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“I’m fine,” I reply dryly. “The point is, as long as you haven’t been a man-whore, and don’t plan on being one in the near future, we should be good to go.”

He laughs and slides inside me, leans against me, and stays still as his hands cup my ass, holding me up.

“Fuck, you’re tight,” he growls. “I’ve never not worn a condom, Lauren.”

His mouth takes mine as he begins hammering into me against the wall. I don’t want him to be gentle this time or worried about hurting me.

I want him to fuck the hell out of me.

And he does.

He’s like a man possessed, pushing violently against me, squeezing the breath from me. “Not gonna last, sweetness.” He grinds his pubic bone against my clit. “Come with me.”

My head falls back and I cry out as we both come apart. He kisses my cheek and my lips softly before lowering me to the floor.

“I’m hungry,” I murmur with a grin.

“Let’s go raid the kitchen.”

Chapter Eight


I turn over and reach for Lo, but she’s not there. I open one bleary eye and scan the room, but she’s nowhere to be found. The bed is still warm where her delectable body was curled up beside me, so she hasn’t been gone long.

It’s only seven in the morning on a Saturday. If she’s already downstairs working, I’m going to drag her ass back up here and bury myself in her for the next few hours.

On second thought, I think I’ll do that anyway, no matter what she’s doing.

I sit up and scratch my head and then notice the note in her pretty handwriting.


I’m down at the pool. It’s just off the mudroom out back. Feel free to come down when you wake up.


She’s swimming. She told me yesterday that she still swims every day¸ and given how tight her body is, it shows. I’ve never been with another woman whose muscles are so toned, yet she’s still soft and curvy in all the right places. Her abs are defined, but she still has round breasts. Her thighs are toned, but not hard.

She’s fucking amazing.

I jump out of bed, not bothering to throw on my boxer briefs, and go in search of her.

The house is cold this morning, just one more reminder that winter is just around the corner. I pad through the kitchen and the mudroom and see the door leading to the pool house.

It’s enclosed in glass. The pool is Olympic length, and three lanes wide, so it’s perfect for swimming laps. A few chairs border the side, along with an open, stand-up shower in the corner.

It smells of chlorine and the air is humid and warm.

But what catches my utmost attention is the stunning woman swimming nude.

She’s swimming away from me. The ink on her back is moving back and forth with each stroke, and her ass pokes up through the water in the rhythm of her movements.

She has her hair tucked in a white swim cap.

When she reaches the end of the pool, she tucks down and pushes off the side, then turns into a backstroke. Her perfect breasts surface out of the water as she moves her arms gracefully and quickly over her head toward me. Her eyes are closed and her breathing is even.

She’s breathtaking to watch.

I wonder what she thinks about when she’s in this space.

She tucks and pushes away from the wall again, back into a front stroke, showing me glimpses of her back and ass.

Not wanting to interrupt her, I sit at the side of the pool and dip my feet into the warm water, watching my woman move gracefully back and forth before me.

In the time I’ve been here, I’ve counted twenty-five laps.

She finally stops and stands in the pool, bouncing on the balls of her feet, her breasts peeking over the waterline. She’s panting. She pushes the water off her face and pulls the cap off her hair, letting it fall around her shoulders.

The attraction is swift and hot, like lightning in a night sky.

She turns and sees me sitting at the side of the pool.

“Good morning.” I smile and push off the side into the water.

“Hey, I’m sorry, have you been here long?”

“Long enough to be staggered by your graceful body in this water.”

Her big blue eyes go round. She stands still as I approach her and pull her into my arms.

“You’re beautiful in the water,” I whisper.

“You look pretty hot in here yourself,” she whispers back with a grin.

Unable to resist her delicious lips for another second, I cover them with my own. She tastes of chlorine and toothpaste and Lauren.

I’m addicted to her sweet mouth. I pull her legs around my hips, easily moving her through the water to the edge of the pool. Her hot pussy molds around my cock. I didn’t think I could get harder, but I just did.

One touch of her, and she undoes me.

I brace her against the pool so I can touch her face, her breasts. Her skin is so smooth.


“Yes, beautiful?” I kiss the soft skin below her ear.

“Please.” She hitches her legs higher on my hips and I know she wants me to push inside her and fuck her blind here in the pool.

And I fully intend to.

But I can’t stop kissing her.

I scrape my teeth along her jawline to the corner of her lips, cup her tight ass in my hands, and slide into her waiting heat.

“Fuck me, you’re so damn tight,” I growl against her mouth. She moans, leans her head back against the lip of the pool, and moves her hips rhythmically with mine as I pump in and out of her, slow and steady.

I don’t want this to be over too fast.

Her breasts are cresting the water, begging for my mouth. The nipple tightens in my lips as I suck on it, becoming a hard nub.

God, I love her tits.

She cries out and grinds her hips against me, wanting more friction.

“Harder, Ty, please.”

“You want it rough, sweetness?”

“God, yes!”

I pull out of her and turn her away from me. “Grip the side of the pool.” She follows my command, and I loop one arm around her lower belly, holding her up in the water, and push inside her, hard, in one swift motion.

“Yes!” she cries, and I pull out and slam back inside her, hard, setting a new rhythm. Slower but harder, burying myself balls-deep with each thrust.

My free hand glides from the nape of her neck to the small of her back, over the bright tattoo between her slender shoulders as the water splashes loudly around us, waves rippling over the side of the pool. Our moans and sighs are bouncing off the glass around us, echoing in the sexiest song I’ve ever heard.

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