Author: C.J. Roberts

“Don’t, what?”

“Whenever something nice happens…between us…you’re mean after.” Livvie pressed herself against his back and held him tighter.

Caleb’s confusion was turning toward anger, but he knew she was right. His instinct was to lash out in an effort to get distance between him and Livvie. He’d called her a coward, threatened her with humiliation and violence, even fucked another woman in front of her to try and stop whatever was happening between them. None of it worked. Here they were in yet another emotionally compromising situation. It was exhausting.

“I love you!” Livvie’s words echoed through Caleb’s thoughts. He looked down at Livvie’s arms, the way she held him there. He realized it was a silent plea: “I could stay with you…be with you.” Caleb closed his eyes and let himself place his hand on her arm, holding her there in return.

“I can’t,” he replied, knowing his words were odd. Livvie had neither asked a question nor requested a response, but he just knew she would understand what he was trying to say.

“Why, Caleb? Why can’t you?” she whispered. Caleb swallowed thickly. She did understand. He’d known she would, but it affected him nonetheless.

Because none of this makes any fucking sense! He wanted to yell the words, but said, “I have to go.”

“No, you don’t, Caleb. You don’t have to go.” Her arms gripped him like a vise.

Caleb wanted to correct her, yet again, for using his name, but it felt ridiculous to do so at this point. Livvie was just too fucking stubborn. It didn’t matter what he said or did. Ultimately, there were simply some orders she would not obey. If there was any compromise on the issue, it was she didn’t do it in front of others.

“I need to take a shower,” he said in the hopes logic would prevail.

“I need to take one too,” she countered. “We could take one together? I need your help.”

Caleb laughed ruefully, “You don’t need my help. You hate my help.”

Livvie rubbed her cheek against Caleb’s back as she laughed. “All the more reason for you to help me. You love doing things when I ask you not to, it’s kinda your thing.”

“It is, isn’t it,” Caleb agreed.

“It is. Also…” she shifted uncomfortably, “there’s something I’ve been thinking about.” Caleb was begrudgingly intrigued by the hesitant, but excited tone of her voice.

“And what, exactly, might that be?” Caleb asked.

Livvie shifted her body until she was on her knees behind him and then pressed her naked breasts against his back to whisper in his ear. Caleb’s eyes widened ever so slightly and his heart picked up speed.

Over the last few months, Caleb had taken advantage during their sexual encounters, and though she’d always been incredibly wet when he touched her and she had several orgasms, he’d always suspected her heart had not been in it – and he hadn’t cared. Somehow, things were different now.

“Make love to me.”

He’d intended only to play the game they’d always played, the one featuring him as The Big Bad Wolf and her as frightened Little Red Riding Hood. He hadn’t been prepared for the kiss or….

“I love you!”

After she’d been injured, he’d treated her like spun glass. He’d been careful not to injure her further, or cause her unnecessary pain. Unfortunately, it had also allowed her to work herself into more than his thoughts. For the first time since his life had descended into this dark place, something akin to caring for another person found a place to thrive inside him.

It seemed a lifetime had passed since Caleb had been made to submit to the will of another: It had nearly killed him the last time. Still, her hold on him…was far more than physical. “Kitten?” he said.

“Yes?” Livvie said hesitantly.

“I came on you,” Caleb said through a laugh.

Livvie laughed, “Yep.” She kissed Caleb’s neck. “I’m pretty sticky, too.”


“Absolutely,” Livvie said.

Caleb walked into the bathroom and stared at first the shower and then the bath. Either would serve their purpose, but each had its own appeal. The shower had a bench, and the glass enclosure trapped steam to keep them comfortable when not under the direct spray. Caleb had a vision of pressing Livvie up against the glass. It left him light headed for a moment.

“The shower or the tub?” asked Livvie.

“I was just asking myself the same. I suppose it’s up to you. This is your fantasy after all,” Caleb grinned and turned to watch Livvie blush.

She playfully slapped him on the chest. “Yeah, right! I’m sure you’re just gonna hate it.” She smiled brightly, but then seemed to doubt herself.

“What’s wrong?” Caleb asked.

“Nothing. It’s just…” she bit at her bottom lip then started picking at it with her fingernails.

Caleb pulled her hand away from her mouth. “It’s just, what? Change your mind?” He was at once relieved and annoyed.

She shook her head slightly. “No, it’s just…I’ve never done this before.” She looked down at her feet, up at him, then back down.

Caleb wanted to help her out, he really did. He wanted to let her know it didn’t matter. Anything she deigned to do to him, or with him, would be perfect. But frankly, watching her squirm was too much fun to pass up.

“Never done what before?” he asked and went toward the shower to turn it on. This could get messy. The shower was perfect for messy.

Livvie rolled her eyes in exasperation, “You know what.”

“Kitten,” he said as the sound of running water echoed around the room, “If you can’t say it, how do you expect to do it?” Livvie blushed and Caleb smiled.

“Don’t make fun of me, Caleb. I don’t like to be made fun of,” she said and covered her breasts. Caleb didn’t like that so much.

He stepped closer, building his own arousal by taking Livvie in with his eyes. She was beautiful. She’d healed almost completely and Caleb couldn’t help but feel…grateful. There would be no scars for Livvie. At least, not on the outside.

