“Do you need help?” he asked with a sigh as he shifted slightly on top of her.


“Are you sure?”

“Yes!” she snapped back, wishing he would just be quiet so that she could focus on what she was doing.

“If you need help………” he said, letting his words trail off meaningfully.

“I don’t!” she said, deciding to just get this over with if it meant shutting him up.

With a slight cringe and a prayer that this wasn’t going to scar her for life, she leaned in, opened her mouth and moved in to just get it over with when something occurred to her. Her fangs weren’t down and she had no idea how to make them come out on command. Refusing to ask for help, at least not until after she’d tried, she pictured bagged blood, hoping it would be enough to make her fangs slide down.

It wasn’t.

Finally after a few more minutes of trying to force her fangs down, she gave in with a heavy sigh and admitted, “I need help.”

“What’s wrong?” he asked, pushing up and turning his head so that he could look down at her.

She answered with a grumpy mumble.

“What was that?” he asked, sounding amused.

“I said I can’t get my fangs down!” she snapped, quickly shifting back to her previous desire to kick his ass.

Chuckling, he leaned down and pressed a kiss against her forehead. “Is that all?”

“Is that all?” she repeated tightly with frustration. “It seems kind of important at the moment, doesn’t it?”

His lips twitched with more amusement, making her scowl deepen. “Well, since anger obviously isn’t helping to get the job done, why don’t we try a different approach?” he suggested.

She opened her mouth to tell him exactly what approach she’d like to take when he took her by surprise. One second his eyes were the beautiful crystal blue that she loved and the next second they were a fiery red and his fangs were down. Stunned by how quickly he’d managed to accomplish something that she’d been struggling to do, she was barely aware of what he was doing until it was too late.

While she’d been trying to figure out how he’d managed to do that so quickly, he’d pressed the tip of one of his fingers to a fang and drew a large drop of blood. The delicious aroma hit her nose just as she realized that he’d traced his bleeding fingertip across her bottom lip, leaving a trail of that mouthwatering liquid behind. She’d barely registered the action before the tip of her tongue darted out to taste the warm liquid. The first taste of his blood tore a moan from her lips, the second a groan and by the time that she’d realized that there wasn’t a single drop left, her control snapped.


“Oh, f**k!” he snarled, his hands fisting in the comforter as he struggled not to flinch away from her sudden attack.

He clenched his jaw tightly as he forced himself to remain still so that Cloe could take what she needed from him. He considered asking her to gentle her bite, but thought better of it when he realized that would make him an ass**le. He’d attacked her without any finesse, ripping into her throat and drained her without a thought for her comfort. He deserved this, deserved more and he would gladly take it.

For her.

After a few minutes her bite gentled and he found himself taking a shaky breath. He felt himself relax above her as her greedy pulls at his neck turned to gentle suckling motions that allowed the torn skin around her fangs to heal, taking away the sharp sting of her bite and leaving only pleasure.


His fingers flexed around the comforter as he closed his eyes and tried to shift his thoughts away from the gentle suckling at his neck and the soft moans muffled against his skin. He counted to one hundred in German in his head and when that didn’t work, he counted back from a hundred in French. He forced his mind on all the projects that he still needed to finish, the emails he needed to respond to, the………the……the…….

The way Cloe ran her hands over his back, her fingers threading through his hair, the warm press of her body beneath his, the way her br**sts pressed up against his chest, the way her legs cradled him, the way her h*ps arched and caused the most intimate part of her body to rub against the erection that he couldn’t make behave, but mostly, he focused on the scent of her arousal. She smelled so good, f**king fantastic, he amended a second later while he licked his lips in pure ecstasy as she rubbed up against him, caressing the underside of his cock. The combination of the material from their jeans only added to the delicious friction.

She felt so good, so f**king good as she suckled at his neck, ran her hands all over his body and rubbed herself against his cock. As he held himself still above her, he couldn’t decide what was better, the sounds of her moans or the sweet scent of her sex. He inhaled deeply, savoring the smell of her aroused sex and came to the decision that the smell of her arousal was the clear winner of the two.

Although he did love the way she moaned against his neck, the sound a mixture of pleasure and need. He wondered what kind of sounds she would make if he ground himself against her, or pulled down her pants and panties and f**ked her with his tongue and fingers. Would she scream his name? Scream for more when he pushed her over the edge or simply lay there, panting and moaning as he licked every last drop from her slit.

But, it was pointless to wonder, because he would never allow himself to find out. She was his responsibility, his to protect and care for, not to f**k when-

She reached between their bodies and ripped his pants open, gripped his boxers, tore them from his body and grabbed hold of his eager cock. He opened his mouth to stop her, but the only sound that came out was a strangled groan as she gripped his c**k by the base and stroked him. It nearly had him coming, but his desperate c**k refused to give in so easily. The greedy little bastard withstood the first stroke and jerked in rapture with the second.

“Cloe,” he started to say only to realize that her name came out as a strangled moan and a plea for her to keep going. He needed to stop her before it was too late and they did something that she’d regret later, because with the third stroke of her talented hand on his cock, he realized that there was no f**king way that he would ever regret this. Cloe on the other hand, would probably kick his teeth down his throat when she realized that she’d lost control because of him.

She was reacting to the scent of his arousal and the taste of it in his blood. He should have thought about this before he decided to feed her from his vein, but when he’d made the decision to feed her, sex hadn’t been on his mind. He wanted to get her out of here safely not f**k her.

He should have known this would happen, but it had been so long since he’d tasted arousal from a woman’s blood that he’d forgotten the power it held. If he’d thought about it, he would have taken a cold shower or taken himself in hand first, but he hadn’t. Now Cloe was losing control and giving into the hormones that his aroused body was flooding into her system, leaving with her no other choice but to react.

“Cloe, stop!” he gritted out as he reached between them, sending a silent apology to his poor cock, to gently remove her hand. “We have to stop.”

“Mmm, I don’t want to,” Cloe murmured against his neck as her talented hand evaded his capture and stroked him from tip to balls and back again.