arms bulge beneath her legs as they shifted, pushing her up higher against the wall.

“Now,” he said, pausing only long enough to press a kiss against her thigh, “I want you to relax and just focus on what I’m doing to you.”

“And what exactly will you be doing to me?” she asked, gentling her hold on his head so that she could thread her fingers through the short, silky locks that she loved so much.

He pressed a kiss against the opposite thigh before he turned his head and leaned forward, pressing another kiss beneath her navel. “Everything I’ve been fantasizing about and more,” he said as he slowly kissed his way down.

“Oh my God!” she gasped as she felt the very tip of his tongue tease the bottom of her slit.

Slowly, he moved the tip of his tongue over her slit, just enough to tease, but not enough to part her and reach all the places that craved his tongue. When he reached the top, he pressed a kiss against her wet slit and started all over again, teasing her with the same light touch that had her breaths quickening and her body trembling.

“You taste so f**king good,” he whispered when the tip of his tongue once again reached the top of her slit and he pressed another soft kiss against her slit before he started the torturous process all over again.

“Christofer,” she moaned, too far gone to care how desperate she sounded.

“Hmmmm?” he said, not even bothering to pause in his slow swipe of her slit.

“Stop teasing me,” she groaned, her grip in his hair tightening as she struggled not to squirm and try to take what she wanted.

“I’m not teasing you, mein Schatz,” he said just before he pressed that teasing kiss against her slit just above her swollen clit, but too lightly to give her any relief.

“What do you call this?” she demanded, choking back a sob as he started the process all over again.

“Savoring you,” was the only answer he gave her as he ran the tip of his tongue through her wet slit, but this time dipping his tongue in just far enough to run it over the tip of her clit.