The thought of Livvie’s mental scars brought him up short. He’d been having dreams lately, old memories bombarding him in the middle of the night. When he’d first been rescued they had been an almost nightly occurrence, but after a year or two with Rafiq they had stopped. The stronger he’d become, the more sure of himself and his destiny, the more peaceful his sleep. He hated to speculate on why the dreams would return now and why so many of them involved Rafiq.

Caleb stood in front of Livvie and pulled her head to his chest. “I wasn’t making fun, but Kitten…we shouldn’t do this.” Caleb was surprised to have Livvie squirm out of his arms and push him back. He stumbled back a step, but quickly set himself to rights.

Livvie glared at him, “No. We’re doing this. You’re going to take off those shorts and get in the shower,” she pointed, “and I’m going to…to….”

Caleb crossed his arms and watched in smug amusement as Livvie struggled to get the words out and blushed something furious in the process. “To suck my dick.”

“Yes! That!” Livvie said seriously.

Caleb laughed, “Not until you say it. In fact, not until you beg me.”

Livvie’s eyes held a spark of outrage. “You want me, to beg you, to let me suck your dick? That’s…that’s…you’re a pig.”

Caleb straightened. “No, I’m your Master.” Some of the color seemed to drain from Livvie’s face. “Did you forget? Does allowing you to use my name when we’re alone make it any less true?”

“Of course not, Caleb. I’m sorry.”

Caleb wasn’t angry, a little unsettled maybe, but not angry. He reasoned that perhaps returning to some sort of normalcy would get them past their awkwardness. “You can call me by my name when we’re alone, I’ve come to expect it, but it doesn’t mean you’re allowed to forget who and what I am to you. Understand?” He pushed an errant lock of raven hair behind her ear. It had gotten so much longer. Beautiful.

“Yes, Caleb,” she whispered and inclined her head into his hand. Slowly, her eyes focused on his, her pupils growing larger. “Please, Caleb, let me suck your dick.”

Caleb was definitely light headed. Hearing her say dirty things turned him on to point of physical ache. He cleared his throat, “Get in the shower, Kitten.”

Her hand reached for him and boldly wrapped around his dick. Caleb hissed and pushed her toward the shower, pinning her against the warm glass.

“I’m not going to repeat myself,” Caleb said. Livvie gripped Caleb’s cock even harder and he moaned above her head, rocking his hips into her hand. This was a side of her Caleb hadn’t seen, not sexually. He liked it.

“You’re so hard,” she groaned and writhed against him.

“Take it out,” Caleb urged and the longing in his voice was a shock. He ran his hands into her hair, loving the feel of her warm breath against his wrist. He looked into the liquid black pool of her eyes; she was so innocent, so striking. He licked his lips, hungrily preparing his assault upon his prey, bowing his head down toward her mouth. She pulled back, their eyes meeting in an awkward, sensuous moment. Her eyes continued to look at his as she slid down onto her knees.

Caleb let out a hushed moan as her shaky fingers curled along the inside of the waistband of his shorts. He tilted his head back wanting to relish every moment of her soft fingers on his skin. He rocked forward as his shorts slid down and finally her fingers made contact with his rigid flesh, freeing him. It seemed nothing else existed, nothing, but Livvie. She reached out carefully and wrapped her hand around his hot length. Though she squeezed him, her fingers barely touched.

Unable to resist, he rocked forward touching it to her lips, “You’re such a brat. I told you to get in the show–” He couldn’t get out the rest because Livvie’s tongue swept across the tip of his cock. He watched, stunned, as Livvie pulled away and his precome left a slick trail on her bottom lip. Her kitten tongue darted out to collect it.

Livvie swallowed, “You taste good.”

Caleb took in a breath that rattled in his chest. “You taste better,” he said and ran his thumb across her plump, pink lip. He couldn’t wait to get back in her mouth and watch those sexy fucking lips sliding up and down his cock. He groaned when she opened her mouth and sucked his thumb into her mouth.

“Kitten. Get in the fucking shower. Now.”

Livvie gave his thumb one last loving lick, “Yes, Caleb.” She stood slowly and opened the shower door. Steam drifted out, already dusting her body with beads of moisture.

Caleb hurried her along, eager to touch her, to be touched by her. He shut the shower door behind him and a moment later snatched her up and pinned her to the wall with his body. Warm water cascaded from the showerhead above them as he lifted her legs around his waist and held her in place while they kissed.

Livvie moaned into his mouth, her hands gripping his shoulders and pulling him even closer. Her legs squeezed him, pressing her untried pussy against Caleb’s stomach in a frantic plea for his attentions.

Caleb’s hands roamed her slick body, cupping her ass and digging his fingers into her firm and pliable flesh. Reluctant to move on, but eager to enjoy the rest of her, he slid his hand up to her left breasts, his thumb and index finger finding her pebbled nipple and rolling it as his hips gyrated. His cock, hard and leaking, bumped against her ass and Caleb curved his body, seeking the warm cleft between her cheeks.

“Oh. God.” Livvie moaned. She joined in Caleb’s rhythm, loosening her arms so her ass met Caleb’s slippery cock.