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I had to agree with that. “When I lived here, Mom had some . . . um, real winners working the bar.”

Reece laughed, and it was a nice laugh. “I’m pretty sure we have files at the sheriff’s office on the f**kers she had working in here.”

My lips twitched. “Probably true.”

He grinned, and a dimple appeared in his left cheek. “See you in a little bit.”

Roxy waited to make her way over to me until Reece was back at the table near where a pretty serious-looking game of pool was going down. I glanced at her as I tossed the caps into the trash. “Can I ask you a question?”


“Why do you walk away every time Reece comes up to the bar?”

She pulled off her huge glasses for what had to be the first time since I’d met her and wiped the lenses off with the hem of her tank top. Without the glasses, I got a good look at her face. The girl was literally as cute as a pile of kittens sleeping together. Tiny, pert nose and baby-doll-looking lips, paired with big brown eyes. Those bow-shaped lips pursed.

“I don’t serve him,” she said as she placed her glasses back on.

Before I could further explore that statement, the words “Calla-freaking-Fritz?” were shouted from the door of the bar. “You really are working here!”

What the?

I spun to where the sound traveled from, and at first I had no idea what I was seeing standing there.

It was a life-sized Barbie.

Kind of.

If Barbie had smaller boobs and dressed like a stripper.

The female prancing toward the bar was wearing some kind of skintight Lycra dress that covered her from her butt cheeks to her boobs, and nothing else. It looked like someone had taken a bedazzler to the dress. She was as sparkly as a disco ball on New Year’s Eve.

Her blond hair was blown out and large and as she hurried toward me on sky-high shoes that had see-through heels in them; her hair flowed like she was strutting down the runway.

As she got closer and her big smile spread, I started to see past the glitter on her cheekbones and eyelids. I recognized her.

“Katie?” I placed my hands on the bar, stunned.

“You recognized me!” She stopped and then did something in those heels that I’d break my neck doing. She jumped, bouncing as she clapped excitedly. “No one recognizes me!”

I could see how. Katie Barbara had been a quiet girl in high school. Some would’ve called her different. She’d always brought her lunch in a Hello Kitty lunchbox, straight through senior year. She always had her nose in a book and always wore floppy hats that at some point during the day a teacher always made her take off. I vaguely remembered her giving a speech in English class in the third person. Throughout school, her hair had been a multitude of colors—blond, brown, black, purple, and fire engine red. Pink had been a favorite, though, and still was, because now I could see that the ends of her hair were dipped pink, matching her dress.

“You do look . . . different,” I said, at a loss for what to say.

“Of course I do. I got one with my body.” She slid her hands down the sides of said body as she did a little shimmy. “Did a little makeover.”

Roxy giggled from somewhere behind me.

“You look great.” Disco ball dresses weren’t my thing, but Katie did look hot. Hot in a way that probably had guys doing stupid things just to get close to her. Very different from high school, and I wondered what our classmates thought of her now.

“You look the same. The scar has faded a lot. You can barely see it with makeup on,” Katie said, and Roxy sucked in a breath as Katie popped down on the empty seat in front of me.

I realized she hadn’t changed completely. She was still painfully blunt. Not rude. Just had no filter whatsoever. I smiled instead of letting the comment get to me, because I knew it wasn’t coming from a bad place. “Yeah.”

She popped her tan elbows on the bar and rested her chin in her palm. “I can’t believe you’re back in town, working at your mom’s bar. I thought you were off doing bigger and better things.”

Well, this was awkward. It was like the kid who partied so hard they failed at college coming home with their tail between their legs. “I’m here for the summer.”

“Visiting Mom of the Year?”

Roxy sucked in another sharp breath and whispered, “Daaammmn.”

Again, Katie was as blunt as my fingernail. “I was planning on it, but she hasn’t been around.”

“That’s probably a blessing in disguise, girl.” Her blue eyes rolled. “I think it’s cool you’re back.”

“Thanks.” I bit down on my lip as I glanced at Roxy. She was grinning at Katie. “So what have you been doing?”

Katie leaned back on the stool as she waved her hands around her body. “Um, what does it look like? Not working in an office.”

I thought she looked like she was a stripper, but if that wasn’t the case, then I really didn’t want to throw that out there.

“She works across the street,” Roxy explained, leaning against the counter. “At the club.”

Oh. Double oh. So she was a stripper.

Katie giggled as she batted thick and long lashes at me. “I absolutely love it.”

Triple oh.

“Let me tell you, most girls do. This whole you only strip because you have daddy issues?” She flicked her wrist dismissively. “I strip because dumbass guys pay me to flash some skin when they can get that shit for free at home, and I make damn good money doing it.”

Well, if she was happy doing it, then whatever. I smiled. “Sounds good.”

“But you?” Those lashes batted again. “Working at a bar? I didn’t think you drank at all,” she stated, her glossy pink lips turning down at the corners in confusion. “Have you ever been drunk?”

I didn’t get drunk. Well, because of Mom. I could feel Roxy’s eyes on me. “I will drink a beer or two, but I’ve never been drunk.”

