Author: C.J. Roberts

“Greedy, slave,” Celia said. “I’m greedy too and I don’t think you’ve earned your present yet.” She stood and Kid held his breath again. Slowly, Celia put her plump nipple to Kid’s lips. It was brave, considering the boy could bite her, but Celia seemed unconcerned with such things. “Suck.”

Kid opened his mouth and accepted Celia’s nipple. He groaned, loud and unabashed. His cock jerked in midair. The pain seemed to be a memory to him as he latched on and suckled Celia in long, hungry pulls that had her gasping and pulling his mouth closer.

“Yes!” Celia yelled, and it required no translation on Felipe’s part. “Suck harder.”

Kid obliged, only pulling his mouth away to breathe and occasionally switch breasts, which Celia took great relish in.

Finally, the moment had arrived and she forced Kid’s head away with a loud pop. Her nipples were bright red and fat from having been sucked so hard, but she didn’t seem to take notice or care. She grabbed her rubber cock and brought it to Kid’s mouth. “Now, suck this.”

Kid, obviously sensing something foreign, reared back and turned his head, “No, Celia. Please, no.”

Celia didn’t bother to respond, she raised the flogger and struck him across the chest with so much force there was a collective wince in the room. Kid tried to double over, but the men held him up.

Caleb wondered what it would be like to let a woman whip him. Aside from Rafiq, no one had dared strike him and lived after Tehran. Yes, Rafiq, had punished him in the very early years, when Caleb still needed it to remind him he had survived. It had been well over a decade, since Caleb had been on the submissive end of any encounter.

“Suck it!” Celia repeated. This time, Kid opened his mouth and let Celia fuck his mouth with the enormous phallus.

The room was filled with the occasional chuckle whenever Kid choked, but even then, they were apparent in their lust. A look around the room would reveal some of the master’s had decided to make use of their slaves mouths, mimicking Celia’s movements and thrusting their very real cocks into the ravenous mouths of the slaves at their feet.

Caleb looked down at Kitten. She had abandoned her quest to not see or hear what was happening around her and was openly watching as others fornicated around her. Caleb reached for her hand and gently pressed it against his erection. His cock leapt when her wide eyes darted to his. He expected her to try and snatch her hand away, but he felt her fingers tighten around him through the fabric of his pants.

“She seems to like you just fine. It must be me she doesn’t care for,” said Rafiq rather wryly.

“Unlike some, she has taste,” Caleb countered. He slowly lifted his hips and pressed deeper into Kitten’s hand. He remembered the shower, the way she had eagerly wanted to please him. He wanted that again. He wanted Livvie. The thought jolted him back into the moment and he stilled Kitten’s hand on his erection. She looked up at him.

Did I do something wrong? Her eyes asked. Caleb shook his head, but drew her hand away.

“Shy, Caleb? Really? You of all people,” said Rafiq, mocking.

“Fuck you,” Caleb said, his tone pleasant.

“Let him loose,” Celia said and once again, drawing both him and Rafiq back to the scene in before them. As the men worked to unbind Kid, Celia shimmied out of her strap-on and seemed to brace herself.

The room was tense as Kid eagerly tried to get loose even faster. Still, once he was free of the locks, he remained on his knees and blindfolded in front of Celia. His cock was still hard, which was impressive given the circumstances.

“Do you think you were good, Slave?” Celia’s voice had dropped to a whisper that Felipe mimicked as well as he could.

“Yes, Celia?” replied Kid.

“I agree. You were very good, for your first time. Would you like to fuck me?” Kid jolted when Felipe repeated the words for him to understand and though he didn’t seem capable of rendering a verbal response, the crowd witnessed his cock bobbing up and down as it filled completely. Precome wept copiously from the tip. “Well, Slave. Do you want to fuck me or not?”

Kid nodded and stammered through his reply, “Y-y-yes, Celia.”

Celia stepped in front of Kid and lifted his arms to put them around her. Kid let out a needy sound and greedily mauled the flesh offered to him. “Then fuck me,” Celia said.

Without further ado, Kid leapt on top of Celia, tossing her to the ground with brutish force. Celia cried out in abandon, but made no attempt to stop Kid from doing what he wanted. His hips tilted back for only a moment and then he thrust forward, savagely, into Celia’s pussy. He whimpered as he rutted against her.

Celia moaned, arching her back and spreading her legs as wide as she could, surrendering to the man pounding away on top of her. “¡Sí, mi amor! Es todo para ti. .”

Yes, my love. It’s all for you.

Kid sought Celia’s nipple blindly and finally pulled one into his mouth. He suckled Celia in rough, bruising pulls. His hips, moved like a piston. Indeed, the boy seemed violent in his need to come and by the way he gripped Celia, it was obvious he would fight anyone who attempted to stop him.

Finally, Kid let out a sound best reserved for a dying animal and thrust into Celia one final time. As the crowd applauded and cheered, the boy shuddered and collapsed on top of Celia.

Caleb quickly made his excuses, helped Kitten to her feet and left the room in desperate search of the butler and his room.

Chapter Ten

Matthew swallowed past the dryness in his throat. If he didn’t know better, he would suspect Olivia of having some sort of telepathic ability. He sat still in the uncomfortable chair and tried not to draw attention to the raging erection he was sporting.

Olivia’s eyes were fixed on him, but her stare seemed to move through him and beyond to some place he couldn’t see. Her eyes were brimmed with tears, but for whatever reason, Matthew doubted they had much to do with the story. In fact, she had told it with some fondness which he found disturbing given the situation.

