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Aiden took a deep breath. “But when I came into that room and saw Seth and Apollo, but didn’t see you, my heart stopped. It broke me,” he admitted with quiet honesty. “Because all I wanted was a future with you, and it had been taken from me again.”

I closed my eyes against the rush of tears.

“But here we are,” he murmured.

“Here we are.” I blinked open my eyes, my chest swelling with the emotion I read in his gaze. We’d been given that future because of Apollo and Seth. And there was no way I was going to dishonor that gift by not living every second of that future. “I love you.”

“Agapi mou, you are my everything.”

Aiden kissed me. Words weren’t necessary at that point. He’d experienced every moment of loss that I had, every second of desperation, and it was reflected in every touch, every sweep of the lips, and every soft moan. We were greedy with one another, finding ourselves in the bedroom. In no time, our limbs were tangled together, and when our bodies joined, everything slowed down. Our want for one another was all-consuming, but for the first time since we’d locked eyes in Georgia, we had all the time in the world to enjoy our love. And we did.

Long after our breathing returned to normal, Aiden hovered above me, his hand slowing tracing the line of my jaw. I smiled as something occurred to me. “We’re demigods now.” I laughed as a wealth of emotion built in my chest. “We’re actually demigods.”

His lips responded, curving upward and spreading until deep dimples appeared, and my heart melted in the way only he could make it. “Yeah, we are,” he said.

“You know what that means?” I stared into those silver eyes. I had an infinite number of moments like this ahead of me to share with Aiden.

“They’re going to tell stories about us.”

Aiden lowered his head, kissing me softly, deeply, and so lovingly that tears pricked my eyes. “They already are.”