Libby widened her stance, performing a bump-and-grind routine that’d cause a stripper envy. She rolled her pelvis as she shimmied forward and peeped at him upside down from between her legs. She cooed, “How’m I doing, cowboy?”

“Definitely makin’ me wild. Stand up and face me.”

She spun around. “What now?”

“You’ll see. Be still.” He idly dragged his index finger from the tip of her chin, down the flushed skin of her throat, through the valley of her cleavage, zigzagging over her ribs and stomach. He traced the leather strap between her hipbones and her flesh quivered.

Libby trembled when he fell to his knees.

Quinn admired his handiwork from the previous night—her completely bare-shaven pussy. He passed his palms down the outside of her thighs. The fringe tickled her legs as he followed the sensuous curves to her ankles.

When he allowed his hands the same leisurely journey back up, she emitted a soft moan. Brushing his lips across the swell of her belly, he murmured, “Tell me what you want. I’ll do anything you ask.”

“You know what I want.”

His let his hair tease the underside of her breasts, knowing it drove her crazy as he feathered butterfly kisses over her lower torso. “Say the words, Libby.”

“Put your mouth on my…sex. Suck my clit. Use your hands and your tongue, just…make me come.”

“Sit on the edge of the bed. Lay back. Close your eyes.”

The bed bounced she hit it so fast.

He withheld a smile as he grabbed the lube and her vibrator out of the nightstand drawer. He scooted between her legs, bent his head and tasted her.

“Oh. Yeah.”

Another pass of his tongue. Quinn licked and teased, rubbing his face all over her smooth skin.

Evidently the sensation of his wet mouth and cooling breaths across her hot flesh, coupled with soft tongue flicks and the rough scrape of his evening beard, quickly drove Libby to the edge.

“Quinn. Please.”

As he zeroed in on her clit, he began to lightly massage her anus. She tensed up, like she always did.

This time instead of backing off, he said, “Relax. Lemme make you feel good.”

Surprisingly, she did relax.

With every suck and lick, Quinn swirled his finger a little deeper inside her back channel, while he thrust his thumb in and out of her wet pussy. When Libby began pushing down on his hand, he suctioned his lips around her clit and slid his middle finger in her ass as she started to come.

It was hot as hell, feeling her throb against his tongue as her interior muscles contracted around his finger and thumb.

After the pulses subsided, Libby opened her eyes. “Wow.”

He took his time tasting the dips and hollows of her body, steeping his taste buds in the sweet and salty flavor of her skin. Against her throat, he said, “Did you like that?”

“God, yes.”

“Do you want more?”

“Mmm. You could probably persuade me.”

“Flip onto your belly.” Once Quinn had her stretched out at an angle across the bed, he followed her spine with his tongue. “You got what you wanted. Now it’s my turn. I wanna slide my cock in that virgin hole and fuck you.”

She sucked in a harsh breath. “Are you giving me a choice?”

“Nope. I’m claimin’ this part of you I’ve waited for, for years.” His teeth tugged on her earlobe.

“Admit it. You liked my finger.”

“Well, yeah, but there’s a difference between one finger and your cock.”

“I ain’t exactly hung like a bull.”

“I don’t think—”

“So don’t think. I’ll make sure you’re ready, and when you are, I’ll go slow.” He kept kissing everywhere his lips could reach, brushing his clothed body against her bare skin. “Come on, darlin’, I’m dyin’ here. And if you were honest with yourself, you’d admit you’re just as curious as I am.”

Libby lifted her head to look at him. “I swear to God, if it hurts—”

The rest of Libby’s protest was lost in Quinn’s demanding kiss. He seduced her, inflamed her, brought her back to the magical place where desire ruled.

She ripped her mouth free with a gasp. “Do it before I change my mind.”

Didn’t have to tell him twice. He hopped up and stripped. He liberally coated his fingers, staring greedily at the rounded globes of her ass and the hidden pink hole as he greased up his cock.

When she attempted to push to her hands and knees, he hiked her hips into the air and pressed her chest against the mattress. “Stretch your arms above your head.”

Quinn climbed on the bed and squirted a dollop of lube on the rose-colored pucker. He swirled his index finger around, waiting for her to clench.

She didn’t.

While stroking the expanse of her naked back with his free hand, he inserted his finger deep, to the webbing.

Libby hissed.