“What?” Roxy all but shouted.

Reece and the boys looked up from their tables. I lowered my voice as I felt my cheeks burn. “Well, it’s probably good that I don’t really drink since I’m working at a bar.”

Roxy gaped at me. “You’ve never known the wonders of being shitfaced?”

“Getting tipsy is fun . . .” Katie trailed off as a good-looking man, maybe in his late twenties, saddled up to the bar.

“Whiskey. Straight up,” he ordered, his gaze flickering over me and then to Roxy, who reached for the short glass.

Katie’s gaze started at the tips of the man’s dark-colored boots, up his jeans, white shirt, and traveled straight up to his wavy ash-blond hair. “Damn, I’d like to get tipsy with that.”

The guy gave her a long, lingering look—a purely male look I’d seen tossed around a lot during my short time at the bar, that said he was all about seeing her naked. He then grinned before turning back, heading for the table Reece was sitting at.

“Anyway, your whole life is about to change,” Katie announced randomly. She plopped her chin back in her palm. “For real.”

I blinked once and then twice, and managed to ignore Roxy’s elbow that she shoved discreetly in my side. “Come again?”

“I’m telling you. Your whole life is going to change,” Katie continued, and Roxy bumped her hip into mine. “This summer is going to be epic.”

I had no idea where this conversation was going. “Well, my life has already kind of changed.”

“Oh, no. I’m not talking about what has already happened. It’s what’s about to happen.” Katie leaned onto the bar, and I thought her boobs were going to spill right out of the top of her sequined dress and wipe down the bar for me. It would be like a nipple wipe-down. “You see, I got the gift.”

The gift of stripping? “Um. What kind of gift?”

“Oh boy,” muttered Roxy.

Katie tapped a long, French manicured finger off her temple. “The gift. Sight. Psychic. Whatever they’re calling it nowadays. I get feelings about things and I just know things.”

Um . . .

I had no idea how to respond to that, and I wasn’t sure if she was serious, but Katie had always been odd, so I was going to go with yes, and Roxy was absolutely no help. From behind her glasses, she was squinting at the ceiling, her lips twitching as she pressed them into a firm line.

“So, um . . . did you have this gift in high school?” I asked.

Katie laughed. “No. I had an accident. Woke up the next day with the gift.”

“What . . . what kind of accident?” I asked, wondering if I should know or not.

“Oh Lordy Lord,” muttered Roxy.

“Fell off the damn pole.”

Oh my God. “The pole?”

She nodded as she ran a fingertip along the bottom of her lip. “Yep. Those damn bitches oil themselves up like they’re going to take a skinny-dip in a deep fryer, so sometimes the pole gets slippery if it doesn’t get wiped down. And trust me, after some of the girls, you want to wipe that pole down.”

My eyes widened, and all I could picture was a slicked-up stripper pole.

A short giggle escaped Roxy and ended in a forced, fake cough as she grabbed a bottle and then three shot glasses.

Oh no.

“Anyway, I got on the pole for a show. Busy night, too. On a Saturday, and I was doing this thing where I hang upside down.” Katie leaned back and raised her arms, and for a second I thought she was going to reenact the whole thing, and I had a feeling it was about to become a boob apocalypse. “And I was all like this.” Twisting her arms together, a rather convincing sexed-over look crossed her pretty face. “Just upside down, right?”

“Right,” I mumbled as Roxy poured brown liquid into the three shot glasses.

“Next thing I know, my legs are slipping down the pole, and I’m all like ‘Man down!’ or at least ‘Stripper down!’”

Another funny-sounding cough escaped Roxy as she slammed the bottle on the bar, and I forced myself to take several deep breaths as I murmured, “Oh noes.”

“Yep,” she said. “Cracked my head right off the stage. I was out like a belly button.”

Out like a belly button? What the what?

“And the rest is Long Island Medium history, but without seeing the dead people or the cool, poofy blond hair.”

“Really?” I gasped out.

She nodded. “So your life’s going to change. Ain’t going to be easy, but it’s going to change.”

I turned slowly and looked at Roxy.

“Shots anyone?” she offered.

“Shots! Shots! S-S-S-hots!” Katie shrieked, snatching one of the glasses as she bounced her shoulders back and forth. A freaking second later, her shot was gone.

“Impressive,” I said.

Katie grinned.

After Roxy took her shot, both of the girls looked at me, and I shook my head. “I don’t think so.”

“Told you,” Katie said.

Roxy frowned at me. “I want to see you taste liquor for the first time, and I poured you the good shit.”

My stomach coiled tight. The idea of seriously drinking, of not having control and . . . I couldn’t even think about it.

Sighing, Katie reached over and grabbed my shot. “Snooze, you lose.” She downed it and then cracked the glass off the bar top. “Yeah, I just said that. And yeah, I got to go and make some mon-nay! See you later, bitches!”

I watched Katie spin like a ballerina on her heels and head for the door just as it opened and two other girls walked in. One of them, a busty redhead, curled her lip in Katie’s direction and then whispered something to her friend, causing the other lady to giggle.

Eyes narrowing, I realized I didn’t like that.

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