Dragging openmouthed kisses to his ear, she whispered, “Help me slide these down so I can touch you bare.”

Immediately, Quinn gripped the back of the seat with his right hand and lifted his hips.

Libby hooked her fingers in the waistband and pulled the sweatpants down to his knees. She curled her hand around the girth of his cock and squeezed.

He hissed. Loudly.

Hmmm. What other noises could she elicit from her normally silent cowboy?

Still kissing his neck, she played with his cock. Feathering touches from tip to root, circling her thumb through the pre-come to tease the sweet spot below the head.

After giving his jawline one last nip, she lowered her face into his lap and replaced her hand with her mouth.

“Sweet Jesus, woman, what are you doin’?”

Libby scooted back slightly for a better angle and cranked her head around. “If you don’t know I must be doing it wrong. You want me to stop?”


“Thought you might say that.”

“It’s just, I never thought you’d…” He looked down at her. “You’re a wild one, eh?”

“Yep.” When Quinn kept staring at her, she reminded him, “Eyes on the road, buddy.”

“Ah, shit. Sorry.”

She worked him over. Licking the head with little whips of her tongue, then pulling him into her mouth an inch at a time until her lips were against the base. She breathed through her nose, filling her lungs with the musky scent that was uniquely Quinn. Then Libby released all that male hardness, loving the sleek feel of his tight skin moving backward across her tongue.

A muttering curse sounded above her, but she paid no attention. She kept the deep-throating rhythm, letting her saliva coat the shaft. The darkness, the heat rolling from his body, the constant wet glide of her mouth on his rock-hard cock, soaked her panties to the point she knew Quinn smelled her arousal.

She loved this. His sense of surprise. The confidence she could please him. But mostly she reveled in the knowledge that passion this intense still existed between them.

Quinn’s hand had somehow landed on her head. His hips were bumping up, a signal he was close to blowing.

Libby switched to shallow strokes. Lightly holding his dick at the root, her hand moved up to meet her mouth moving down. She applied more suction to the head.

“Goddamn, that feels so fuckin’ good.”

She hummed around his cock as her head bobbed faster.

“Oh hell yeah, baby, almost there.”

Sexual power raced through her. Libby wanted his climax. She wanted to taste it, to bathe in it, to glory in it, because goddammit, she’d earned it.

“Uh. Fuck. There it is.” Quinn groaned, his fingers increasing the grip on her hair.

His cock throbbed against her tongue with each hot spurt. She swallowed, keeping her lips wrapped tightly around the head until the very last pulse.

He sighed. His body went slack against the seat. After a bit, he said, “That was amazin’. ’Cept, I almost wrecked the truck. Twice.”

Flush with success of pleasing her man, she gave his cock one last kiss and lifted her head. She gazed out the window and noticed they were about a mile from the turnoff home.

Quinn reached for her hand. He opened his mouth. Snapped it shut. Apparently he was too stunned to talk.

Good. That was the type of silence she preferred from him.

They parked alongside the horse trailer. In the darkened truck, Quinn stayed still. Libby wanted to crawl out of her skin at the renewed tension.

“I want you like crazy.”

A shiver raced up her spine at his husky tone.

“But I want you on my terms. So if you get outta this truck and follow me into that trailer, we’re gonna do things my way. Everything. No arguin’. If you wanna back out, say so now.”

Practical Libby would demand to know the parameters. But tonight, she wasn’t Libby. She was a temptress who’d given a stranger a blowjob in his pickup. Plus, she was damn curious to know what Quinn meant by his “terms”.

“I put myself in your capable hands.”

The wicked smile that’d charmed her since high school lit up Quinn’s face. He opened the glove box and snagged a folded red bandana.

“What’re you using that for?”

“A blindfold.”


“Turn toward the window. Might feel a slight pinch.” He knotted the material at the back of her head.

“There. Can you see?”

“Not at all.”

“I’ll come around and help you out.” Quinn aimed to keep her off balance, so he didn’t kiss her, talk to her, as he piloted her into the trailer.

Once they were inside, he plastered his body to hers so completely that a single grain of wheat wouldn’t have fit between them. His kiss was a flat-out, I-love-you, I-need-you, I’m-gonna-fuck-your-brains-out mark of passion and possession.

