Author: C.J. Roberts

“Buenas noches,” Caleb offered in greeting. He slowly drew his hand away.

“Buenas noches,” Felipe replied. His face was strangely jovial and kind. Something Caleb would not expect from a friend of Rafiq’s. However, appearances could be deceiving as Caleb well knew and he was in no rush to make judgments. Felipe’s eyes darted down to Kitten and his smile became lecherous. “Please, use English. I like to practice whenever it is possible. You must like to practice as well. Where is your accent from, I cannot place it?”

Caleb tensed, “I’ve no idea what you’re talking about.”

Felipe laughed and continued, “Is this her? The girl you have been chasing all over Mexico?” He laughed, “She doesn’t look like so much trouble. Then again, neither did my little Celia, and she is a handful, that one.” He laughed again, but there was a certain twinkle in his eye.

Caleb knew Felipe was very happy with his little Celia. Caleb could only hope little, did not translate into young. Even he had his limits and Rafiq damn well knew them. Then again, he had just walked in on Rafiq committing a rape.

Caleb forced himself to smile. “Yes, this is Kitten. I apologize for the way we are dressed. It was not by choice.”

Felipe’s expression was inquisitive, but Caleb offered no more information. After a few seconds, Felipe continued the conversation. “Her face…your doing?”

Caleb was realizing that Felipe’s sense of etiquette was less than conservative, even familiar which he didn’t approve of at all. He was rather insulted at the man’s insinuation, but also at the audacity of this stranger to ask him such a question. Even if the house belonged to Felipe, as guests, Caleb expected a little more. “No,” he answered coldly. “But I dealt with them.”

Felipe smiled surreptitiously and nodded his approval. “The other slaves are appropriately undressed according to their owner’s wishes.” Caleb smiled stiffly, finding Felipe’s unchecked mirth, and this conversation, somewhat grating. “One of them has a tail! Poor girl has been begging to have it removed, but Mr. B thinks it is too much fun. I have to agree.” He laughed again. “It is not my place, even if I am the host, to tell you how your Kitten should be dressed, but perhaps it would help you both settle in if she were out of those clothes?” His eyes once again landed on Kitten, surprisingly subdued.

Caleb’s ire was high, but he tried to remain respectful in his dissenting opinion. “We are tired. Also, the girl has been beaten very badly, as you can see. She isn’t ready yet, perhaps another time.”

Felipe’s disappointment was obvious, “As you say. Please join us and have some appetizers with wine. I am not sure if Mr. R mentioned it, but I have been making use of the boy that was brought here. I hope you do not mind, but he seemed more…sensitive than the woman he was brought with. You don’t mind, do you?”

Caleb felt heat rush down his spine. Of course, he fucking minded. They were supposed to be his hostages, not a damn party favor for Rafiq, Felipe, or anyone else who wanted to have a go at them. However, Kitten seemed lacking in her thirst for revenge and he’d shed enough blood to last him a while, so why the hell should he care? “Consider him a gift. I only hope he’s worthy of being kept in such luxury.” Caleb tried to keep the sarcasm from his voice and only marginally succeeded.

Felipe smirked. The man was no one’s fool. “You are very kind Mr. C. Please consider me your friend.”

Caleb nodded once as he followed Felipe past his curious guests and toward a set of red, velvet chairs in the corner.

“So you can see, but keep your privacy,” Felipe gestured toward the chairs.

“Thank you,” Caleb offered as humbly as possible, “I’m Caleb. Kitten is painfully aware of my name, so the formality is not necessary on my account.” Caleb had no desire to be called Mister all night.

Felipe looked down at Kitten and smiled. “As you wish, Mr. Caleb,” he said and then stepped away to attend to his other guests.

Caleb took a seat in one of the velvet chairs and stroked Kitten’s hair when she quietly took her place next to him on the floor. She had followed him through the crowd on her hand and knees, carefully guarding her shoulder. Caleb sighed deeply as he stroked her hair, comforting them both. He didn’t want things to be so complicated, but the time for wants had passed.

Abruptly, Caleb heard the tinkling of a bell and a petite Asian girl with raven hair and almond shaped eyes commanded his attention. She crawled very slowly on her hands and knees, but a cursory examination revealed the need for her hesitant movements. The tinkling sound came from the tiny bell attached to the leather collar she wore. In addition to the collar, she wore a silver serving tray on her back, strapped across her midsection, but allowing access to her otherwise naked body. On the tray, tall, thin wine glasses were half filled with white wine.

Caleb knew the game. If she spilled her tray of drinks, she would draw the collective attention of the guests and her master would punish her for their amusement. It was wicked, but relatively benign as far as games went. The young woman’s master didn’t appear to be predisposed to violence. The girl’s tawny skin was pristine.

Caleb looked at Kitten who seemed transfixed by the sight of the woman. Her slender hands were bawled into tight fists and her face appeared flushed.

“What are you thinking, Pet?” Caleb asked. It was the first moment they had to themselves and he was somewhat surprised at how much he enjoyed being in Kitten’s sole company. He smiled gently when her big, puffy, eyes shyly met his.

Her lips trembled from her effort to keep fresh sobs from escaping. Caleb sighed. So much for a moment of peace. He pulled his fingers away from Kitten and stood up to get a glass of wine from the tray.

The girl was deathly still as he reached for the glass. Her lips were slightly open, allowing for slow and shallow breaths. Caleb did the girl a favor and carefully selected a glass that wouldn’t disrupt her balance and returned to Kitten who immediately rubbed her head in supplication against his knee.

“Scared I would leave you?” he taunted.

Kitten nodded against his knee.

