Ephraim removed his tongue as the cl**ax ended and covered her body with his. He hooked her legs over his broad powerful shoulders, opening her wide for him. “Tell me, Madison.” he pleaded in a strained voice as the tip of his manhood rubbed against her slit.

“I love you, Ephraim. Please!” she begged. He thrust his h*ps forward burying himself deep in one motion.

“I love you, Madison. I’m so sorry. So sorry,” he said as he pulled out all the way only to enter her slowly. allowing every sensation of sliding into her tight wet heat to register.

Her head dropped back. He watched as she licked her lips. Her fangs descended as another cl**ax hit her. She moaned and arched beneath him. He slowed his thrusts, planning to make her come one more time before he lost it. As it was he was dangerously close to coming too soon.

“Do you forgive me?” he whispered against her neck.

“Mmmhmmm, I forgave you upstairs when you said I was stubborn.”

He laughed weakly against her skin. “That’s what it took?”

“That and you’ve never doubted me and even with a mother like Candy you’re willing to take a risk with me.”

“There’s no risk with you, Madison. I adore you, sweetheart. I’m so sorry, baby, please believe me. I’m such an idiot. I-”

“Shh, shouldn’t you be f**king me instead of talking?” she asked with a sultry smile.

He growled against her skin. She knew what dirty talk did to him. She loved his reaction. It threw him off his steady cadence until he was pounding into her without finesse or rhythm.

Ephraim let go. Everything he’d held back the last four months to make sure he didn’t overwhelm or hurt her was released. He thrust into her harder than he’d ever thrust into any woman before. She moaned and cried out his name. He knew she liked it when her body gripped him tightly, trying to keep him from pulling out even to thrust back in. She was drenching him and making every slide into her body more intense. She was so damn wet he could cry.

His fangs lowered and he decided to show her exactly what it was like to be f**ked by a Pyte. He sank his teeth into the crook of her neck. His eyes squeezed shut with pleasure. It had never been like this. He’d bit many women while bedding them, but he’d never gained any pleasure from the bite. Now he was ready to explode.

Madison gasped as his teeth sank into her. It intensified what he was doing between her legs. It sent a thousand sensations throughout her body. She desperately wanted to move against him, but he had her pinned to the ground with her legs over his shoulders. She managed to turn her head so she could lick his neck. He moaned and shuddered against her. She licked him again and was rewarded with a harder tug on her neck and a more violent thrust between her legs. It was too much she couldn’t hold back.

Ephraim thrashed wildly on top of her as her fangs pierced his neck. It was the most erotic sensation of his life. They fed off each other while he made love to her.

Their loud moans vibrated pleasantly throughout the room as a powerful cl**ax claimed them both. Madison’s nails scraped down his back, driving him on until the last tremor subsided. They released their bites and kissed each other slowly as they tasted the mixture of their blood.

He pulled back to smile down at her. Madison bit her lip and looked embarrassed.

“What is it?” he asked soothingly.

“We were rather loud,” she mumbled

He grinned arrogantly. “We definitely were.”

“Everyone on the first floor probably heard us.” She looked horrified.

He kissed the tip of her nose. “Impossible. I’ve had the basement soundproofed.”

“You have?”

“Mmhmm, otherwise Eleanor would kill us for firing guns inside the house.”

Somehow she managed to pull her legs off of his shoulders and gently push him off so that she could sit up. “You said ‘us’, you mean Chris is firing guns?”

He exhaled loudly. “Madison, he’s not a boy. We’ve talked about this. He’s a Sentinel. This is what he’s meant to do and he’s very good at it. They all are, but he has to practice to improve his skills.”

She took his hand into her lap and began playing with his fingers.

“Madison? Do you understand?”

After a moment she spoke. “Yes, I don’t like it though. Chris is like a little brother to me and he’s my best friend. It scares me when you take him out on patrol.”

“I know that, baby. You need to remember that he’s my son and I take every precaution to keep him safe. I would never let anything happen to him, okay?” His voice was tender.

She looked up at him, smiling sweetly. “You really love him, don’t you?”

His lips pulled into a lopsided grin. “The brat’s definitely grown on me.” In a more serious tone he continued. “Yes, I love him very much as I love Joshua and Jill as if they were my own as well.”

Madison tugged on his hand until he leaned forward for a kiss. “You’re a very good man who does very, very, very, very, very stupid things.” She half teased.

“I’m an idiot.” His eyes were focused on her lips. “You’re really going to have your hands full keeping me in line.” He brushed his lips against hers.

“What do you suggest I do to keep you in line?” her voice was low and husky.

“Marry me. Make an honest man out of me,” he proposed against her mouth as he laid her back onto the mat.

She pushed him onto his back and quickly straddled his hips. “I tell you what, if you can make me scream your name three times I’ll marry you.”

His hands cupped her hips. “Is there a time limit on this deal?”

She leaned forward, sliding against his already hardening length. “Oh no, actually taking your time is encouraged on this deal and if you make me scream your name four times I’ll marry you tomorrow.”

He gripped her h*ps and brought her forward as he thrust inside of her. “Better get ready to repeat your vows, Madison, because tomorrow you’re mine.”


“Nice!” Chris said appreciatively as Joshua took out four bad guys.

Joshua was in the zone. Nothing outside of the video game mattered to him. He leaned back against the foot of Chris’s bed as he readjusted himself into a new sitting position, his eyes never leaving the screen.

“Hey, loser.” Jill knocked on his door and came in without waiting for an invitation. She flopped on her stomach across his bed.

“He’s not a loser,” Joshua said automatically.

“Thanks, little man.” He looked back at Jill. She was watching them play. “Whatcha need?”

“Grandma’s on the phone calling everyone she’s ever met. She told me to order pizza for dinner.”

“Sweet,” Chris said. As much as he loved grandma’s home cooking he missed junk food. She didn’t let them order out very often unless something big was going on. “What’s up with Grandma? Did the reverend finally make his move?” he teased.

Her eyes shot to Joshua. “I’ll tell you later.” That piqued his interest.

“Tell me now. Give me hints.” He tossed his controller on the floor and turned in his game chair to face her.

“No, order the pizza first.”