Her whimper was his sign to move to the next stage. While unbuttoning her blouse, he spoke just below her ear. “Kick off them shoes, ditch the britches. I want you naked.”

She stripped in record time.

“You’re gettin’ good at that.” Quinn balled her clothes up and whipped them in the corner. He let his hands meander down her neck, across her collarbones, over those incredible breasts and sweetly rounded belly to her curvaceous hips. She looked damn fine. Felt damn fine too.

Gooseflesh broke out across Libby’s skin.

He stroked the area between her hipbones. A leisurely caress of his rough flesh against the suppleness of hers. Gradually, he allowed his fingertips to brush the hair covering her mound. He trailed nibbling kisses from the bottom of her earlobe to her shoulder as his fingers traced her cleft. “You taste so sweet here. And I’ve got a hankerin’ to feel nuthin’ but your velvety-soft, bare skin against my mouth.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I’m gonna shave you. Every bit of hair gone so you’re smooth as a ripe peach.”

“Oh my.” She swallowed hard. “But, I-I—”

“You were the adventurous type in the truck. I’ll be extra careful.”

“You promise?”

“I swear.”

“Then okay.”

Quinn unfolded a chair and situated Libby with a pillow behind her upper back, close enough to the small table and counter that she could hold on. “Be right back.”

In the small bathroom, he soaked two washcloths in hot water and grabbed a new razor. Shame he didn’t have an old-fashioned barber’s kit with a lathering brush. The tickle of the bristles on her naked sex would heighten her senses. With shaving cream, razor and towels in hand, he returned to his naked wife.

She hadn’t budged.

“Don’t jump, this is just a hot towel.” Quinn laid the steaming cloth across her mound. He filled a plastic bowl with warm water and dropped to his knees.

“Spread your legs more. Scoot down. That’s it. You comfortable?”

“As comfortable as I can be, naked, blindfolded, with my privates flapping in the breeze and a man wielding a razor staring at me.”

Quinn laughed and slathered on shaving cream. “Don’t look that way to me. You look sexy as all get out.” He held the razor aloft and said, “Ready?”

“I guess.”

“Don’t flinch.” He made the first pass of the razor down the outside of the left side of her sex. A quick rinse and he shaved the next section.

“That tickles.”

He glanced up at her. “Is it makin’ you hot?”

“I was already hot from what happened in the truck.”

“You liked havin’ my cock in your mouth?”

Libby blushed. “Yeah. I liked surprising you.”

“That you did.” Quinn swished the razor and bent closer. “You also fulfilled another one of my longtime fantasies.”



“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Thought we was only sharin’ one.”

“No. I mean, why didn’t you tell me that was your fantasy before tonight?”

“If I woulda said, ‘Libby, I want you to suck me off some night while we’re zipping down the road in my truck’ you’d have said yes?”

“Maybe. You never know unless you ask. Hey, we’re not supposed to be using names. We’re strangers, remember?”

“My mistake. Hang tight, I wanna wipe you down before I get to the delicate parts.”

“I’m actually really glad I’m blindfolded.”

Quinn smiled. “I am too, because I’m drooling like a fool, seein’ all this pretty pink flesh that’s gonna be mine for the takin’.”

They didn’t say anything for a while. Quinn wanted to be done so he could bury his face in her. So he could lick and lap at the cream he saw welling in the opening to her sex, but he forced himself to stay slow and steady.

She said, “I can feel your breath on my delicate parts.”

“Pretty soon it’s gonna be my tongue on those parts. All of ’em.”

“I like it when you talk dirty.”

“Then I’ll make sure to whisper naughty sweet-nuthin’s in your ear as I’m fuckin’ you. Almost done.

Scoot down a little more and tilt your hips so I can see your ass crack.”

A tiny gasp. “You aren’t going to shave me…there?”

“Sure am. You get the whole treatment.”

“Lucky me.”

“Indeed, ’cause darlin’, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.”

“And yet, you’ve seen everything,” she muttered.

“What I’m seein’ is makin’ my mouth water and my dick hard.”

He rinsed the washcloth and cleaned her until not a bit of hair or shaving cream remained. After the last swipe, he washed his hands and dumped everything in the sink.

Quinn crouched in front of her. He rubbed his cheek over the top of her cleft, losing himself in her softness and warmth.