“Whatever.” He paused before Madison.

“Figures you’d turn out to be just like your mother. Spreading to get a man to do whatever you want,” he said acidly. Madison flinched back from the insult. "Fucking slut."

Ephraim stormed forward. He pulled out his wallet and tossed it to Madison who barely managed to catch it. “Pay Paula, tip well.”

He grabbed Trevor by the throat and lifted him in the air, shoving him violently against the wall. “You don’t ever talk to her like that again!”

Trevor could only sputter and choke. “I will f**king kill you! Do you understand?”

Madison’s hands shook as she opened Ephraim’s wallet. It was filled with crisp one hundred dollar bills. “How much does he owe you?”

“Two thousand,” Paula said in a trance.

Trevor’s face was turning red. Ephraim wasn’t easing up. Madison quickly counted out the money and added five hundred. “Do you have a way to leave?”

“We took two rental cars. I drove one and Trevor the other.”

Madison thanked god that Paula was already dressed. She shoved the money in his hand. “Thank you so much for your help. But I need you to go so that I can handle this.”

“You don’t have to ask me twice.” With money in his hand Paula yanked open the bedroom door and fled from the house.

All hope that Ephraim wouldn’t lose control flew out the window when Trevor’s eyes widened in terror and he began kicking and clawing at Ephraim. This had to end.

“Trevor, I’m going to get him to let you go. If you tell anyone about him I will show the video and he’ll probably come after you. Do you understand?”

Trevor continued to thrash, but blinked his understanding. “Ephraim, baby, let go. You’re going to kill him if you don’t. Look, he’s starting to turn purple.”

Ephraim didn’t look at her, but she could see his red eyes and fangs clearly enough. He wasn’t thinking clearly anymore. “He disrespected you,” he growled.

“That doesn’t mean he has to die. Baby, let go.”

“No,” the word came out in a loud growl.

She needed to get between them, but Trevor wouldn’t stop kicking. If he kicked her Madison knew without a doubt that Ephraim would rip his throat out. “Trevor, stop kicking so I can get you down.”

He didn’t hesitate. He froze on the spot. Madison slid between, it was a tight fit. Ephraim didn’t seem to realize or care that she was there. His eyes were fixed on Trevor’s face.

“Ephraim, put him down.” He didn’t respond. If this didn’t work she would have to shoot him. She couldn’t stand by and let him kill someone even an ass**le like Trevor.

She stood on her toes and pressed her mouth against Ephraim’s neck. She licked and nipped at his neck, sucking greedily. She felt his arms lower a fraction. Trevor slid slightly down the wall. He took in a gasping breath. Good, he was able to breathe.

Her tongue traced his Adam’s apple while her fingers yanked down his fly. She reached in and pulled him out. He was long and thick, but soft. She ran her hand over him. She’d never done this before, but knew the idea of the matter was to move her hand up and down him.

He growled low and deep as he firmed beneath her hand. She hoped he wasn’t too far gone that he would bite her. That would be the start of a whole other problem. She knew from his description that he was already in bloodlust brought on by anger so she had to tread carefully.

Trevor was slowly lowered to the ground. Ephraim’s grip remained firm as ever. Madison kept gently tugging him forward and his h*ps moved in response as if they had a mind of their own, but he did not ease his hold or his anger. She could feel it in his neck. His muscles were fixed for battle.

Her mouth found his, effectively blocking his view of Trevor’s face. She ran her tongue over his fangs, carefully. All she needed at this point was a drop of her blood hitting the air. Then they’d all be in deep shit. She covered his mouth, running her tongue over his, teasing it to come out and play.

Slowly he melted under her coaxing. He returned her kiss slowly at first until she was gasping for air. He began thrusting in her hand at an even pace. Her intentions may have back fired just a little when his grip tightened on Trevor’s neck.

She pulled his free hand to her breast. His body was on automatic. He started kneading and cupping her. She felt Trevor’s breath hit the back of her neck. Keeping him breathing was becoming a full time job.

Ephraim watched Trevor’s face. He wanted to tear him apart and rip his throat out. He couldn’t focus on anything else. His hand squeezed Trevor’s throat. He liked the feeling. Liked the way Trevor looked. He was scared. Ephraim could smell it.

He was barely aware of what Madison was doing or how he was responding. His eyes remained open while he kissed her. Trevor’s fear was sending endorphins throughout his body. Blood lust surged through him.

Trevor’s eyes were squeezed tightly shut. Tears ran down his face. His lower lip and chin quivered. Ephraim squeezed a little harder. Trevor made a sobbing pained sound. Trevor’s body began releasing adrenaline at an unprecedented rate.

The smell was overpowering. He was going to tear Trevor’s throat out. He wanted that blood, now. He tried stepping forward only to have something stop him. He tried again. His brain didn’t comprehend the soft barrier standing between him and his prey.

He tried a different approach. His hand tightened around Trevor’s neck and tried to drag him to his waiting fangs. The soft barrier stopped him again. He dropped Trevor back against the wall in frustration. A loud menacing growl escaped his lips. Trevor whimpered loudly.

He was about to throw Trevor to the ground and pounce on him to escape the soft barrier when the smell of female arousal teased his nostrils. The growl halted in his throat. It was close, so very close. It was strong and familiar. Something was registering in his brain. It was the smell of a woman, his woman.

Possessiveness soared through him. His woman was close by and she was aroused. He was also aware of the scent of another male. He knew that scent to be of his prey, but the scent of sex lingered in the air confusing him.

Ephraim’s mouth stopped moving against hers. He bared his fangs, growling loudly. It was the single most terrifying sound she ever heard. That and the combination of him sliding between her fist turned her on more than she’d been in her life. She needed him, now.

With her free hand she shoved violently at the hand that was holding onto Trevor. His grip faltered enough for Trevor to shoot out to his left towards the door. He stumbled, but didn’t stop.

Another menacing growl escaped and his hand dropped from Madison’s clothed breast and shot out towards Trevor. He missed.

“Run!” Madison yelled.

Trevor scrambled out of the room, leaving behind his shoes. She heard the hallway door slam shut and the sound of an engine turning over. Ephraim tried to pull away to go after him, but he was too confused by bloodlust and competing scents.

The soft barrier was stopping him again. He could still get his prey. Could still catch him. A car wouldn’t stop him, he knew that. The barrier grabbed him and held on. His hands pushed at the barrier, but it wouldn’t move. He was starting to become annoyed with the barrier. He shoved forward, hoping to push the barrier out of his way. Something stopped him. Something was behind the soft barrier cushioning it between it and him.