Author: C.J. Roberts

“Come on,” he said and walked to the door with her trailing close behind. They walked down the hallway in silence, which was both better and worse, Caleb thought. He glanced back expecting to see her eyes wandering, but she seemed more preoccupied with her own shivering.

“Are you cold?” he asked. He stepped down the stairs.

“A little, Master,” she replied smoothly. He stopped for a moment, surprised at her address, then continued walking.

“You won’t be for long.”

Caleb didn’t relish the idea of pushing Kitten away for good. It didn’t give him any satisfaction to know she would soon come to hate him with such fervor as to annihilate any warm sentiments she may or may not harbor toward him. He didn’t like knowing Felipe, and possibly Celia, had been watching her, watching them, since they arrived. Without exception, he loathed the thought of her being sold to Vladek Rostrovich. Regardless, he had spent the day trying to make peace with each of those things.

As he descended the stairs, he could hear Kitten’s naked feet slapping against the marble behind him. He glanced back and watched her breasts bounce as she took each step. If there was anything left to be excited about, it was the guilty pleasure of still having time to spend with Kitten. Even if, the time would be spent torturing her with pleasure or pain…or perhaps, because of it.

Caleb’s tastes, while narrowing toward a specific person, had not changed. He still liked power and control. He still liked tasting Kitten’s tears and forcing her to ache for pleasure she’d first said she didn’t want. In short, he was still the sick fuck he’d always been and he was going to enjoy every minute of what he had waiting in the dungeon downstairs. He’d been sure to sweep for cameras.

As he reached the bottom of the steps he turned and waited for Kitten. “Stop looking around and hurry up,” Caleb prodded.

Kitten’s gaze met his for a fleeting moment before she covered her breasts with her hands and took the last few steps at a brisk pace. As she stood in front of Caleb, he could see how much she trembled.

Caleb turned quickly and made his way toward his destination with Kitten close on his heels. Finally, he approached the heavy wooden door that would lead them down into what had previously been a wine cellar, but was now a dungeon designed for far more interesting pursuits. He begrudgingly had to give it to Felipe – the man had an impressive imagination.

“Give me your hand,” he said to Kitten. It felt cold and clammy to the touch, but Caleb didn’t mention it as he delved into the darkness below. He carefully placed each step and guided Kitten along. A few more steps and Caleb reached for the light switch. The light flickered as it came on and bathed the stairs in a soft yellow glow.

Kitten’s trembling became intense and she gripped his hand. Though Caleb tugged gently, she wouldn’t move any further down the stairs. She seemed incapable of moving, such was the nature of her apprehension. Nonetheless, there was no begging. No crying. Her fear was obvious, but her courage more so.

Without another word, Caleb turned and placed her over his shoulder. Kitten gasped, but didn’t otherwise protest. She held on to him tightly as he descended the stairs backward.

“This used to be the wine cellar,” he said softly against the curve of her hip. Her body shook again, but this time it had nothing to do with the cold. All around her were restraints, and pain inflicting instruments. In the center of the room stood a large leather clad table with ominous metal parts attached.

Caleb sighed headily. Though he didn’t much like the reason he was doing this at this particular moment, he knew it was something he was still going to enjoy. Even now, he grew hard as she pulled her weight up and managed to wrap herself around him tightly. He was sure she hoped he wouldn’t do what he was about to do. He lifted her legs and had her wrap them around his waist as he brought her down from his shoulder and into his arms. He took a moment to revel in the clean, wet smell of her hair, the feel of her warm breasts pressed against his chest, and her pussy hugged firmly against his belly.

“The first thing you should know,” he said softly into her hair, “is obedience is expected, and will be forced if necessary.” He slid one of his hands down her back and over the curve of her behind until he reached the lightly parted lips of her pussy. She gasped and froze in his arms. “And despite how I torment you, I always find a way to make you feel good.” He rubbed her gently, coaxing her shy clit to swell beneath his fingers. “Don’t I?” She nodded, but gripped him tighter. “Do you trust me?” She shook her head.

Caleb sighed. “I guess you’ll learn to.”

He walked to the table and laid her down, his body held firmly to hers as she silently refused to let go. Her eyes misted over with tears and the fear crouched within them was unmistakable.

“Trust me,” Caleb said. He reached behind his neck and gently pried her arms away to hold them in his right hand close to her chest. “I know you think I haven’t given you a reason to trust me, but I’ve never really hurt you if you think about it.”

“Caleb…please,” she whispered.

Caleb knew she hadn’t meant to speak. He watched as she shook her head and closed her eyes. Perhaps she was waiting for his anger, Caleb knew she had a right to expect it, but he wasn’t angry. He was much too excited for anger. Too surprised at how good it felt to have her call him by his name again. Even if on the heels of realization, was the reminder it couldn’t last between them. Their time together was short.

“Put your legs in the stirrups – and don’t use my name again,” Caleb said. He ignored the hurt in Kitten’s eyes. He ignored the hurt in his chest.

Abruptly he stepped back, looking on authoritatively as she sat up and crossed her arms over her nakedness. She eyed the metal attachments curiously, and then placed her legs in the stirrups without flinching. A roaring silence filled the room as he watched her studying him. She sat on the edge of the table with her thighs and legs spread apart in the stirrups and her arms set stiffly behind her for support – Caleb could just imagine what she was thinking.