“You okay?”

“Yeah, it just feels…different from this angle.”

After squeezing out more lube, he added a second finger.

Her body stiffened slightly but the muscles surrounding his fingers remained loose.

“So sexy, so hot, so damn tight.” Quinn leaned forward and nibbled on her shoulder blades as he carefully stretched her. When she rocked her ass back onto his fingers, he knew she was ready. “Give me your right hand.” She slid her arm down and he placed the vibrator in her palm. He turned it on. “I wanna see you usin’ this as I’m fuckin’ you.”

Libby made a sound that was half-moan, half-gasp as her hand disappeared between her legs.

Quinn pressed his cock against the opening and gently pushed the head past the ring of muscle.

Despite his need to pound into her, he stopped. Took a breath. As a man of few words, Libby wouldn’t expect a play-by-play and he was too far gone with lust to indulge in dirty talk.

Holding her soft butt cheeks in his hands, he watched his cock disappear into her ass an inch at a time.

Oh sweet Jesus, that was good. He waited a minute to savor claiming the last piece of his wife’s virginity and giving her the last of his.

Vibrations inched closer to his balls as Libby stroked the vibrator over her slit. The buzzing sensation sent tingles up his spine. Straight up his dick. He pulled out little by little, leaving just the tip of his cock hugged by her flexing muscles. Then he slid deep until her anus was snug against the wider base of his shaft.

Two, three more times, he drove in and out, the warning slow slow slow screamed in his head, warring with the ever louder harder harder harder. Quinn managed to keep the pace steady even when sweat dripped into his eyes. He clenched his teeth, his fingers and his ass cheeks against the need to pound into that tight channel with everything he had.



“You’re holding back, aren’t you?”


“You aren’t hurting me.”

“You sure?”

“Positive. Take me how you want.”

With a noise similar to a snarl, Quinn unleashed the beast inside him. He withdrew and slammed into her with enough force to send her grasping for purchase on the slippery sheets. Over and over. Without pause. “Fuck, that’s so good.”

Each pounding thrust had Quinn climbing the precipice to that elusive point of pleasure. The tight clasp of her untried passage, the buzz of the vibrator, the visual of Libby’s body stretched out before him as he’d always dreamed. He fucked her hard enough the bed shook.

Libby’s orgasm hit. She screamed.

The high-pitched feminine wail was one of the sexiest sounds Quinn had ever heard.

When she bore down on his cock, and her body attempted to suck his pulsing sex deeper, Quinn lost his thin grip on control. He rammed in to the hilt as his balls lifted and he bathed her channel with his seed.

He squeezed his eyes shut as her body milked every hot spurt, each blast of heat burst from his cock like a pipeline of liquid fire.

Eventually, the primitive roar in his head lessened. Even when he could think and breathe again, his heart kept a rapid thud-dunk-adunk as he eased out of her.

After kissing the back of her head and murmuring sweet nonsense, Quinn retreated to the bathroom, cleaned himself up, and brought back a warm washcloth to do the same for her.

She didn’t move much. She didn’t look at him. He didn’t know whether that was a bad or a good sign.

After he’d tossed the washcloth aside, he rolled her over. Finally, she opened her eyes.

“Hey. You all right?”

“Tired.” Her jaw cracked as she yawned. “Man. I’m not used to two days of raunchy sex.”


“Not a single one. I liked that. I didn’t think I would.”



Libby sat up and reached for the covers. “I’ve gotta be up early tomorrow. You coming to bed?”

Quinn toyed with the lace on the pillowcase. “I didn’t know if I’d be sleepin’ in the horse trailer again.”

“Why would you think that?”

“Because I was rough with you.”

“I asked you to be rough with me.”


“No buts, silly man. Of course I want you here. No more regrets, no more holding back.” She touched his face. “I want to be everything you need, Quinn. Everything. In bed and out.”

“You are.”

“Good. Now come in here and warm me up.”

He slid between the sheets and spooned behind her. “I missed sleepin’ with you, Lib.”

“Is that all you missed?” she teased.

“No. But I don’t got time to tell you everything I missed. It’d take hours.” He let his lips follow the outside shell of her ear. “Days maybe.”

“You’re so sweet.”

After a bit, he whispered, “I love you like crazy, Libby McKay. I ain’t ever lettin’ you get away from me again.”