I swallowed, ignoring the sudden tension between us and kept my eyes glued to the TV.

“Make sure you have the oven preset to 375 degrees. Not 350, not 400. 375…” The chef took out another set of ingredients.

Carter blew a soft breath against my neck and my breathing slowed. I tried to ignore the fact that my heart was now racing, that I could literally feel myself getting wet.

“This is how you want to season the vegetables…” The chef was smiling at the camera, showing off his different brushes, but I wasn’t paying any attention. I couldn’t.

Carter was kissing my neck every few seconds—letting his teeth softly graze my skin, and my body was betraying me by reacting to his every move.

“Could you get us some ice from the kitchen?” I broke away from him once his hands began to massage my shoulders. “And some glasses, please?”

“Sure.” He smiled and stood up, leaving the room.

Shaking my head, I took several deep breaths and tried not to think too much. Then I moved to the other side of the bed, at the end, by his dresser.

Carter returned to the room and looked at me, holding back a laugh as he set the ice on his desk. He filled one of the glasses with juice and walked over, handing it to me.

“Any reason why you moved down here?” he asked.

“The view is better from here. Much better.”

“Do you mind if I join you and see for myself?”

“Yes.” My cheeks were on fire. “Yes, I do mind…You seemed to enjoy the view from where you were on the bed before, so…” I stopped talking once I realized he was ignoring me and moving behind me anyway.

He pulled me against him again and began to run his fingers through my hair.

I tried to zone in on what the chef was saying again, but it was no use. I’d seen this episode hundreds of times, cooked the meal alongside him quite a few times, and I could probably recite his recipe and instructions by memory.

Feeling Carter tug at my hair again, I turned around to face him. “Why aren’t you paying attention to the show?”

“Because I’d rather pay attention to something far more interesting.”

“Something like my hair?” I smiled. “Interested in the type of conditioner I used today?”

A smile formed on his lips and he looked like he was about to say something smart in return, but I beat him to it.

“Are you trying to have sex with me?” I asked.

“By running my fingers through your hair?” He smirked. “If that was the case, I think I would do something far more deliberate than that...”

“Like attempting to kiss me?”

“Attempting?” He leaned forward and pressed his lips against mine. “No. I would just kiss you... ” He didn’t let go of my mouth until I was breathless, and then he pulled me into his lap so I was straddling him.

Without saying another word, he ran his fingers through my hair, kissing my lips again and again.

“Do you…” I paused as he planted a kiss against my forehead. “Do you remember how I said we should forget how that night between us happened?” I asked.

“I have no idea what night you’re talking about.”

“You know exactly what I’m talking about.”

“Is it in reference to when I ‘fucked’ you?” He smiled.

“Yes…” I pushed his shoulder. “Well…”


“Technically, we had sex in the early hours of the morning that day. It wasn’t at night so…We still have the hours of today, which are included in the hours of the weekend, so…I think that we should have sex again but not past today. Because that way…”

“That way, what?” He pulled me close.

“That way we get to use the full weekend of um…sex, to our full advantage…And our friendship won’t get messed up still because I think we can put this behind us when it’s over…What do you say?”

“I didn’t catch anything after you said, I think we should have sex.”

I blinked and within seconds his mouth was on mine and my fingers were in his hair. He slipped his hands underneath my shirt and unclasped my bra, rubbing his hands up and down my back.

Slowly tearing his mouth away from mine, he whispered against my lips. “Are you still interested in hardcore?”

I blushed.

“Tell me…” He pulled my shirt over my head. “Do you still watch that?”


“Good.” He drew my bottom lip into his mouth and bit it gently. He placed my hands against his belt, silently commanding me to unbuckle it, and when I did, he lifted me out of his lap.

Taking off his shirt, he stared at me. “Take off your pants and get on the floor.”

Hesitating, I stayed on the bed, instead watching him as he took off his own pants. My eyes veered to the bulge in his briefs, as he pulled them off, I swallowed.

“Ari…” He tilted my chin up with his fingertips. “Take off your pants…And get on the floor…Now.”

I didn’t listen.

I leaned forward into his lap instead, pressing my lips against his cock.

He sucked in a breath as I took him into my mouth, threading his fingers through my hair as I bobbed up and down. His grip in my hair tightened and he tensed as I moved faster, as I felt him on the verge of coming, but he moved my head away.

Smiling, he gently pushed me out of his lap and ordered me to stand up.