“Still cold?” he asked.

“No, Master,” she replied coldly.

“Lie back,” he said, just as cold. Slowly, she obeyed. He came closer and secured her thighs to the stirrups by strapping a large leather band around each one and doing the same to her calves and ankles. It would be impossible for her to move them and already Caleb could see she knew it as well. Her chest moved up and down, rapid and deep.

Slowly, he stepped away and toward the corner where he retrieved a folding chair. Her eyes followed his every move and Caleb’s heart picked up speed as his excitement and her trepidation grew. He set the chair down between her spread legs, out of her view and sat in it.

Caleb’s arousal grew as Kitten’s thighs trembled and she tried to close her legs in vain. Her pussy lay open to his view, his touch, his every whim and will. He tried not to let it go to his head.

“Touch yourself,” he gently commanded.

“Master?” Kitten fretted. She gave a start as Caleb ran a finger along the seam of her sex.

“Right here,” he said. He made circles around her clit. “Touch yourself right here. I want to watch you come.”

Kitten’s hips tilted forward by the barest of degrees, the sharp pull of desire already making her nipples hard and her pussy wet. She hesitated, but only for a moment. Swallowing hard and biting her lip, she did as he asked and placed her right hand on her swollen sex.

“Do you touch yourself, Kitten?” he asked. He deliberately let the warmth of his breath caress her splayed flesh.

Kitten shivered. “S-s-sometimes.”

“Do you make yourself come?” Caleb carefully placed his hand on top of hers and pressed her fingers deeper into her own flesh. Kitten whimpered, flexing her hips upward toward their hands.

“Sometimes!” she whined loudly.

Caleb smiled at her, though he knew she couldn’t see it. Her eyes were fixed on the ceiling overhead. Caleb leaned forward and ran his jaw along her inner thigh.

“Show me,” he said.

Kitten’s body tightened, he could feel it beneath his cheek. He heard her take a deep, trembling breath and then her hand moved under his. He kissed the inside of her knee as he sat back and adjusted the painful erection in his pants. Every moment with her seemed both painful and sweet. He watched her small, delicate fingers find the apex of her pleasure and touch it experimentally. He smiled suddenly and brought his hand to his mouth, instantly realizing her scent saturated his fingers – he had the sudden urge to lick them, but didn’t. He knew it would only lead to other things.

Kitten arched her back. She rubbed at the little bud with mounting pressure and speed as her wetness made the flesh increasingly slippery between her fingers. It wasn’t long before soft, but insistent moans began breaking past her lips.

Caleb could feel the beat of his heart in his cock as it worked to push blood down to his erection. He knew he shouldn’t be so aroused, not when he’d already come twice, once against her pussy, and again in her mouth. However, being reminded and watching Kitten grow wetter did little to quell his desire and more to stoke it.

Kitten rocked her hips back and forth, slowly at first and then with growing speed as her obvious desperation grew. Her fingers rubbed her little clit and it visibly became redder, more swollen, but the sounds Kitten made had gone from need to frustration.

“I can’t…. I can’t when you’re watching me,” she said.

Caleb smiled, “The second thing you should know is to take pleasure whenever you can.” As he thought about what he was trying to express, his smile faded, “Know your body, Kitten. Know what turns you on. Most of the time you’ll be responsible for your own pleasure. There will be times when it will seem impossible, times when it will be impossible. Either way, you’ll have to be convincing. Convince me.”

Kitten’s fingers stopped and the only sound in the room was the sound of her pulling air into her lungs. She took her hand away from her body and tried to sit up.

Caleb stood and he met her watering eyes as she placed her hands behind her for balance. “Caleb,” her chin trembled, “no.” She seemed to be looking for more to say, more emotions to express.

Caleb didn’t want to hear what she had to say. He couldn’t bear to hear it. He stepped closer and reached behind her for her hand, only just avoiding her mouth as she turned to kiss him. He couldn’t bear that either.

“Master,” he said, “not Caleb.”

“ said –”

“I know what I said, Kitten. It was a mistake,” he said. He was confusing her, and for that, he was sorry. It had been selfish of him to allow her such intimacy, when she didn’t belong to him.

Kitten sobbed once, twice, but then nodded.

Caleb took her hand as he guided her back down onto the table. Before any more tears were shed or words spoken on Kitten’s end, he took her wet fingers into his mouth and tasted her pussy on them. He closed his eyes as the taste of her, both sweet and tart, burst over his tongue. He moaned low, sucking them into his mouth until he watched Kitten’s eyes widen and go darker, signaling her arousal.

Slowly he pulled her fingers out of his mouth and guided them back onto Kitten’s pussy. Kitten closed her eyes for a brief second and lifted her hips to meet them. “You’ve been touching your clit,” he whispered, making small circles against her clit with her own fingers. “Don’t forget you have this delicious little hole.” He guided her fingers down and pushed the tip of her slender middle finger into her pussy.

“Oh, God!” she exclaimed. Her back bowed and her body froze, but Caleb could tell she was only adjusting to new sensations and not coming.

“Is it good, Pet?” he asked.