Unbidden, the image of a young woman, dressed in white leather and wearing an enormous dildo flashed into his mind and right on its heels, he wondered what it might be like to be forced to suck it in front of a room full of strangers. Matthew’s erection throbbed angrily and not for the first time, he was ashamed. He sighed, disappointed with himself, and crossed his ankle over his knee to better hide himself.

He clicked his pen a few times because his fingers were anxious for something to do and then he wrote down the names: ‘Kid’, Nancy, and Celia (No known last name). “So, that was the night you met, Rafiq, and Felipe. Do you know what happened to Kid or Nancy? How did they end up at the house? Did Caleb kidnap them, too?”

Olivia glowered, but seemed unable to stop staring off into space long enough to direct it at him. He couldn’t make sense of her feelings toward her captor, despite knowing how common it was. There just didn’t seem to be anything there worth caring about as far as Matthew was concerned. However, he did acknowledge there was a lot about Olivia worth admiring. She had spent the last four months in the company of kidnappers, rapists, murderers, drug dealers, and human traffickers, but she’d somehow maintained a certain naivety and triumphant strength that apparently, could not be stripped away from her.

“I don’t know what happened to them. The last time I saw them, they were both alive. Kid is probably fine; Felipe really liked him. Nancy…I don’t know. Maybe she’s still with Rafiq,” she whispered without blinking.

“Are you alright, Miss Ruiz?” Matthew asked. His erection was finally starting to wane and he could focus on his questions.

The girl finally blinked and swiped at the fat tears sliding down her cheeks as a result. “I’m fine, Reed. It’s just…never mind.” She looked up at him and tried to smile, but it was a weak effort and they both knew it.

“Tell me. I know I’m not Sloan, but I have been around, Miss Ruiz.” Matthew smiled when she finally let her smile reach her eyes.

“Sloan. I don’t know what her deal is. She’s always so nice to me, but it annoys me for some reason. I don’t think she’s disingenuous, but I just know there’s more to her than she lets on. I mean, she works for the FBI, like you. Only, she’s not like you, at all.”

“Oh? And what am I like?” Matthew said.

She rolled her eyes, “You’re a jerk, Agent Reed.”

“You’re kind of a jerk, too, Miss Ruiz,” Matthew said dryly. She laughed.

“Aww, that’s so sweet,” Olivia said, slightly mocking but she laughed again, unrestrained, almost like a girl without any problems.

“So, you don’t like Sloan,” he rephrased. “Why?”

“I didn’t say I didn’t like her, Reed. You’re always putting words in my mouth,” she admonished. “Don’t think I didn’t notice you implied Caleb kidnapped Kid and Nancy. He couldn’t have, he was with me, remember?”

Matthew smiled wryly and shook his head, “I didn’t imply it, Miss Ruiz. I asked the question. That’s my job. Also, we both know he did. Maybe he didn’t do it himself, but he was there and he ordered it. Regardless, adding more kidnapping to the list of charges against him is hardly going to make a difference.” Olivia was quiet for a long time after that, thinking, Matthew assumed.

“You keep talking about him like he’s alive, Reed, and I told you…he’s not.” Her eyes were filled with unshed tears again and it was difficult for Matthew to remain unaffected by them. No matter what he thought of Caleb, Olivia obviously felt very deeply for him.

“Why do you care about him so much, Miss Ruiz?” he demanded. He just didn’t get it and it pissed him off, more than it should. “He was terrible to you. The things he did to you. Don’t tell me you wanted those things. I can’t believe you could have.”

Olivia was staring off into space again, but she spoke through her tears, “A lot of bad things happened to him too, Reed. His back was covered in whip marks and he told me he was very young when someone did that to him.” Matthew couldn’t hold back a scoff, and Olivia blinked and scowled at him. “I’m not stupid, Reed. I know the shit he did to me was awful, I fucking lived it. But I’m telling you, monsters aren’t born, they’re made, and someone made Caleb. Someone beat him, someone did horrible things to him, and the only person who helped him, Rafiq, made him into a killer. He didn’t have someone like you, or Sloan, or the goddamn FBI to help him. He had to survive all by himself and even though I can’t forgive him, I understand him.”

“Are you trying to tell me he’s the monster with a heart of gold?” he said, disbelieving, “Come on, Miss Ruiz. Really?”

Anger flashed on her face. “There isn’t a permanent mark on me, Reed, not one. And you don’t know how many times he was there to hold me together when I was sure I was going to fall apart. He’s a monster,” she sobbed, “I know he is. I know, and…it doesn’t matter to me anymore.”

Crying women left him bereft of action. They reminded him too much of his birth mother lying on the couch, shaking and begging him to find a way to score more drugs for her. He’d panic at times like that, knowing if Greg came home and found her, he’d beat her and then turn his rage on him. He’d only been seven, but he knew how to get lost for a while. He would grab his coat, kiss his mother, promise her he’d be back with her medicine and then he’d leave. There was an older lady, Mrs. Kavanaugh, who lived a few blocks away. When things got bad, he would stay at her house, eating cookies and watching game shows until his mom, or Greg, came looking for him.

His mother had been a weak woman, a drug addict that cared more about being loved by an abusive man than she did her own son. Matthew had tried for years to help his mother get clean, but in the end, she couldn’t stop using. One night, she was too high to defend herself, and Greg beat her to death. Matthew hadn’t been home, he’d been out with his friends, and when he’d arrived at home he’d found her: cold and still.