I didn’t know I was so drunk…Sorry I messed up your car…I was serious about wanting to do anal sex first though…Call me when you see this!

Ugh. I put my phone back in my pocket, returning back to thoughts of last night.

The second I’d seen Arizona in that red dress, I couldn’t focus on anything else. Not even Tina, and I’d tried. Hard.

I’d done my best to seem interested in Tina’s bland and oversexed conversation, to act intrigued when she not-so-subtly showed me the color of the thong she was wearing, but no matter how many times she whispered how badly she wanted to ride me later, I could only think about Arizona and how badly I wanted to be with her.

What’s more, was when the two of us danced together at the end of the night, it didn’t feel as playful and innocent as it normally did. And I knew she could feel the difference, too; she’d never blushed around me before, and she definitely never touched me the way she did either.

I’d checked on her a few times after she’d gone to sleep in my room and when I noticed that she’d rolled off the bed and onto the floor, I made her wake up. I held a wet towel over her head as she quietly cursed at me, made her drink a bottle of water with aspirin, and then I waited until she fell asleep again. I was honestly beyond tempted to spend the rest of the night with her to make sure she remained okay, but Tina had found me and was begging me to take her home so we could have sex.

Maybe her vomiting all over my car was a good thing…

Still thinking, I walked down my driveway and unlocked the door to my backyard—coming face to face with the second reason I was pissed.

Red cups and beer bottles were everywhere, and quite a few people had passed out on the Slip N Slide’s yellow tarp. The Jell-O pool was overturned, white T-shirts were hanging from a makeshift clothing line, and there were numerous partiers who’d made pillows out of some of my appliances.

I headed inside, looking for Josh so I could kill him.

“Hey, what’s up?” He smiled as I walked into the kitchen, holding up a frying pan.

“Do you see all those red cups and beer bottles in my yard?” I looked around my house. “On the floor in here, too?”

“Don’t worry about any that,” he said. “Last semester’s newest class will be over in an hour to clean up everything. You want eggs?”

“No.” I grabbed an orange juice from the fridge. “Will the furniture be put back today as well?”

“Yep.” He flipped his eggs over. “Everything should be put back in order no later than three o’clock today…Maybe after you see how well everything is put back together, we can set up another business meeting about hosting an ‘Epic: Part Two’ party?”

I gave him a blank stare, and he laughed.

“I’m kidding, I’m kidding. I saw you leaving the party with Tina around three. How did that go?”

“It didn’t,” I said. “She vomited in my car as soon as we hit the highway.”

“Oh. Well, let me guess. You helped her clean up and stuff when you got to her place?”

“Of course I did.” I rolled my eyes. “I’m not as big of an asshole as you. How was your night?”

“Eh. I’ve had way better pussy, but it was still good.”

“Do I even want to know who the unlucky victim was?”

“No, not unless you promise you won’t judge me.”

“I will.” I laughed and stepped back. “Whatever extra stuff you put in the Jell-O shots this time, you should seriously reconsider that next time you want to throw an ‘epic’ party.”

“Epic with a capital E, my friend.” He smiled. “And why would I reconsider anything? Because one person got sick?”

“Because everyone got sick.” I waved around the room. “Or do you not notice the twenty extra roommates we have this morning?”

“Noted. If you change your mind about another party, don’t forget that I’ll be willing to show you my worthiness around three today.”

I didn’t bother responding. I walked down the hallway and into my room, noticing that Ari was struggling to sit up.

“Stop.” I placed a pillow behind her back and helped her.

“Thanks…” She looked up at me. “Can I ask you something?”

“Ask away.”

“Did we really kiss each other last night or was that a nightmare?”

“Yes, we really kissed each other last night,” I said. “But even if we hadn’t, it would be more of a wet dream for you, not a nightmare.”

“Forget I ever asked…” She tried to roll over, but I held her still.

“Do you remember any of what happened last night?”

“What do you mean any of what happened?” She looked terrified. “We did more than just kiss?”

“No…” I said, not sure how to feel about her not remembering. “Do you want to stay here for the rest of the day, or do you want me to take you home?”

“I honestly can’t feel my legs right now…” She croaked as she pushed her phone toward me. “Can you text Chris and ask him if we can skip tonight and go out tomorrow? I’m too hungover…”

“Being hungover means you’re incapable of texting?”

“I’ve texted your girlfriends before, and I didn’t complain…” She narrowed her eyes at me, handing me her phone.