He was still angry from their showing with Rafiq earlier but it was directed mostly inward. He shouldn’t let Kitten get to him. “It would be no less than you deserve.”

She whimpered and pressed even closer.

Caleb knew he should correct her behavior, but he opted to reward the fact she wasn’t crying. He was also oddly pleased that while she did not respond to Rafiq, or his orders, she had attempted to follow all of Caleb’s. To varying degrees of success, he mused. He reached into his pocket and took two vicodin from the bottle he kept there. He was out of morphine and Kitten still had a lot of pain.

“Open your mouth,” he said. He offered her a smile when she immediately complied. He knew she was scared. He had no doubts it was the only reason she obeyed him, but having her yield was still incredibly arousing. He put the pills in her mouth and lifted the wine glass for her to drink. He watched the long graceful slope of her throat as she lifted her head to swallow greedily until the glass was empty. His cock stirred.

Kitten’s chocolate colored eyes looked on him in gratitude and supplication. She could say so many things with her eyes. All of her emotions were there for him to see. If she was an actress, she was a very good one.

Or perhaps you only see what you’d like to see. Caleb’s brow furrowed slightly and he noticed Kitten instantly returned her stare to her thighs. Perhaps Caleb also said things with his eyes. He needed to stop that. Caleb looked up just as Rafiq made his way over and sat in the seat next to him.

“I put the whore down,” Rafiq said in Arabic.

“Here?” Caleb was careful not to telegraph his mild surprise.

“Caleb, please. We are guests here. I put her down in the cellar… to sleep.” Rafiq’s tone was meant to poke fun at Caleb.

Caleb didn’t see the humor. He nodded and let the subject drop. “How much longer is this going to last? I want to get out of these ridiculous clothes. You deliberately didn’t tell me you were here. Furthermore, you didn’t mention there would be so many people bearing witness to our crimes. Yet, I’m the sloppy one.”

Rafiq laughed and smacked Caleb on the back of the shoulder. “Ah, Khoya. It’s always betrayal with you. Even as a boy, you had to have things on your own terms. Do you remember the first time I took you to a brothel? You’d never been with a woman, but you would not be content with just any woman. It had to be the ‘perfect’ woman! Then what happened, Khoya? I’ll tell you: you lost control and finished in less than a minute!” Rafiq laughed so hard, he shook Caleb’s shoulder as he laughed.

He loathed that story and the way Rafiq took such enjoyment in its telling. He did not like being made fun of, even by someone he considered a friend, a brother, and most importantly, an ally. Caleb felt his face warming in equal parts anger and embarrassment. “Damn you, Rafiq! If you want to reminisce with someone, why don’t you find your friend, Jair? I’m sure you’d enjoy his company much better.” Caleb shrugged off Rafiq’s hand.

Rafiq wiped tears from the corners of his eyes as he slowly brought his laughter to a winding halt. “Such a child, Caleb. Jair is a source of information when you are less forthcoming. I know you well, Khoya, and I would be a fool to think you tell me everything. Besides, I wanted to see this girl you’ve selected for Vladek. I want to be sure she’s perfect for the task. Frankly, as of this moment, I am unconvinced.”

Caleb drove his anger inward; absently, he reached out to stroke Kitten’s hair. “I take offense, Rafiq. I chose Kitten myself and just as in your story: I’m content with my choice. Did it ever occur to you that a minute in that whore’s arms was all I needed?” Caleb finally relented and smiled, “She said it was perfect.”

Rafiq chuckled, and Caleb couldn’t help but laugh with him. They’d known each other for a very long time. Rafiq was the only person who really knew Caleb, and despite their odd and often tense relationship, Caleb had to admit it was good to laugh with him again. It had been a long time since they’d seen one another and their phone calls had been mainly business.

Caleb relaxed.

“I’m sure it was the best minute of her life, Khoya.”

“I agree.” Caleb smirked. He was sure Rafiq was about to offer another witticism when their host for the evening called the room to attention.

“Ladies and gentlemen. Tonight, I have a special treat for all of you. Thanks to some dear friends, I have recently come into possession of a glorious new slave. He is raw and unbroken, but I am sure you can appreciate the novelty of seeing one so inexperienced.” He chuckled, “Alas, I have given the pleasure of mastering him to my long-time slave: Celia.”

A soft murmur of approval and applause rippled through the room. Caleb glanced at Rafiq who seemed amused by Felipe’s antics. For Caleb’s part, he was somewhat reticent given Kitten’s reaction to seeing the blonde girl. He braced himself for whatever might come next. It was too late to leave the room.

“My Celia hails from Spain, and her English is very poor. I will be translating on her behalf and assisting. I hope you enjoy.” Felipe waived his hand and a door opened, revealing Celia, dressed in a tight, white leather corset, with matching stockings and shoes.

Caleb’s pants seemed tighter. Celia was a quintessential Spanish beauty. Her hair was jet black and her eyes were so dark, it would be easy for anyone to get lost in them. Her mouth had been painted a deep red to match the flower in her hair. Her skin was a milky expanse that would surely show every mark laid on it. Celia’s breasts were bare in the corset and her tiny breasts were pale white against the deep raspberry color of her pebbled nipples. Beneath the corset she wore no panties, leaving her bare pink flesh open to the scrutiny of prying eyes. She had been spanked earlier and the rounded globes of her ass showed it. Her stockings were white fishnet and created an alluring pattern as they hugged her thighs, and legs. Her leather half-boots were small and dainty with a tiny bit of lace at the top. Caleb had to give credit where it was due, Felipe’s slave was glorious. He was suddenly aching to see what she could do with her whip hand.